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Ooh La La – 3 Ways You Can Use Yoga to Strengthen Your Orgasm

Did you know that only 25% of women consistently orgasm during vaginal intercourse? This statistic is based on a book that analyzed 33 studies over the last 80 years by Elisabeth Lloyd in her fascinating book The Case of the Female Orgasm.
An orgasm is the ultimate surrender to the life force, or prana flow, of creation. Our practice of yoga is designed to unite our body, mind, and soul – which can also bring us to an optimal state to receive a richer, fuller orgasmic experience.
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And when we do open up and experience orgasm easily, we also open up to receive more abundance into our lives, our ability to manifest what we desire becomes easier and our ability to process old, pent up emotions also becomes easier.

Try These 3 Simple Exercises to Enrich Your Orgasm:

As a yoga instructor and Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, I’ve developed these three exercises to help you feel more connected to your sexual, sensual, creative energy AND process your emotions if any are still being held down there.

Step 1: Reflect and Release

Remember – your “perfectly-created-to-orgasm-body” thrives when you believe it can orgasm. Take a moment to reflect and let go of limiting beliefs about your orgasmic body.
Do you believe you can orgasm easily? Or do you believe orgasm is difficult? According to quantum physics, we get what we are, not what we want. Do you feel orgasmic?
To help move through these questions and use self-reflection as a way to get more connected to your sexuality, we will incorporate a yoga pose that’s especially restorative and helps to conjure feelings of self-love through self-care.
Yoga Pose: Supta Baddha Konasana or Reclining Bound Angle Pose
Place a pillow or bolster beneath your spine to open up your heart and front body. As you ask those questions, breathe into your entire body.
If any old pent-up memories or emotions of the past arise as you ask those questions, exhale those emotional energies out with a deep sigh. This opening, restorative yoga pose lets your body know it is safe to open up.
Combine this posture with your deep diaphragmatic breaths and notice how more open and supple your body feels. This is a perfect way to welcome and invite our next orgasm.


Step 2: Strengthen and Uplift

Strengthen and uplift yourself – literally. Did you know stronger pelvic floor muscles make for stronger orgasms? Your pelvic floor pulsates during orgasm and if you sit in a chair for 6-8 hours per day, these muscles are not being nurtured enough.
In the same yoga pose as Step 1, bring awareness to the area between your pubic bone and tailbone. Inhale and expand fully into this area. Notice how the inhalation causes your pelvic floor to move. Now squeeze these muscles, causing the area between the pubic bone and tailbone to move closer together.
These are the pelvic floor muscles and if you are doing it correctly, the muscles feel as though they are moving upwards towards your head like an elevator going to the top floor. Squeeze and relax, squeeze and relax your pelvic floor.
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These rhythmic contractions mirror the actual passive rhythmic contractions experienced during orgasm. Keep your breathing deep and your awareness at your vagina, anal, and lower tummy area where your uterus is to heighten your body-mind connection to orgasm.

Step 3: Time for Self-Love

Amp up your oxytocin for a fuller, richer orgasm. Oxytocin – the love hormone – is also the pleasure hormone. The more we are loving, accepting, connecting, and nurturing to ourselves in our everyday thoughts and actions, the easier it will be to orgasm (digest, sleep and be fertile too), because our blood levels of oxytocin will be higher.
If you are hard on yourself, don’t like your body, or have a hard time accepting yourself, all this will influence how much love hormone you have in your bloodstream. Sometimes how we feel about our bodies gets in the way of feeling pleasure in our bodies.

The more we are loving, accepting, connecting, and nurturing to ourselves in our everyday thoughts and actions, the easier it will be to orgasm

Yoga is all about practicing self-love. Do you like your body? Do you love your tummy and thighs? See this as an opportunity to shift your beliefs about yourself and begin to have a deeper, more unconditionally loving and accepting body-mind-soul relationship.
Remember that your body is made mostly of energy, and it is our natural birthright to orgasm – it is what we are perfectly designed to do. And it’s how we think and feel throughout our day that contributes greatly to how orgasmic our sex life is, and our life in general!
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Love Yourself to Heal Yourself

Next time you practice yoga on the mat, bring yourself to the experience fully, feel the pleasure of your body moving your soul in the different poses, and every now and then incorporate the pelvic floor contractions from Step 2 to uplift yourself and your pelvic floor, and take your orgasm to another level!
Share with us how these steps benefit you and share this article with a friend – because the more we orgasm the more orgasmic our world will be!
This is why I am so passionate about my work as a pelvic floor physical therapist and yoga teacher. My life is so much more enriched and pleasurable from integrating these simple steps into my life.
I can see how it also benefits my professional life, my creativity and my relationship to my sacred body temple, and you can experience the same with this simple approach to self-love, self-care, and cultivating a stronger orgasm!

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Michelle Alva

Michelle Alva discovered the magic of yoga at age 18. She is a Pelvic Floor/Women's Health Physical Therapist, Integrative Yoga Therapy Instructor, Sound Healer, Belly Dance Teacher and PSYCH-K® Facilitator. Michelle is also the creator of a mindset-body-vibrational healing approach that awakens our innate healing power called The Alva Method® of Empowerment and Healing At The Speed Of Light.

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