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Actress Kristen Bell Shares Her 10 Favorite Self-Care Tips

Everyone loves actress Kristen Bell. She is smart, funny, honest, and relatable. If you have ever seen or read an interview with Kristen, she is candid and keeps things real, not shying away from the “hard questions” of life – a rarity in the celebrity world.

Arguably one of Kristen’s favorite topics of conversation (aside from her adorable husband and kids of course!) is self-care. Kristen is open about her struggle with self-esteem and depression and gives us these 10 tips for practicing self-care.

Straight From Kristen Bell, Here Are Her 10 Favorite Self-Care Tips:


1. Believe in Self-Care

The first step to practicing self-care is believing in self-care. Kristen often talks openly about her self-care routine and how important she believes self-care is. But if you don’t believe that self-care is necessary or even works, it won’t. Try a self-care routine and notice how differently your body and mind feel afterwards.
Schedule some self-care time in your agenda – take a long hot bath three nights per week, read a book for pleasure, get a massage or whatever you need to do to help yourself relax.
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2. Let It Go!

Admit it. You sang those three words to the tune of the movie Frozen! As Kristen Bell says, “We’re all way too hard on ourselves about how we’re doing in managing the many responsibilities we have to balance, which can quickly lead to burnout.”
We continually add things to our already full plate and, if there is something we don’t get to in the run of a day, we become stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious. Take Kristen’s advice and just let it go.
The dinner that needs to be made? It will. The bills that need to be paid? They will. All those other things that needed to get done? They will. Trust that the universe has a plan for you. Don’t spend your time being hard on yourself.

3. Flaunt Your Flaws

There is no human being on earth that does not have flaws. We all share this trait. Another trait we all share is wanting to be accepted and loved. Kristen believes that being accepted doesn’t happen by presenting perfection.
“I believe in showing your dirty hands and your bumps and bruises and your faults, because that’s what makes people feel connected . . .”

Flaunt your flaws


4. Do Something For Others

Does it seem a bit weird to do something for others as a form of self-care? Maybe. But doing things for others allows us to take a break from being hard on ourselves or from stressing out. Doing things for others also helps us keep things in perspective.
You never know what someone else is going through. Selfless acts help other people but also remind us that everyone goes through challenges and that we are never alone.

Helping others fills our cup.

As Kristen says, “Giving yourself to others takes the focus off yourself and allows for immediate perspective, which inadvertently boosts your feelings of gratitude and worth. Helping others truly is helping yourself. We’re all way too hard on ourselves about how we’re doing.”

5. Forgive Yourself

Often we are quick to forgive and be kind to others, but don’t allow the same for ourselves. Don’t forget to be kind toward yourself, forgive your mistakes, and accept yourself – flaws and all.
As Kristen says, “The most effective way to move forward and experience growth is through self-pardon.”


6. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

When you worry or stress about something, ask yourself if it will matter next month, next year, or in five years. If it won’t, then it’s probably not worth stressing over.
This is a good rule to live by. Thinking about things in context of the future can help keep your present moment in perspective. Don’t let yourself be bombarded by small annoyances that won’t matter in a few years. Change your perspective and focus on the things that are worth your time.

7. Lean on People

So many of us struggle with asking for help or leaning on others for many reasons – we don’t want to burden others, we don’t want to admit we need help, or we just aren’t the ‘sharing’ type of person.

“There is a mightiness that comes with asking for help, being vulnerable and not going at it alone.” -Kristen Bell

Whatever the reason, sometimes you just have to ask for help. Getting someone else’s take on whatever is going on in your life will help you keep things in perspective. Plus, that’s what friends are for!

8. Waste Time

Give your brain the break it needs by “wasting time.” Contrary to what the name suggests, “wasting time” isn’t wasted time at all. Make the time to do the things that you think are unproductive by scheduling those times into your daily or weekly planner.
Kristen thinks that keeping a schedule is important, “. . . but only if your schedule includes time where you’re allowed to blow off steam because if you don’t, you’ll explode. That’s proven, that is science. Your brain needs time to decompress.”
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9. Go to Therapy

Kristen has never been shy about sharing her therapy session takeaways. The actress, mom, and entrepreneur often talks openly about her struggles with depression, keeping her marriage together, balancing work and kids, and managing everything in her life.
She often praises her therapy sessions and describes how she loves going to therapy because she finds that it really helps her. Kristen’s stance on going to therapy is a breath of fresh air in a society that still deems therapy as taboo or a sign of weakness.

10. Order Pizza

Kristen said it herself. “Sometimes, you just need to order pizza.” Arguably the best advice ever given by a celebrity ever. We better listen to Kristen on this one!

Improve Your Life With Simple Self-Care Techniques

Self-care does not need to be a daunting task. Self-care is the most important thing you can do for yourself. Kristen Bell is the first to admit how important taking time for y.o.u. really is.
Recharge your battery and do things that make you feel good – you’ll be amazed how much it will improve all areas of your life!

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