If You Want to Be Happy, Science Says You Should Start Here

Your mind is a garden
Your thoughts are the seeds.
You can grow flowers
Or you can grow weeds.

Ancient teachings and quantum science state that focused energy creates matter. Everything you think about has energy behind it. Everything you do has a ripple effect on outcomes in your life.
Have you ever heard the saying, “Thoughts become things”?
When you focus enough attention, motivation and words on a particular goal, you are actively working to make your dream a reality. Yes, you can create your own reality with your thoughts. Don’t like your current reality? Maybe it’s time to change the way you think about your world…
The first step in achieving your dreams is learning how to redirect your thoughts.

Thoughts are seeds that grow.

From the seed-form thought, you bring that thought into reality by speaking it in words.
Words are powerful, and they have the ability to create anything for us. We have to learn to redirect our thinking.
Redirecting your thinking is a three step process. First, we have to recognize the stories we tell ourselves. Stories like “I am not good enough.” Once we recognize our negative thought patterns, we have to release them (step 2). Then, step three, we rewrite the stories and reframe them.

Step 1: Recognize the story
Step 2: Let go
Step 3: Rewrite and reframe

Instead of “I’m not good enough” we can instead think, “the timing was not right.” Then we reset our thought process and in the end we recalibrate ourselves to positive thinking through practiced, conscious repetition.
We have to constantly catch ourselves when we recognize our negative thought patterns throughout the day.
Once we learn to master our thoughts, we can move to the body. Our bodies are our ‘home’ or our ‘temple’ – and they are meant for us to use as tools. Often, we take for granted the resources given to us. Just like using blocks in a yoga class – most students think blocks are for beginners, but really it takes an advanced mind to see a resource and use it in a way that benefits their practice.

Our bodies were made for us to connect to the divine.
We are given the exact tools and resources necessary to reach our goals and find enlightenment. It is how we treat our “homes” that determines our future and connection to source. When we treat our bodies with love and care, it is easier to stay focused and find that connection to our higher power. Once we are aware of our thoughts, our bodies, and their connection, we can move to the mind.
The highest form of intelligence is witnessing yourself without any form of judgment by becoming an objective observer.
To become an observer, one must meditate daily. When we quiet down the mind, the seat of the observer takes over: watching each thought without attaching meaning to it. Simply letting them float by like leaves in a river.
Meditation will bring great peace and balance into your life. This is where the manifestation process really deepens.
We all have the power to create the lives we want to live. Happiness and motivation is a choice. There is a huge difference between being interested in something vs. committed to something.

Happiness and motivation is a choice.

If you really want to achieve something in your life, focus your energy on that subject. Learn to calm your mind and give yourself love.
When you love yourself, you are expressing loud and clear that you are ready and able to reach that higher state of consciousness.
Changing your thought patterns not only brings awareness; it also brings happiness. Why not tell yourself how amazing you are every single day?
You are amazing, and no matter what circumstance you are in, the good will always make its way back to you. You just have to be open enough to receive it.

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Jessie Wren

An Arizona native, Jesse finds peace within her yoga practice, and spreads light through her yoga teaching and writing. She loves connecting with herself and others through meditation, asana, and a healthy lifestyle. You can find Jesse traveling the world, writing about inspiration, and taste-testing every sushi restaurant ever.

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