Mercury Retrograde: Here’s Your Survival Guide For This Time of Galactic Turbulence

Everyone is talking about “Mercury retrograde” but it seems like nobody can explain what exactly it is and how it rules our lives. Let’s begin with a short astronomy lesson to better understand what the hell is going on in our galaxy!
From our perspective here on Earth, planets move from east to west around the Sun. When Mercury is said to be in retrograde, it looks as though the planet Mercury is traveling in opposition, or from west to east around the Sun. Mercury’s orbit is closer to the Sun, therefore its orbit is much shorter than Earth’s. When Mercury speeds past Earth during this shorter orbit, we then experience a Mercury retrograde period.
Think of it like this: If you were in a car and another car passed you, it is obviously going faster than you. But if it slowed down and you then passed it, the other car would appear that it was moving in reverse. As Mercury speeds by, it’s like a bullet-train flying past, creating a forceful, and turbulent blast of “wind” in its wake.
This my friends, is the shit storm that we are experiencing during the three or four times a year this occurs.

Here are the 2018 dates for when Mercury will retrograde:

December 3 – December 22 (2017)
March 22 – April 15
July 25 – August 18
November 16 – December 6


Mercury Retrograde – Here’s What You Need to Know

Being skeptical of Mercury retrograde is common and even encouraged. It is important as an educated society that we look into trends, thought processes, and even astronomy to better understand this existence for ourselves.
Basically, this retrograde period is reminding us to slow down and evaluate where we are in life. Be patient with – and grateful for – the things we take for granted like technology, communication, and transportation. Our modern society is built upon the foundation of technology, and we often forget how incredible but also volatile technology can be.

As Mercury speeds by, it’s like a bullet-train flying past, creating a forceful, and turbulent blast of “wind” in its wake.

Take this time as an opportunity to approach the different aspects of your life with a fresh perspective. A lot of this will come from necessity – we are beginning a new year, and changing old systems is a great way to start fresh.
Many times we can understand things more in-depth once we dissect them and reevaluate what’s working and what’s not. Not only for our cognition but for our emotional needs as well; realizing that something isn’t working is the first step in changing its outcome.

My Personal Experience With Mercury Retrograde

Personally, I blew off Mercury and it’s perceived influence on my life until I began looking into the planetary symbolism and the different facets they “rule.” From everything I have read, Mercury has influence over communication, perception, and transportation, among many other things.
Another “feature” of Mercury retrograde is the appearance of old friends, acquaintances, or even lovers. During this time you will notice that people from the past somehow reach out or make their way back into your present.
I have had numerous old friends text me to hang out, an old coworker (whom I actually thought didn’t like me) asked to get a beer, and a college roommate texted me out of the blue to say “Hi” and give me a quick life update. All of which I was pleasantly surprised to hear from and happy to see!
These last few weeks have been a doozy regarding my relationship with Mercury. I have had my iPhone break, and I’ve tried to plan a vacation (with many complications and hiccups along the way). All of these things are typical for this Mercury retrograde period and speak to the astronomical influence of the happenings on Earth.


A Few Important Things to Remember While Mercury is Retrograding:


1. Have Patience

Do yourself and the situation a favor by taking a deep breath and reminding yourself to be patient. The Earth has been around for 4 billion years and you my friend, are a mere blip on the radar. Slow down. Enjoy your time.

2. Back Yo’ Shit Up

Save, refresh, backup, and keep an eye on your car keys. This applies to all facets, technology, mental status, and where you put your things. Now is the time to watch how you’re doing things and what you can do better. Get systems in place to keep you sane and organized!

3. Remain Open

This retrograde period is one of reflection and alteration of chosen paths. Realize that just because something isn’t how you envisioned it doesn’t mean it lacks value or is deviating you from the end goal. If you’re not open to change, you’ll never grow.

4. Travel Like a Pro

Factor in all the things that could take longer during your travels, whether that’s your daily commute, your next big trip, and all the little travels in between. Plan in advance, pack your bag the night before, leave your house 10-15 minutes earlier and keep the stress – and potential complications – at bay.

5. Acknowledge That Life is Multidimensional

There are times your life may seem chaotic – your job, personal life, relationship, health, and habits may all become convoluted. Understand that like all things, your ability to seamlessly balance everything ebbs and flows. Give yourself time to focus on what you have control over and realize that all is coming.

6. Commit to Something

Mercury’s current retrograde period also brings attention to the need for commitment. To truly look at something you’re involved in and assess whether or not you are invested and going about it in the correct way. Words of wisdom: maintain a single-pointed focus to reach your goals – don’t become too convoluted by spreading yourself too thin.

7. Watch What You Say

Communication is key right now. Our actions speak louder than our words so maybe button up your lip and stay out of trouble. Right now it is better to say less and do more.
Communication is skewed during retrograde, so consider waiting for it to pass before signing contracts, agreeing to big commitments, or making serious decisions. While we can’t always put our lives on hold just because Mercury is retrograding, but it definitely can’t hurt to take precautions whenever possible!

The Final Word on Mercury Retrograde

When Mercury is in retrograde, we need to be taking extra steps of precaution. We should be backing up our memory drives, re-reading our messages to ensure we are communicating effectively, and factoring in a little more travel time into our days.

During this sensitive time, we are encouraged to reevaluate, reconsider, revamp, and recharge.

It is actually quite serendipitous that this retrograde period has coincided with the beginning of the new year. It gives us even more of a push to reflect on the past and how it has influence over our present. Old friendships may resurface, a project or plan may rear its head again, reminding us to tie up loose ends and keep moving forward.
Mercury being in retrograde doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Putting a positive spin on something negative can change the entire reality of that situation.
Acknowledge and accept that things are weird, timing is off, and your plans will be disrupted. Also realize that in the cracks of these intentions is where true self lies. Honor that and see yourself succeed.

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