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Life Is A Canvas, You Are The Brush

As a newbie to the yoga world, I have a significant amount to learn. In all sincerity, I am thrilled about this! Like everything else in my world, our world, it’s best when we have room to grow. As satisfying as mastering a skill, a profession, or an art can be, it’s even more of a rush knowing there’s an abundance of knowledge and experience just waiting for us to indulge.

The canvas that hangs on my wall is a daily reminder that I am solely in charge of everything around me. It boasts, “EXPECT NOTHING, APPRECIATE EVERYTHING.” I’m the chief, the boss, the head honcho, the king, the ruler and the leader of my life. Every step, every flip and every fall are mine. And you know what? I love it.

We are the only ones who have the ability to see all the miraculous “things” in our lives. We see our opportunities and we see our mistakes. We are here for our success and we are here for our downfalls. We are here to make our mark, to make our existence known by what we put into the world.

What we put into the world is exactly what the world has given to us.

Life is for the making, the doing and the being. Be who you are, for no other reason than because you can. You don’t need permission and you don’t need to meet any kind of expectation. Just simply appreciate your ability to paint your world and you’ll be well on your way.

In my mind we’re all a canvas; a canvas waiting to be configured into something beautifully imperfect. Pick up your brush, throw it in some color and let the rest transpire. After that, it’s all up to you. Make it yours. Make it you.

You won’t need it but….good luck.


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Kelsey Struble

Kelsey is a passionate writer, new yogi and lover of life. She believes in the power of positivity and all things good. Kelsey resides in Minnesota on her own little slice of paradise. Yes, there's paradise in Minnesota.

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