Get Grounded: Use These 5 Mindfulness Practices to Be More Present in Your Day

The idea of mindfulness has gained a lot of traction recently. With many people interested in health and wellness that fall outside of traditional methods, mindfulness practices have become a preferred way to relieve stress, get centered, and simply feel better.

Mindfulness practices involve paying attention to the present moment in a non-judgmental way. While it sounds simple, it can be difficult in our ever-connected world ruled by instant gratification.

To become more present in everyday life, there are several mindfulness techniques you can try.

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Try These 5 Mindfulness Practices to Become More Present Throughout Your Day:


1. Be Mindful During Everyday Activities

Many people go through daily activities on autopilot, whether it’s washing the dishes, brushing your teeth, or driving to work. But it is possible to be more aware of your senses and the actual activity during each one of these moments.

In brushing your teeth, you can be more aware of the taste of the toothpaste, the sound of the brush going back and forth, the smell of the mint, and more.

It’s about purposely paying attention to every moment of life, even the ones that seem like they may not have much to offer.


2. Use Mindfulness as a Tool to Help You Wait

We live in a fast-paced society where impatience is common. Waiting can feed frustration, whether it means waiting in line at the grocery store or idling in traffic.

Rather than viewing this as an inconvenience, consider using it as a moment to train the mind. Rather than leaning into the frustration, lean into mindfulness while you’re waiting.

Pay attention to your breath and the movement of your body and allow all of your thoughts and feelings to exist without judgment — even those of impatience.

3. Pay Attention to – and Change – a Habit

Whenever you notice you’re doing something out of habit, stop yourself and try doing it a different way. For example, pour your morning coffee with the opposite hand.

This can even work with bad habits: Start by paying attention to the urges you get, the actions that follow, and any physiological responses you may have to the habit.

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4. Mix It Up

One of the foundations of mindfulness practices is having a “beginner’s mindset.” You start by mixing up your usual routine.

Try reversing or changing the order you get ready in the morning or how you settle into your evening routine. This can require you to stay present in the moment while you’re doing everyday tasks.


5. Meditate

Meditation is becoming increasingly popular in Western culture as a way to relax. Scientific studies show numerous benefits of meditation, from lower stress levels to improved focus.

The nice thing about meditation is that there are many different ways to do it. For some, it may be spending two to five minutes sitting quietly in the morning. For others, it may be dedicating time to practice a specific type of meditation, like Vipassanā meditation.

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Use These Mindfulness Practices to Ground Yourself

Each of these techniques has the ability to break routines and bring you back to the present moment. This allows you to come back into awareness and pay more attention to the beauty and magic of things that are seemingly plain or “boring” about each day.

Rather than rushing into the next moment, consider using some of these mindfulness practices to help yourself stay in the present moment throughout the day.

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Natalie Buchwald

Natalie Buchwald, LMHC is the founder and clinical director of Manhattan Mental Health Counseling. As a practitioner of holistic psychotherapy, Natalie’s treatment approach places an emphasis on the mind-body relationship and is both experiential and pragmatic.

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