5 Simple Steps to Find Deep, Lasting Happiness

How can we experience the true happiness that comes from within – the kind that never wavers, even in the midst of great life challenges?
One of the primary reasons we find ourselves caught in the pull of our aversions has to do with the impermanence of the material world. The material world is innately transient. It’s mutable – meaning the material world mutes that inner part of ourselves that’s unchanging – and when we get caught up in the part of ourselves that identifies with ego, we experience the things that block our happiness – stress, work issues, violent messages from the media, extreme consumerism, negative thought patterns, being at mercy to the whims of our emotions – you get the idea!
But when we experience life from Spirit – that soul space within that never changes – we remain unaffected by the mutability of the material world.
Getting in touch with and connecting to this greater part of ourselves is what ultimately puts us in touch with our eternal happiness.

Here are 5 super simple steps to learn how to find lasting happiness:

Make your happiness a priority
We inevitably come to a point in our lives when we decide that deep happiness – the kind that comes from the most profound core of our being – is non-negotiable. Happiness is essential for our evolution and necessary for us to continue walking our yogic path.
We realize that no matter what is going on in our lives, being truly happy within ourselves is what we deserve. We want it so bad, and we’ve made it a number one priority to get there. If we have this as our priority, then we’ll find exactly what we need to do to make it happen.
Develop a relationship with your heart and soul
The more we do yoga and practice meditation, the more we develop a true relationship and connection to our heart and our soul. This makes us more sensitive to our deep happiness, and we become more aware of just how happy we are from one moment to the next.
Before we started down the yogic path, we might have linked our happiness to external circumstances. It’s as if we only viewed our happiness through the lens of whether our lives were going “good” or “bad.” But things are different now. Now, even in the midst of life’s greatest challenges, we can be happy because we know our happiness comes from the heart and soul space.
The more we meditate, the more we practice yoga, and the more we dialogue with our hearts, the easier it is to have deep happiness, because this is where it actually resides.

The more we meditate, the more we practice yoga, and the more we dialogue with our hearts, the easier it is to have deep happiness, because this is where it actually resides.

Determine how and when you feel the divine within
We all feel our divine nature by doing different things. For one person it might be reciting a mantra, for another it might be a walking meditation in nature, and yet for another it might be lighting a candle and writing in a journal. We tap into our divinity in different ways. Allow lots of time to figure out when you feel your inner divinity. Once you figure it out, practice it often.
Practice releasing everything associated with your name
When you take a few moments to close your eyes and bring your own name into your mind’s eye, you see so many things that come up. Your ego, your personality, the roles you play, your work, your likes and dislikes – your name holds a lot. The thing or things that block us from experiencing happiness all the time reside within this container.
Meditation helps us release all the good stuff and bad stuff in this container. When we can take a break from the act of “insert your name” and when we allow that movie to stop rolling, we can allow a deep vision of truth and happiness to enter into our consciousness.

Root yourself in the present moment
Our souls live in the present moment. They don’t trip out about what happened in the past or fantasize about the unforeseeable future. All the above steps allow us to get deeply grounded, and to live from the time that is now. The now is where deep happiness lives . . . we simply need to take the necessary steps to live from this place of deep wisdom and clarity.
Whether it’s through yoga or meditation or chanting – whatever allows you to get in the space of this clarity – do it often so you get in the habit of doing things that make your soul sing. This helps us know what deep happiness feels like, so that we can reside in that place more and more in our lives. What could be more important than that?!

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Aimee Hughes

Aimee is a holistic health writer who has been traveling and exploring the world of natural health and wellness, yoga, dance, and travel for the past two decades. She is the author of a self-published vegan cookbook, “The Sexy Vegan Kitchen: Culinary Adventures in Love & Sex,” available on Amazon. Aimee is a regular contributor to On Fitness and the lead writer and health consultant for the Yandara Yoga Institute in Todos Santos, Baja Mexico.

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