From Double Amputee Veteran to Yoga Instructor

Eleven years ago, while serving in Iraq, Dan Nevins’ Army vehicle was struck by an IED. The blast destroyed both his legs.
“I just remember having this revelation that I’m alive, I’m alive! That I better do something to keep it that way.”
After being bedridden after one of many operations, Nevin started having flash backs. “And those thoughts of the not-so-great experiences from combat just kept coming back. I didn’t get to the point of suicide, but… I knew that I needed help [I needed help grounding back to the present].”
A friend of Nevins suggested he try yoga.
“I was like ‘No. One, I’m a guy; Two, I’m an Army guy; Three, I don’t own any spandex, and no.'”
As you may gather from the title of this article, Dan let go of his preconceived notions and inhibitions and gave it a try.
“I got into this Warrior One pose. I rooted down and I felt this real surge of energy from the earth up into my body like into my soul and I shot up like ‘Oh my God, I get it’ like the earth was saying ‘where have you been the last ten years.'”
Last year, Nevins completed yoga instructor training. He now teaches and inspires people from all walks of life.
“I felt if he can do it without legs, what’s my excuse,” said one of his students.
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