Why You Should do a #30DayYogaChallenge

Combine your passion with yoga with your addiction to Instagram, and get started on a monthly Yoga Instagram challenge. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, a certified teacher, or anything in between. Thousands of Instagram yogis of all levels and backgrounds collaborate each month to put on 30-day yoga pose challenges. The pictures help inspire you on your own yoga journey, teach you new poses, and test your limits.

Turn all those wasted moments on social media into something healthy.

You might feel like your life is too busy to post and practice yoga every day straight for 30 days, but don’t let that stop you! The commitment is worth it, and once you get in the routine of posting daily, it becomes something that you’ll look forward to! Take it from me. I’m a fulltime college student, Resident Assistant, and working part time, so I understand the meaning of busy days. But I was still able to participate in a 30-day AcroYoga Instagram challenge and successfully complete it.

Challenges are not always about who’s more flexible or who can do the “best” pose. The challenges are about the sense of accomplishment once you’ve completed them. These challenges help you grow, learn, and evolve in your practice. The first few days of my AcroYoga challenge seemed impossible, but after I got through those first few photos, I was performing yoga poses I never even knew I was capable of! Yoga Instagram challenges teach you so many amazing things. This was my first time practicing yoga with a partner, so I went from no AcroYoga experience to 30 days straight of learning new Acro poses! The greatest feeling was how many people were following my challenge on Instagram. People that I didn’t even know would come up and ask when my next yoga post would be!

Posting yoga poses is not all about how many likes you can obtain—it’s about how many people you can inspire. Even when I’m not actively participating in a challenge, I love following them on Instagram, from their progress photos to the sometimes-cheesy-yet-always-inspirational quotes beneath the photos. And do you know what the best part is in this whole scheme of social media yoga challenges? It’s free! Dedicate a little of your time—and none of your money—and you will quickly see changes in yourself mentally and physically. Witnessing this transformation encourages you to keep moving forward while inspiring others to achieve their own yoga goals. Who knows…maybe these Instagram challenges will persuade YOU to become a yoga instructor one day! It all begins with a simple Instagram yoga challenge. Are you ready? #InstagramYoga #ChallengeYourself #StartNow

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Molly Flynn

Molly is a New Hampshire native, but currently lives and attends college in Miami, FL. She studies Communications, but has a passion for helping animals and practicing yoga. She is a proud owner of 2 dogs: one pit bull and one husky. She stays busy with full time college courses and part time work. Her free time is spent running, attending yoga classes in the area, or lounging with the pups. Molly has many passions in life she is still eager to explore, including getting her yoga teacher certification and owning her own animal shelter.

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