If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans (Funny Video)

Passionate meat eaters and vegans are two groups of people that come with a great deal of stereotypes. This is especially true if you’re someone who adopted the vegan lifestyle shortly after seeing the 2014 documentary Cowspiracy or if you’re a meat eater who regularly attends BBQ festivals and doesn’t believe a meal is complete without a big chunk of meat.
With that being said, no one likes someone who forces their views on others. JP Sears explores these pushy stereotypes in his new video, “If Meat Eaters Acted Like Vegans.”

JP Sears pokes fun at overly aggressive vegans by pretending to be a meat eater with similar requests that vegans make while dining out. His comments like, “I’ll have the tofu spring rolls, except I don’t eat tofu so do you have like a tofu flavored chicken you can substitute in for me?” and “that salad is totally grossing me out. . . I’ve completely lost my appetite,” highlight the aggressive and pretentious behavior that meat eaters can sometimes experience at the hands of their vegan dining companions.

The video also highlights the “logic” used to support either side of the argument and how ridiculous it can seem when we are outsiders looking in. When JP asks, “Have you seen that documentary ‘Kalespiracy’?” it is sure to get a laugh from meat eaters and vegans alike.
Although the video is hilarious, it comments on the nature of our choices and how we choose to display ourselves to the world. There is research out there on both sides of the spectrum: eating meat is natural vs. it is unnecessary. But, at the end of the day, it’s up to every individual to do their own research and make their own lifestyle choices accordingly.
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Ultimately, the takeaway from JP’s video is that we are all allowed to make our own choices Maybe, just maybe, after seeing this video, meat eaters and vegans will accept that everyone’s journey is different. There is nothing wrong with being somewhere in between the two extremes, and people with different dietary choices can still live in harmony with one another.

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Alexis Kristan

Lexi is a college student currently studying Psychology at Colorado State University Pueblo. She is passionate about yoga as well as hunting and conservation. Her other interests include: cuddling the family pug, reading classic literature, collecting vinyl records, working cattle at the family ranch, and anything outdoors. You can find her on her blog:

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