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Use These 3 Yoga-Based Tips to Calm Your Nervous Dog

Have you ever been told that you and your dog resemble each other? In addition to possible physical similarities, dogs can also duplicate our behavior.

The human-canine bond is so strong that we often begin mirroring each other in different ways. And since we are all emotional beings, it’s common for our four-legged friends to take on our personal emotional health and mimic it back to us.

Of course, this works both ways – you might be replicating the mental state of your dog too.

No matter where it originates from, fear and anxiety top the list of canine issues to resolve. Dog anxiety symptoms can range from disruptive to debilitating.

What Are Dog Anxiety Symptoms?

Dogs express anxiety in many ways, but physically it often shows as shaking, panting, whining, or pacing. Behavioral dog anxiety symptoms include excessive licking, biting themselves, urinating, or even escape attempts from the most loving homes.

At Sama Dog, we regularly work with human companions who are desperate to ease their anxious, reactive, and nervous dogs.

Dog anxiety symptoms can range from disruptive to debilitating.

To balance canine health, we use natural solutions from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, the world’s oldest natural healing system. It’s based on the elements of nature – space, air, fire, water, and earth.

This understanding, coupled with decades of experience working with nervous dogs and their fears, has helped me to create a system that is easy, effective, and empowering for all pet parents.


Here Are 3 Top Tips to Calm Your Nervous Dog:


1. Design a Life of Balance for Yourself

Your own state of mind can have a tremendous impact on your dog’s health. Canines have been known to express empathy for their humans’ emotional condition and can even share our current state of mind.

If the pup in your life is experiencing behavioral concerns, it’s a good idea to check in on your own emotional wellbeing as a first step.

Nervous dogs with excessive fear and anxiety are often the companion of a human who suffers from the same ailments. When the human strives to tackle overwhelm and achieve balance in themselves, the dog soon follows suit.

Start by making your own mental and physical health a priority.

You can start by making your own mental and physical health a priority. Try to cultivate a life of balance for yourself that includes hobbies, regular exercise, positive relationships, healthy eating, mindful practices, and plenty of downtime.

As you find more enjoyment, better health and peace in your life, you’ll naturally become more relaxed and at ease. And so will your no-longer nervous dog.

Need some help with the mindful practices? Found: 8 Useful Hacks to Make Mindfulness a Daily Habit

2. Meditate Together

Every dog is a natural born meditator. Watch the way your pup magically turns everyday experiences into exercises in mindfulness. A mundane walk changes into a new adventure as they enjoy every sight, sound, and smell as if they were experiencing it for the first time.


Image: @sama_dog_wellbeing


Fear and anxiety can quickly move a pup away from their ability to live in the moment. But we can easily counteract this by incorporating a daily stillness practice with them. Meditation helps reconnect our furry friends to who they really are – beings who are innately calm, peaceful, and free from fear.

When you start a joint meditation practice, you’ll both receive benefits. A few minutes per day of stillness and relaxation will have positive effects on your mood, behavior, and emotions.

Every dog is a natural born meditator.

Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed, then sit comfortably, close your eyes, and take a few long, deep breaths. Slowly become aware of your breath – in and out.

Then bring attention to your dog’s breath pattern as well, and see if you can comfortably match them. Notice the harmonized feeling of you and your pup breathing together.

Unsure where to start? Do These 6 Things Before Starting a Meditation Practice


3. Ensure an Environment of Peace

Dogs rely on us to meet 100% of their needs, including the most basic necessity of safety. We can’t expect the nervous dogs in our lives to relinquish their fears without a good foundation of security. It only takes a little attention and maybe a bit more awareness to build a secure environment at home.

Humans are often conditioned to everyday commotions that can actually startle our pups and create dog anxiety symptoms. Imagine trying to stay calm in a setting that is full of surprises and loud noises.

Dogs rely on us to meet 100% of their needs, including the most basic necessity of safety.

This might be your poor nervous dog’s everyday existence if you allow for noises like doors slamming, items hitting the ground, or a raising of voices for any reason.

Try to remember that canines have super sensitive ears, and it’s our job to be as kind as possible to them. You can accomplish this by committing to be more aware of your habits, such as the way you close doors and drawers.

Try lowering the volume of your electronics, or wear headphones. Develop a practice of being mindful of other sudden or excessive noises that might not bother you, but could act as triggers to an already nervous dog experiencing dog anxiety symptoms.

The Takeaway on Dog Anxiety Symptoms and How to Soothe Your Nervous Dog

Everyone deserves to live a life free from fear and anxiety – especially dogs.

They dedicate themselves to bringing us joy in every moment. If your four-legged family member struggles with dog anxiety symptoms, assist them by paying close attention to what might be causing them.

When you are mindful of your own wellbeing and the balance in your life, and work on strengthening the bond with your pup, you can smile as you watch your no-longer nervous dog’s anxiety start to melt away.

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Amanda Ree

Amanda is a Certified Vedic Educator for the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. In creating Sama Dog, she merged her passion for natural, spiritual living with her especially deep soul-connection to canines. Amanda offers classes and consulting on how the lifestyle principles of Ayurveda can help dogs live better, longer lives.

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