9 Yoga Poses That Increase Your Sex Drive and Why

Let’s face it. Sex is one of life’s most delightful pleasures. It can be soft and sensual, playful and exciting, or deeply spiritual and connecting. And here’s a little not-so-well kept secret: your yoga practice can help you increase your sexuality and help you prepare for and become excited about your sexual practice.

We can all agree that a regular yoga practice creates balance in your life on all levels. It increases flexibility, self-esteem, self-awareness, and energy levels. What might be surprising, though, is that yoga can also increase your libido!

By teaching us to embrace every moment of life, to live one breath at a time, yoga helps us better connect with ourselves and our partner spiritually, physically, and sexually.

In this article, we’ll explore our favorite topic: yoga sexuality. Read on for the best ten yoga poses you can use as a way to increase your libido and bring excitement and passion into the bedroom, and we even tell you why.

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Increase Your Sexuality With These 9 Yoga Poses


1. & 2. Cat/Cow Flow

The flow between Cat and Cow poses not only helps awaken and bring more flexibility into the spinal column, but also strengthens the mula bandha (or the pelvic floor muscles). These are the muscles that contract during orgasm. Therefore, by strengthening them, you can create more controlled and intense orgasms.

Cat/Cow also helps relieve stress and create emotional balance, which always helps in our romantic relationships.
How to do it: Your shoulders should be directly over your wrists, and your hips over the knees. Inhale into Cat, arching the back and drawing your belly into your spine, with the crease of your elbows facing each other. Exhale into Cow, dropping the belly and lifting the heart forward and up. Repeat the Cat/Cow flow several times through.


3. Happy Baby Pose

This yoga pose – and hip openers in general – is great for releasing stress and anxiety and is a sweet yoga sexuality combo.

Happy Baby Pose releases the lower back, sacrum, and glutes, and stretches the hamstrings and spine. It also aids in relieving fatigue while calming the nervous system. It is nearly impossible to not feel a sense of fun and joy in this pose, which can translate to the bedroom. Sex is supposed to be fun. Happy Baby Pose can help you embrace your youthful curiosity.
How to do it: Draw your knees toward your armpits while bending the elbows. Stack the ankles directly over the knees and remember to flex your feet. Lengthen the spine and continue pressing your low back into the mat.

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4. Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

To get the highest benefit from Eagle Pose, it is important that you actively squeeze the inner thighs together. Upon release, fresh blood and oxygen rush to the pelvic region, preparing the cervix for a sexy romp in bed.

Additionally, this pose requires steadiness and ease which is beneficial to reducing stress and anxiety. By drawing your drishti (your eyes’ point of focus) to one point, you not only gain balance in the pose, but in your emotional body as well.
How to do it: The major joints of your body should be aligned down the center. Gently lift your elbows towards the sky to help stretch the shoulders and the back of the heart. Draw your belly in towards your spine and your tailbone slightly downward. Ground down through all four corners of your standing foot.

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5. Upward Facing Bow / Wheel Pose (Urdhva Dhanurasana)

This pose – and backbends in general – are great for energizing the body. Backbends are energizing because they stimulate the nervous system by activating the metabolism and releasing adrenaline. Wheel pose is great for stretching the hip flexors, which can help in creating more intense orgasms.

This pose is a heart opener as well, which can only be helpful once you are snuggled up next to your partner.
How to do it: Begin with your feet close to your glutes, hip-width distance apart. Place your hands alongside your ears shoulder-width apart, index fingers pointed towards your body. On an exhalation, press into your hands and feet and lift your hips skyward.


6. Downward Facing Dog Pose (Adho Mukha Svanasana)

This pose simultaneously calms the mind and invigorates the body, both of which are important for sex.

In Down Dog Pose, your spine is elongated, which improves circulation and releases full-body tension. By drawing the navel into the spine you compress the spleen, liver, and kidneys which aids digestion, helping you feel refreshed. Down Dog Pose can also boost muscle tone and confidence. Plus, if your honey is in viewing distance, shaking your booty in this pose is sure to get the fun started!
How to do it: Place your hands shoulder-width apart with the fingers spread wide – your index finger pointing towards the top of the mat. Feet are hip-distance apart and the legs are working towards being straight. Draw your shoulders away from your ears and gaze towards your thighs. Your body should be making an upside down “V” shape.

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7. Seated Wide-Angle Forward Bend Pose (Upavistha Konasana)

This pose is very helpful for those with a low libido. There is a deep inner thigh and groin stretch with this pose, which promotes greater circulation to the pelvic region. The hips gain a wider range of motion with this pose, which can bring more fun into your sexual experiences.

Seated Wide-Angle stretch is also helpful in calming the mind and shedding anxiety from the body which can help in creating intimacy.
How to do it: Before bending forward, sit up tall with a straight spine. Lengthen your torso forward with each exhale. Engage your core by drawing your navel towards your spine while lengthening forward. Keep your feet flexed back towards your face to release your hamstrings.

8. Shoulder Stand Pose (Salamba Sarvangasana)

Shoulder Stand Pose aids in stimulating hormone production and balancing the thyroid and hypothalamus glands. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated, bringing a sense of calm and serenity to the heart and mind. The throat chakra is also ignited in this pose which aids in creativity and self-expression. This will help you express all of your desires and fantasies to your partner.

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How to do it: Lift your chin slightly away from your chest – there should be a large enough gap between your neck and the floor to fit two fingers. This ensures that the weight of your body is upon your shoulders, not your neck. Place your hands, fingertips pointing up, on your lower back. Rotate your thighs inward and flex your feet.

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9. Lotus Pose (Padmasana)

In Sanskrit, Padmasana is derived from the words padma (lotus) and sana (seat or throne). Sacred Hindu texts tell us that Padmasana destroys disease and awakens the Kundalini energy that rests at the base of the spine.

Meditation may not seem to be a path to your sensuality and sexuality, but the reality is that meditation gives you the space and time to tap into these intensely personal and rich experiences. By taking the time to be present in the moment, you create a direct unfiltered connection to your true self – sexuality included.
How to do it: For Padmasana, cradle each leg into the arms with one elbow supporting the knee and the other supporting the ankle prior to placing the leg into Lotus position to increase range of motion in the hip socket and stretch the gluteal muscles. Sukhasana (Easy Seated pose) is a great alternative if Padmasana is not in your practice.

Yoga Sexuality: Increase Your Sex Drive with These Yoga Poses

A 2009 study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that yoga can improve sexual desire, arousal, orgasm, and overall sexual satisfaction. How, you ask? By increasing circulation to the pelvic region, activating and engaging the body’s core region, sharpening our focus, and increasing oxygen levels in the body.

Another amazing benefit of the yoga practice! We love it. So, why not take your playfulness on the mat into the bedroom? Being patient, connected, and adventurous on the mat and in the bedroom can provide you and your partner with a wealth of sensual and exciting experiences together. So grab your partner and have some fun with a little yoga sexuality!

Namaste yogis! <3

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