Kate Hudson’s Quarantine Workout Routine That Keeps Her Looking and Feeling OM-Amazing

How are you finding your OM at home? Kate Hudson’s fitness practice of choice is yoga. In a recent Instagram post, she showed off some of her poses . . . and her super toned body.

Along with following a consistent workout routine, Kate Hudson mostly eats a plant-based diet. Needless to say, this 41-year-old is a testament to what healthy living can do.

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So, what’s her secret to looking like an immortal goddess? Let’s take a closer look at her daily routine and how she stays in such phenomenal shape.

This Is Kate Hudson’s Fitness Routine and How She Stays Strong + Sculpted

First, her workout routine has a ton of variety. In an interview with Women’s Health, Kate Hudson said she works out three to four times a week.

Along with doing yoga and Pilates, she takes Peloton classes, pole dances (yes, she has a pole at home!), Beachbody’s Brazil Butt Lift workout, and more.

Kate Hudson’s interest in yoga developed when she was pregnant with her youngest daughter, Rani Rose.

Kate Hudson’s interest in yoga developed when she was pregnant with her youngest daughter, Rani Rose. “I loved my practice with my growing belly and connecting to her beautiful spirit,” she captioned her photo on International Yoga Day last year.



She enjoys the way yoga can connect the mind and body. Aside from the physical benefits, yoga has the potential to be a contemplative and spiritual practice.

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Kate Hudson also fuels her body with nutritious, energizing foods. Each morning she has celery juice and a protein shake paired with either eggs, oatmeal, or an acai bowl. Her lunchtime and dinner consist of plant-based meals such as squash and zucchini noodles.

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Stay Strong (Mentally and Physically) Like Kate Hudson!

Let’s be honest. Getting and staying motivated to work out during quarantine can be a challenge. But taking care of your mind and body is more important now than ever.

Along with practicing healthy eating habits, yoga can give you the strength and energy you need to get through this tough time. Just take Kate Hudson’s word for it!


Main image source: Fabletics

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