7 Simple Hacks for Cultivating Daily Mindfulness

A day represents the microcosmos of your entire life, so it’s important to make mindfulness a habit in order to live your life to the fullest each day.

Integrating at least one of the mindfulness hacks from this article into your daily routine will help keep you emotionally centered.

Mindfulness can easily be accessed when we are relaxed and enjoying the present moment.

How can we keep our zen and maintain our spiritual self-care and daily mindfulness? Using the following hacks will help you cultivate daily mindfulness and regenerate you mind, body and soul!

These 7 Mindfulness Hacks Will Help You Find More Presence In Your Daily Life:


1. Use Mantras

If your mind is filled with worry or you replay an argument or uncomfortable conversation in your head, get yourself centered by reciting mantras. You can use any mantra that speaks to you or helps with what you’re currently going through.

Some examples: you can choose a different mantra like “I am present,” or get grounded in gratitude with “I am grateful” or feel your presence with “I am here and I am grounded.”

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2. Nourish Your Root Chakra

Our Root Chakra represents our feelings of safety and security. Often, we get swept up worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. When we can nourish the Root Chakra, we can find a sense of grounding, calm and presence in the here and now.

How can you activate your Root Chakra? Yoga poses like Malasana, Tadasana, Lotus or Childs Pose are wonderful grounding yoga poses. You can also practice Earthing by walking outside in nature barefoot.

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3. Tap Into Presence Through Self-Care

Make a ritual out of finding time to practice self-care. Whether it’s indulging in a long hot bath, going for a mindful walk in nature, journaling, or treating yourself to self-massage or a relaxing foot soak, mindfulness can easily be accessed when we are relaxed and enjoying the present moment!

For example, if you choose the foot soak, dedicate 15-20 minutes to soak your feet in heated water with Himalayan salt and perhaps essential oils like lavendar. Light a candle, play some soft music and breathe deeply or even practice some meditation during this time.

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4. Connect

A wonderful mindfulness hack is fully connecting with another being – it can greatly impact your sense of presence and awareness. Whether it’s with your pet or an animal, or whether it’s with a friend or loved one, take time to fully connect with another living being.

If you’re petting your dog, become aware of their fur against your skin, and notice how they respond to the sound of your voice. If you’re connecting with your significant other, become acutely aware of their facial expressions, what they smell like, how it feels being around them.

5. Create

We often get caught up in the routine of daily life and get “lost in thought” and vulnerable to emotional instability and the sense of who we really are when we spiral out of presence and into our rabbit holes of incessant thoughts.

If you feel distracted or bored at home, choose a creative outlet that you enjoy, such as creating art, music or gardening to stay present and energized. Creativity builds presence, mindfulness, and a sense of fulfillment.


6. Try Counting Your Breath

Otherwise known as Sama Vritti Pranayama, or Box Breath, this simple yet effective breathing technique involves counting as you inhale and then counting the same number for your exhale (for example, inhale for a count of 5 and then exhale for a count of 5).

By focusing on not just your breathing but also counting, your mind becomes fully present to the breathing exercise, making it a great mindfulness hack that can be done anytime, anywhere.

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7. Practice Active Mindfulness Meditation

Technically, #6 could be considered a mindfulness meditation, because this practice simply encompasses anything you do with total mindfulness.

Take walking the dog for example. You can go down the same sidewalk on autopilot, mentally reviewing your to-do list, or you can choose a new path that you haven’t walked on before, and stay present for each passing moment – the sound of your feet on the ground, birds chirping or the breeze blowing around you.

The same applies to doing the dishes (challenge yourself to smell the soap and watch the bubbles multiply and pop on the dishes), or driving to the grocery store (feel your foot on the gas pedal, and the temperature of the steering wheel against your palms).

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Use These Mindfulness Hacks to Find More Present Moments In Your Day

Taking care of ourselves by self-nurturing is fundamental to being the best we can be in our spiritual journey.

A major aspect of self-nuturing and self-care is mindfulness. Through mindfulness, we can experience the present moment for all it has to offer. And through this heightened sense of presence, we can become more self-aware, and help establish a deeper sense of peace and less stress in our daily lives.

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Maria Moscato

Maria has been an expat Californian living in Bologna, Italy for 18 years. After her two trips to India, she started yoga during her pregnancy 13 years ago and has been a yogi ever since. An artist, writer and innovative cook, she integrates her love for yoga and meditation into her work, including a line of yoga clothing based on the spiritual foundation of selenite, a crystal gypsum used by the Romans.


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