Want to Learn to Control Your Destiny? Read This Book

Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy is a poetic, insightful and practical book. Jaggi Vasudev, known by most as Sadhguru, is a guru, yogi, and mystic hailing from India. He is a New York Times bestselling author and founder of the Isha Foundation.
Sadhguru’s unbridled enthusiasm about his discoveries and apparent mastery of the inner mental, emotional, and spiritual landscape will leave you equipped with the tools to pursue your own self-discovery.
This incredible self-help book is a unique alchemy of memoir and storytelling conveniently divided into two captivating parts. First, Sadhguru describes the inner wisdom he gained through his transformation as a young adult. Then, he describes his path toward deepening this inner wisdom through the study and practice of yoga.

Overview of the Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy book written by Sadhguru:


Part One

Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy opens with the poignant story of his awakening to a deeper level of consciousness during the traditional journey to Chamundi Hill in Mysore at the age of 25. Sadhguru traveled this journey many times before, but this time he had a revelatory experience of complete unity with everything that exists.
Sadhguru explains, “Suddenly I did not know what was me and what was not me. My eyes were still open. But the air that I was breathing, the rock on which I was sitting, the very atmosphere around, everything had become me.”
The first part of this inspiring book goes on to describe the path to freedom through inner exploration and how this newly founded inner knowledge can help you design your own destiny.

Part Two

The second part of Inner Engineering expands on this inner exploration more in-depth through three fundamental categories, or sheaths:

  1. The Body
    Sadhguru says that, “If you have mastery over your physical body, 15-20% of your life and destiny will be in your hands.”
  2. The Mind
    Sadhguru says that, “If you have mastery over your mind, 50-60% of your life and destiny will be in your hands.”
  3. Energy
    Sadhguru says that, “If you have mastery over your life energies, 100% of your life and destiny will be in your hands.”

These three fundamental sheaths can be the difference between ignorance and enlightenment.


The Takeaway

Each section gives a well-organized and comprehensive overview of Body, Mind and Energy. Inner Engineering also offers practices that can be used to gain a deeper physical, psychological and energetic understanding with the aim of becoming more aware of and in control of your inner landscape.
Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy is incredibly relatable and universal. Sadhguru’s desire to propagate all that is true and all that leads to greater self-realization is palpable. His use of storytelling and aphorisms, as well as his ability to explain succinctly and uniquely, makes what is presented so accessible and tangible.
If you’re interested in picking up a copy, you can grab Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy here.

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