5 Mantras to Empower and Uplift You On the Daily

Some days (okay, pretty much every day) we all need a reminder that we are strong individuals capable – and worthy – of extreme happiness.
One super effective way of remembering how totally awesome you are is to have a handful of positive mantras in your back pocket at all times.


Here are 5 empowering and uplifting mantras for on and off the mat:


Rise above

Envision a lotus flower. If you’ve ever seen a lily pad in the wild, you know it grows in murky and muddy water, but the flower it produces is incredibly pure and beautiful. It’s a powerful symbol of rising above your circumstances and having the ability to turn even the messiest days into something wonderful.
Like the roots of the lily pad, draw from those things are like muddy water in your life and use that strength to lift yourself up and truly allow yourself to bloom, knowing that the challenges can only make you stronger.

Rise above


I am the sky – everything else is just the weather

Sometimes it can feel like your circumstances are what define you. They determine your mood and set the course of every interaction you have. A sleepless night or a piece of bad news can shift the mood of your entire day.
It’s important to take time to remind yourself that everything that happens to you is just a moment passing by. You are the sky. Everything else is just the weather. Sometimes you’ll experience perfectly blue, cloudless days, and sometimes your sky will be covered edge to edge with dark storm clouds. Either way, eventually these things will pass by.

I am the sky – everything else is just the weather


Just breathe

“It is okay if the only thing you did today was breathe” is a quote I came across once when I really needed it. Sometimes life can seem overwhelming. It’s too difficult to deal with that one person, you have so much stress you feel you are at your breaking point, or you have too much going on to unroll your mat that day.
Stop in that moment and just breathe. Fill your lungs with air and let everything go with your exhale. Anger or pain, or that tiny part of you that wants you to give up. Clear your head, find your love and your strength, and let that be your guide.

Just breathe


Today there are no burdens – only blessings

If you stop reading now, and only take away this one mantra, you’ll be set. This mantra can be applied to any situation, any feeling, any moment. It’s an all-inclusive power statement for any kind of day, good or bad.
Next time you feel overwhelmed or angry or rushed or unhappy or anything, just say this to yourself: “Today there are no burdens, only blessings.” If you allow yourself to really believe it, you can look at the negative in a new light.

Today there are no burdens – only blessings


I create my own happiness

One thing we would all do well to remember is that we are fully capable of creating our own happiness. Taking several moments throughout the day to remind yourself that you are in control of your mood can be extremely empowering, and with some practice finding that rosy glow inside of yourself will get easier and easier.
Don’t allow negative events and people to have control over you. Take control over your reality, smile big, and allow yourself to feel that childlike joy we all so desire and deserve.

I create my own happiness

These are only a few examples of the infinite possibilities that come with applying mantras to your daily life. If you haven’t tried using them outside of your practice yet, try it today. Try it now.
And if you’re already a positive mantra king or queen, share your favorites in the comments and uplift the community.

Featured image: Joseph Gardner Photography

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JoAnn DeLeau

JoAnn is a new yogi and a beginning freelance writer from Salt Lake City, Utah. She enjoys long mountain hikes in the summer and curling up on the couch with a Jane Austen novel and moscato.

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