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These 3 Signs Prove You’re Having a Self-Love Evolution

You’re familiar with the term self-love and you’ve been doing the work. But how do you know your self-work is effective? How can you tell if the work you’re putting in is yielding the results you seek?

Because this kind of personal evolution touches our mental, physical, and emotional selves, the effects of our self-love practice are often as multidimensional as we are.

This means they can sometimes slip between the subtle cracks of our awareness. Like when you’re on your way to work, and you notice a beautiful tree on the side of the road. You haven’t seen it before, but it has been growing deep roots there for a while.

The effects of our self-love practice are often as multidimensional as we are.

At the end of the day, the proof of our self-love work is reflected directly through everyday beliefs, habits, and behaviors over time. These expressions show how love is permeating us, becoming a second language and our new resting heart rate. The changes will be visceral.

So, the question begs: What subtle loving behaviors are you recognizing in yourself that have become more like second nature?

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Here Are 3 Signs That Prove You’re Having a Personal Evolution of Self-Love:

Since there is a multiverse of positive effects from self-love this list is eons from exhaustive. If these few observations resonate with you, let them serve as a beacon along the journey of personal evolution and inspire you to look for other evolved attributes as well.

See them in you and in others as a celebration of spiritual and emotional growth.


1. Your Self-Doubt Has Turned Into Self-Exploration

Self-doubt can be a voice you’re always trying to silence, or it can be a great excavator of truth in your life.

A side effect of rituals like Svadhyaya (self-study), mantra, and being surrounded by uplifting people is a new two-way communication line with your doubts. You now have the capacity and capability to recognize doubtfulness and transform this conversation into something useful.

By continuing to choose faith over doubt, you root deeper into self-love.

Doubt says: “Do you really believe your mantras?” You pause, breathe, and simply continue to practice your mantras, sowing their seeds of truth deeper and deeper.

It is here in your personal evolution that your relationship with self-doubt begins to shift. Instead of being a paralyzing hindrance to you, doubt has now become a welcome test of your faith. By continuing to choose faith over doubt, you root deeper into self-love.

This is called building spiritual endurance. Keep going, you’re doing great!

2. You Can Flex Your Discernment Muscles

Just because something looks good, feels good, or seems to be working for everyone else, doesn’t mean it’s best for you.

Discernment is the ability to distinguish between and recognize the ethical implications of different situations and courses of action. It is to see, understand, and bring to light what is obscure and shrouded in darkness.

Discernment works much like a muscle and must be constantly sculpted, or it will atrophy in any form of “pack mentality.” We all can be influenced by our peers to adopt certain attitudes and behaviors. But often, this kind of groupthink is powered primarily by emotion, rather than rational.

Discernment is vital for your longevity and further growth.

When affected by “pack mentality,” it’s possible to make different decisions than you would individually. Thus, it is important to have a strong sense of discernment so that you alone hold the reins when making decisions that affect you and potentially others.

As you think about the long game of your life, it’s becoming clearer how decisions you make today will impact you and others later on. Discernment is vital for your longevity and further growth. Press on.


3. You Respect Others’ Boundaries

The foundation of self-love work involves setting up and tearing down infinite boundaries. In the beginning, this reconstruction is often an excruciating process. It can mean the loss of relationships, a sacrifice of social prowess, or another dredging cost that leaves you begging for level ground.

In many ways, boundaries work like walls. They define sacred space and guide us to where the doorways are. So as your new life begins to take shape, you find yourself in a metaphorical temple of your truth.

You’ve clarified guidelines on how you interact with others and how they interact with you. You are patient with those who don’t yet understand. And you’re quick to correct those who cross your threshold hastily.

As your new life begins to take shape, you find yourself in a metaphorical temple of your truth.

These are good signs of your evolution. A further step along the path would be your growing intrinsic observation and respect of others’ boundaries and needs.

As a natural result of your personal evolution, it’s likely someone else in your world is experiencing rumbles of change too. The chances of you finding yourself now on the receiving end of a boundary-setting situation are becoming greater.

How you respond in those sometimes uncomfortable moments are a key to going deeper. This experience is as much a part of your growth and personal evolution as setting up your own boundaries. Stay receptive.

Embrace Your Personal Evolution of Self-Love

The work is never done, but a lot of work can be done in one lifetime. Stay true to your self-love practices and keep exploring your soul.

The world needs wise people, who can see clearly and communicate openly now more than ever. Let your personal evolution continue. You are who we’ve been waiting for.

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Jenna Wolf

Jenna Wolf is an Ayurvedic healer and yoga instructor living in Nashville, Tennessee. She is the founder of The Lotus Room, a massage therapy studio specializing in traditional Vedic body therapies. Learn more about her work at and on Instagram.

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