Want a Zenned Out Homelife? Try These 5 Mindfulness Techniques With Your Family

Now that you’ve embarked on your own mindfulness journey, you might be wondering how to bring those positive vibes into your home with mindfulness techniques. You want to positively influence your family, your kiddos, and those around you.
Simple mindfulness techniques are a powerful way to create positive shifts in your family, and move beyond the challenges of daily life.
“Mindfulness” is defined as the cultivation of awareness of the present moment. It’s about the choice to be aware of how you are, how you feel, and what’s going on right now in your life. Through this awareness, you’re able to shift your thoughts and your thinking according to how you want to feel.

When to Practice Mindfulness Techniques

Many people start approaching mindfulness, meditation, and positive thinking when the sh*t has already hit the fan. If this is you, you may feel that these techniques aren’t working like you’ve heard they will.
Like everything, mindfulness takes time. As a mindfulness practitioner, and someone who uses mindfulness to maintain personal well-being and positive mental health, I recommend you begin the practice when everything is fine and dandy. Then, when things get challenging, mindfulness becomes a cushion that catches you when life knocks you down.
This is a powerful tool for yourself, but just think about the gift it becomes when you’re able to share it with your family. Mindfulness can absolutely be a family affair, and when you get everyone involved you get a zenned out family.

Try These 5 Mindfulness Techniques for a Zenned Out Home

Here are 5 simple mindfulness techniques to cultivate positive vibes with your family.

1. Recognize Good Behavior

This technique points out positivity and blessings in your life. Often, we only point out the behaviors we don’t like in others. Instead, use positive psychology to verbally recognize the good deeds of others. This encourages goodness to continue and nurtures it to grow.
For example, if you want to encourage good behavior from your kids, verbally recognize the good behavior you appreciate. This gives them an opportunity to cultivate and continue this behavior. Here are some examples of behavior to verbally appreciate:

  • If they’ve done their homework without a reminder
  • If they’ve made their bed without you asking
  • If they help around the house, support their sibling, do their chores, or anything else that’s positive

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2. Create a Zen Room

I highly recommend having a Zen Room at home. It’s a relaxed, quiet area of your home where no arguments, altercations, or constant questioning is allowed.
Make it formal – tell the rest of your family that a certain room (or part of the house) is now officially the “Zen Room.” Make a point of sharing that this is a perfect place to relax and breathe, especially if they’ve had a hard day.
You can make your Zen Room very relaxing without investing a lot of money. I suggest some candles, cushions, blankets, and maybe even an essential oil diffuser for a nice welcoming scent. If you have a favorite Hindu god or goddess, you could even add a little statue for extra positive vibes.
Your Zen Room is a remedy to arguments and disagreements at home. Instead of sending a grumpy kid to their room, you can invite them to take some time in the Zen Room to relax.
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3. Introduce a Gratitude Ceremony

Practice a brief, daily gratitude ceremony at the dinner table. All you need is a “talking stick” – a wooden spoon or paper towel roll works just fine – and a willingness to start the conversation. Waiting for the talking stick to speak teaches respect, opens up the capacity to listen, and encourages patience.
Encourage the person with the talking stick to share something they are grateful for that day. Listen fully, and appreciate the person when they are finished. Once everyone has had a turn of speaking and sharing, take time to notice how positive it makes the whole space.
This simple gratitude ceremony creates positive energy in your home, melts any cold barriers, and brings the family into a positive mindset.
Why do we need gratitude? Discover The Importance of Living Your Life With Gratitude.

4. Be Vulnerable

It’s easy to get frustrated when someone won’t tell you what’s on their mind – especially family. Be more vulnerable yourself to teach them how to be relaxed with sharing. Take time to tell your family members – individually – how much you love them and how grateful you are for them.
Tell them what you love about them most and what gifts you love within them. It’s important to make them feel special. Make sure they know they can tell you anything and that you’re willing to hear them out without jumping to conclusions. This is what mindfulness is all about. It’s about being present with ourselves and others.

5. Invite Your Family to Join Your Meditation Practice

Dedicate a day and time for a 5-10 minute family meditation. Remember meditations don’t have to be long, and they don’t have to be perfect. It’s about taking time to breathe and allow yourself to acknowledge your thoughts and feelings.
Make this meditation available in your Zen Room. Tell your family that this is a quiet space – even the youngest children are capable of this. Set a timer for 5-10 minutes and invite everyone to sit comfortably and breathe. That’s it. You may want to have it in silence or have nice relaxation music on in the background – just let the Zen Room do its job.
Important tip: If someone doesn’t join – don’t judge them – let them be. That’s what mindfulness is all about.

A Family That Meditates Together, Stays Together

Incorporating these simple mindfulness techniques into your daily life at home, and encouraging the whole family to join in, is a fantastic way to bring your mindfulness practice home. It’ll bring peace into the household, create more positive vibes, and encourage everyone to live out a more grounded, balanced life.
What mindfulness techniques will you incorporate?


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Angel expert and Life Coach to the stars, Kyle Gray is also an inspirational speaker, Lululemon yoga and meditation ambassador, and international bestselling author of 6 books including Light Warrior, Raise Your Vibration and Angel Prayers.

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