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It’s Time to Put Down That Backpack! Follow These 4 Useful Tips to Let Things Go

I know what you’re thinking. WTF does put down the backpack mean?!⁣ You probably think you aren’t carrying a heavy backpack . . . yet, every day you wonder how to let things go.

Put down the backpack means to let go of every single thing you’re carrying:

  • The stress⁣
  • The wounds around success that keeps you carrot chasing⁣
  • The overwhelm and anxiety
  • The lack of focus and awareness as to what to move toward


I can go on and on about what might be in your backpack, but only you know what’s been weighing you down. ⁣

The thing is, how long will you carry all that extra weight? ⁣When will you really learn how to let things go?

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Here’s How to Actually and Truly Let Things Go

What is all that extra heavy burden costing you? In energy. In time. In peace. In clarity. In your ability to show up for your life?

When you put down the backpack, you can actually move with speed, decisiveness, and focus. Imagine doing that daily. Imagine waking up every single day feeling LIGHTER. ⁣

I’ve carried fear, anxiety, stress, and analysis paralysis in my backpack for so long. Now I’ve put it down. ⁣Now, I am able to fully show up for myself and for my life.

What would be possible?⁣ What would you be able to create?⁣ What potential could you actualize?⁣

I’ve carried so much fear, anxiety, stress, and analysis paralysis in my backpack for so long. ⁣Can you relate?

Now I’ve put it down. ⁣Now I’ve tapped into my potential. ⁣Now I am unstoppable. Now, I am able to fully show up for myself and for my life.

Okay, enough about me. I want to give YOU all the absolute best ways to drop the backpack and learn how to let things go so you can start living the life you actually desire.

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Here Are 4 Useful Tips for How to Let Things Go Effectively:


1. Take Inventory

Before you can learn how to let things go, you have to figure out what you’re holding onto.

Take inventory of every single thing you are currently carrying. Really take time to unpack this.

Try to write 50 of them, or even 100! For example, thoughts about an ex, stress from work, that unfinished book you want to complete, etc.

2. Ceremoniously Release It

After you’ve written it all down, take some time and create a ritual to release it.

This could mean burning it (please use a fire-safe receptical and do this with care). This could also mean lighting some sage or palo santo and cleansing a space and then dropping into a meditation where you are releasing it completely from your life.

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3. Visualize Letting It Go

Visualization, when combined with the meditation from above, is one of the most potent practices. Truly see yourself letting it go.

Stand on top of that mountain and throw all of your stresses, unneeded thoughts, and emotions that you are ready to release right OFF.

How light do you feel now? See yourself fully free of that backpack, lighter, more open-hearted, more expansive, and more FREE.

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4. Use Your Breath

If you’re unfamiliar with breathwork, that’s okay. I gotchu. 🙂

Take some time, in a sacred space and consciously breathe.

Practice circular breathing: Inhale through your mouth for three seconds flowing fluidly into an exhale through your mouth for three seconds. Repeat for 50 to 100 cycles of breath (one cycle being a full inhale and exhale).

After you complete this practice, just sit there in stillness and feel the peace within that you’ve created. Let it envelop you. Feel it. If emotions come up, let them flow.

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The Takeaway on How to Let Things Go

So, I invite you today to take a moment and reflect on what’s in your own backpack. Ask yourself:

  • What unnecessary weight am I carrying?
  • ⁣What am I holding onto that is no longer serving me?
  • What can I let go of today?
  • What would allow me to be a little bit lighter in my life?


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Remember – everything starts with awareness. We can’t change what we don’t see. Maybe you’ve been carrying a giant backpack but you haven’t realized until now.

It’s okay. When you’re ready to put the weight down, seize that lighter version of you, and learn how to let things go, you can.

I promise there are ways to let go of all that weight. And you can start today.

Ready to Really Learn How to Let Things Go?

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Matt Shakir

Matt Shakir is a Power Coach with Awaken Momentum, a company he designed to help people awaken their inner power for life, transformation, and in business. He is an avid foodie, adventurist, and world traveler. Yoga, meditation, and pursuit of lifelong personal development has helped him uncover a deep desire to be of service to others.

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