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Why Millennials Should Consider Taking a Vow of Silence

As social beings it is very important that we have communication with others, but it is also important that we have silence with ourselves. Silence is difficult to find these days – not just from audible sound – but silence from social media and technology as well.

Millennials spend on average 3.2 hours a day on their phones and tablets, which adds up to almost one full day a week, and almost 49 days a year on mobile devices. Millennials are hyper-connected: watching videos, checking social media and documenting their day on Snapchat.

Millennials spend on average 3.2 hours a day on their phones.

On average, Millennials touch their phones at least 47 times a day.
Even if we’re not talking aloud when we’re constantly on social media and our mobile devices, we’re still being exposed to incessant chatter all around us.
Yet what would happen if we challenged ourselves to seek silence?
Would we really benefit from silence? As Lao Tzu said, “Silence is a source of great strength,” and I agree. Silence is a constructive and profound action that gives us strength by relaxing our minds and relieving emotional pains. Silence can bring lot of change in us, giving us not only the strength to face the world, but the strength to face one’s Self.

So could you commit to a vow of silence? Taking a vow of silence originated mainly as a spiritual practice among monks of many different religions seeking a deeper connection with their deity. Vowing silence has been around for centuries and is practiced for a chosen amount of time, or during certain times of the day.
How can we apply this ancient practice to our day? Try taking 30 minutes of complete silence after work, or devoting five minutes to practicing conscious breathing.
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What are the benefits of silence?

Silence helps us to learn and know more about our true Self. It allows us to have a better understanding of who we are mind, body and soul. When in silence, we can find a better connection to our thoughts and emotions.

“Silence is a true friend who never betrays.” – Confucius

With more focus and concentration, we can better appreciate what is around us. Actively listening to others teaches us to remain connected and to appreciate them. Actively listening in silence also offers the chance to truly hear nature; the birds, the fluttering of leaves and sounds of the wind.
The more we listen, the more we can find feelings of happiness and peace. Silence can create so many possibilities and opportunities . . . if we allow it. A regular meditation practice can also help make a stronger connection to ourselves and find more clarity.
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How silence influences our reality

Silence is also a powerful aid in shaping our thoughts and expressing ourselves more clearly. The more we sit in silence and learn about ourselves, the clearer our thoughts and words will be. We will be able to notice our thought patterns and the choice of words we use with ourselves and others. Thought patterns can be filled with negativity, love, fear, etc. but with a quiet mind to notice these patterns, we will also be able to let them go when needed.

Why silence is key in communication

To communicate more clearly and effectively from a place of truth, we turn to silence to uncover the right words. Silence teaches us to avoid distractions and also helps us develop better concentration and better listening skills.
When we are silent, we are more conscious of ourselves and what we are thinking. Silence helps us find the few simple words that are more powerful than continuous hours of chatter – it only takes one impactful word to make a difference.

The takeaway

Prior to seeking silence, I would regularly visit social networking sites and easily be carried away with the mindless chatter.
Instead, I now give myself fifteen minutes of silence a day, and it has completely changed my life. Those fifteen minutes have taught me how to remain content and satisfied with what I have, and who I am.

Taking as little as 15 minutes of silence a day can have a huge impact on your level of stress, anxiety, and negative habits to help you live a more happy, fulfilled, and present life.

Taking as little as 15 minutes of silence a day can have a huge impact on your level of stress, anxiety, and negative habits to help you live a more happy, fulfilled, and present life. What an important goal to pursue for Millennials, and really everyone in our modern, fast-paced, technologically-saturated society.
Sitting silently can be done by anyone and it can absolutely make a difference in your life. When we invite silence into our lives, we ultimately create a more mindful life. Being mindful leads to living happier, fuller lives. We are more open to see the beauty and joy around us.
Interested in challenging yourself to a more silent, mindful life? Here are 8 Useful Hacks to Make Mindfulness a Habit.

So what do you think about taking a vow of silence? Could you carve out time from your day to devote to silence? Do you think you can find a deeper connection with yourself and others by embracing silence?

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Devakar Sandhu

A patriot and dedicated soul to Indian culture, Devakar loves what he does and does what he loves. A yoga practitioner, he is the owner of the famous school of Rishikesh, Ekam Yogashala and offers his services for the betterment of the society.

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