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Live and Let Go: 4 Easy Ways to Release Negative Emotions

There are two important things that we often don’t give ourselves: alone time and emotional release. It’s something about having that extended period of time to ourselves – alone – that allows us to truly relax and let go.

Understandably, it’s hard to enjoy even the smallest moments of freedom when we are constantly thinking about responsibilities, friends, and work to-do lists.

When we don’t give this time to ourselves to work through emotions, they can build up, and cause us feelings of suffocation that we find difficult explaining or expressing. At best, we suffer in silence. At worst, we can feel like a ticking time bomb, ready to explode.

However, creating a simple discipline to nurture our emotional self-care takes little time and effort. By adding just a few healthy habits into our routine, we can experience relief almost instantly.

So what are the best ways to release negative emotions while giving ourselves alone time? Read on to learn about four easy activities that you can do at anytime. The only requirements are an open mind and a willingness to show up for yourself.

Feeling Pent-Up? Here Are 4 Easy Ways to Release Negative Emotions:


1. Dance Out Your Negative Emotions

Whether behind the closed doors of your room or in an empty living room, get ready to jam out! Turn up your favorite playlist with whatever gets you moving, smiling or brings back joyful memories. Let loose, allowing your heart and emotions to guide each move, sparing any judgments – this is your time remember!?

If an emotion comes up, release it through a scream, shout, or even a growl!

If self-conscious feelings arise, even when alone, close your eyes. This allows more freeness, a feeling of safeness that makes us feel as if we are the only person who exists. Only then can we truly relax, connecting our mind and body, allowing thoughts and emotions to flow through each movement.

If an emotion comes up, release it through a scream, shout, or even a growl! Allow the emotion to express itself in the way it needs to. Multiple feelings may come up, and we may feel the need to laugh or cry, all within seconds of each other.
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Let go of any resistance, and continue to accept the release of these emotions. This process can take just a few minutes, or can last over an hour, depending on what is needed. After your solo dance party, it can feel like the weight of the world has been lifted.


2. Release Your Stagnant Energy in a Workout

This goes hand-in-hand with dancing, but includes any type of sport or physical activity such as yoga, kickboxing, workouts, barre, and cycling.

Giving ourselves just 30-60 minutes of time to get out of our heads and into our bodies can instantly relieve the constant mind-chatter. Allow yourself permission to come back to yourself, feeling centered and ready to take on the physical activity.

Intense physical activity can also bring emotions to the surface, providing an amazing release and freedom.

Sometimes the act of lifting heavy weights, punching or kicking a bag, or doing sprints on the treadmill is an expression and release of pent-up energy and emotion. Honor your body’s limits but don’t be afraid to push ourselves to the limit every now and then – it might be exactly what you need.

3. Soothe Your Negative Emotions by Reading a Book or Watching a Great Movie

There’s something cathartic about getting lost in another world, and that is exactly what reading a book or watching a movie can do.

We begin to feel like we’re a part of the story and connect with the characters, and often feel as if we are them or personally know them. We feel the ups and downs the characters feel, and essentially go through the same obstacles they do.

Getting lost in other realities for a short period of time can be an incredibly freeing feeling – just remember, you have your own story worth experiencing too!

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4. Observe Your Emotions During Meditation

There is no “right” way to meditate – in fact, there are so many different forms of meditation, and what is right can change over time as we evolve and our needs change.

Our physical bodies indicate what is happening on a deeper level.

Meditation can be an extremely liberating, uplifting, emotional, or relaxing experience. It’s incredible to think that just five minutes of meditation a day can lower our stress, blood pressure, anxiety and even help us sleep better.

Whether it’s a gratitude meditation with Tony Robbins, a relaxing voice-led meditation with Joe Dispenza, repeating a mantra, or simply sitting in silence, all provide the same benefit – an opportunity to become centered, having space to tame the loud thoughts, and giving time to ourselves.
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Try These Empowering Ways to Release Negative Emotions

Our physical bodies indicate what is happening on a deeper level, and remind us when we need to face the things we’ve put on the back burner. Movement, sound, silence, and being present are all great ways to help release and move through the stress and tension we hold in our bodies.

When we give ourselves alone time to process and work through our emotions, it creates a sense of freedom and liberation that can help us move forward & make life more enjoyable . . . all it takes is just a little bit of time and space.

Which practice did you love the most? Did you find one to be particularly empowering or effective? Please share in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

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