For The Traveler – Finding Prana in Prague

As a yoga teacher and frequent traveler, I try to find yoga studios in each place I visit. A recent trip took me to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. I was pleasantly surprised by what I discovered in the heart of Central Europe.
In Prague, I am happy to report, the number of yoga studios has soared in the last decade. Many offer a wide breadth of classes such as prenatal, yin, vinyasa, kundalini and power. During my time there, I chose to visit three privately-owned studios in the center of Prague to help traveling yogis identify a place to practice in this beautiful, Bohemian capital.
Wellness Yoga
Wellness Yoga studio is situated in a bustling residential district about 15 minutes on foot south of the city center in the direction of Visegrad Castle. The studio has a very home-like atmosphere; the practice room’s walls are painted a cheery yellow. I took an hour-long zen yoga class, taught by a Japanese woman, which involved moving the spine gently in several ways and holding poses for longer periods of time. We chatted over tea in the comfy lounge after the class. Wellness Yoga offers ashtanga, vinyasa, as well as classes for seniors and new moms with their babies. The schedule is available online and in English for Prague visitors to find a suitable class that fits into their sightseeing.
Bindu Yoga
Bindu Yoga opened several years ago in a quiet neighborhood close to the center. The owner and manager, Barbora Hu, is trained in yoga therapy and offers private lessons for clients dealing with chronic pain, depression or anxiety. Bindu instructors teach a wide range of classes including Iyengar, yin, post-natal and chakra yoga. The schedule is available in English with descriptions of each class and workshop. The studio was built in a refurbished wine cellar–a small, peaceful oasis from the noise and chaos of city life and about a 10-minute walk from the city center across the street from the picturesque Kinsky Gardens. The muted lighting and original arched brick ceiling make it a comfortable, intimate space to practice, where you can truly focus on mind and body.
Conveniently located in the city center, Yogame is a bright and welcoming studio with lots of windows, airy rooms, and a friendly staff. They offer primarily ashtanga, kundalini, and vinyasa flow. Several classes are taught in English throughout the day. The website and schedule are only in Czech but classes taught in English are labeled “EN” on the schedule. I dropped in on a vinyasa class one evening taught in Czech and found it easy to follow, though my Czech is far from perfect. The instructor periodically repeated cues in English when she saw me twisting in the wrong direction or reaching for the wrong toe.
My advice to the tourist, expat or wanderer wanting to fit in a yoga practice: take a moment and leave the crowded cobble-stoned streets to center yourself and take a deep breath. In these three studios, you will find an accommodating and inviting place to do so and a practice that will leave you energized for the rest of your travels.

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Bobbie Jo Traut

Bobbie Jo Traut discovered yoga as a teenager growing up in Alaska. She practiced on a purple mat in her living room, since there were no studios at that time in her small hometown. As a RYT and frequent traveler, she takes every opportunity to roll out her mat. Her most memorable teaching experiences include a hatha practice for humanitarian volunteers on a mountaintop in Nepal and community vinyasa at an arts center in Chisinau, Moldova.

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