5-Minute Guided Meditation to Set Yourself Free + Find Contentment

Freedom is one of the primary aims of yoga, and one could say, of life. In some way or another, we all want to be free. We all wish to feel a sense of vastness and liberation. Freedom comes naturally at times, and at other times – not so much. We have to work to cultivate a true sense of freedom for our lives. But, how do we do that? How do we liberate ourselves while still being embodied as a soul with all its human limitations?
This talk of freedom begs to ask the two questions, “what is it we want to be free from,” and “why would we even want this freedom in the first place?”
First things first – what are the things that bind us in our minds, our emotions, and our bodies? What are the things that we feel bound to in our lives? Take a moment to consider these questions.
We want freedom from these things because they ultimately cause us a lot of suffering. Take a moment to consider how your mental bondage causes you to suffer? We all have limited beliefs and thoughts that tend to keep us habituated, that tend to keep us from moving forward in our lives. Consider what those beliefs are for you.
Then there’s the physical aspect of bondage. Take a moment to consider your body and how it might also impede you in certain ways. What are your physical limitations?
We also have things in our life that don’t really allow us to feel deep, unwavering contentment, or santosha. We could call this existential bondage. Take a moment to consider what binds you on an existential level.
We all have addictions, behaviors, and situations we’ve created for ourselves that might not support our deep contentment.
If we can get free from all this stuff, we’ll naturally be able to bring more of our best selves to light. We’ll be able to bring more beauty, care and love into the world. We’ll be able to tread more lightly on our rare and precious earth.

We all have addictions, behaviors, and situations we’ve created for ourselves that might not support our deep contentment.


Let’s begin.


Here is a 5-minute guided meditation to set yourself free and cultivate more peace and contentment in your life:

Find yourself a comfortable seat for your meditation. Take a moment to close your eyes and consider your life. Take a moment to honor everywhere you’ve been up until today. Give reverence to the way in which your life has unfolded through the years, with all the many hardships you’ve gone through. Consider your gifts and the meaning of your life. Why did you come here to walk the path you’re walking?
Keep your eyes closed and breathe deeply, focusing on your long inhalations and exhalations.
Take a moment to consider how your mind binds you. Are there ways in which your mentality keeps you small? Be totally honest. What do you believe you deserve? Repeat to yourself, “I deserve the very best.” Be with this affirmation for several deep breaths.
Next, imagine how your physical body is holding you back. How’s your health? Is there an imbalance there? Feel into the way your body limits you. Get really present with this feeling, however uncomfortable it might be. In regards to your body, consider what you might be able to change to make you feel just a little bit freer, and imagine what that looks and feels like.
Continue to breathe deeply, with your eyes closed, allowing both bodily and mental tension to melt away.
Think about your life, and how it serves to reflect back to you all your freedoms and all your bonds. Is there a behavior, a situation, or relationship that’s holding you back? How can you transform this in order to feel freer? Feel into the way this is out of alignment with your highest self – your true nature. Feel what it’s like to be totally free from this one thing.
Does your spirit feel lighter in some way? Feel this newfound sense of freedom in your entire being.

Now, open your eyes and thank yourself for considering the ways in which you can free yourself from the many ties that bind. Come back to this guided meditation whenever you like, to find both emotional and mental release.
You deserve to find peace and contentment, and you hold the key to making that a reality. Believe in yourself, love yourself, and set yourself free!!
Questions or comments about this guided meditation? Please share in the comments below!

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Aimee Hughes

Aimee is a holistic health writer who has been traveling and exploring the world of natural health and wellness, yoga, dance, and travel for the past two decades. She is the author of a self-published vegan cookbook, “The Sexy Vegan Kitchen: Culinary Adventures in Love & Sex,” available on Amazon. Aimee is a regular contributor to On Fitness and the lead writer and health consultant for the Yandara Yoga Institute in Todos Santos, Baja Mexico.

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