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Shift Happens… Clearing Energy in Your Space and in Your Self

Sometimes we just need to clear the air. But what does this saying actually mean?
Usually it refers to clearing up the space between ourselves and someone we’ve been experiencing a relational block with.
But I believe this popular colloquium also applies to the air we occupy solo and the block we can experience within ourselves.
I find it fascinating to analyze common cultural sayings like this one to consider what energetic roots influence its meaning. The phrase clear the air reminds me of the Sanskrit word for air or breath, prana. For yogis, prana is far more than oxygen – it is the stuff that fuels our very aliveness and that which breathes life into everything around us.
Going back to our saying, this consideration suggests that when we “clear the air,” what we are actually clearing is the energy within and around us.
We’ve all experienced when the air needs to be cleared in the relational space between two people. It can be felt, even tasted, in a tangible, palatable, and real way. The same is true for when we need to clear our own, personal air. The air we occupy and that occupies us begins to feel stale, stagnant, heavy, and dull – like there is a haze in the air, clouding our ability to feel our vibrancy and aliveness – our own prana.

The following is a step-by-step guide on how you can take a physical, ritualistic approach to clearing your own air to produce the positive energetic shift you need.

1. First, identify the space that seems to be carrying the stagnant energy that most closely matches what you are feeling inside. Perhaps it’s you’re bedroom, living room, office, or even your entire home. Don’t question your gut instincts. Just go with it.
2. Before you start this clearing ritual – and this part is important – take as much time as you need to settle your mind and focus your intentions for this ritual. Focus on the energy that you wish to clear. Hold the physical sense of this energy on the forefront of your awareness and as you breathe, release it into the space using mindful and heartfelt exhales (extra points for adding an audible sigh on those exhales).
3. Breathe in this fashion for as long as you need to, and then set an intention on the kind of energy you would like to invite into your space and into your self. Using the power of your awareness, place these intentions within your heartspace and hold them there throughout the ritual.
4. Spend a minute or two focusing on your breath, developing a smooth and even breathing rhythm. Anchor yourself to this breath throughout the ritual.
5. To begin the clearing, open all the windows and maybe even the doors too. Mindfully invite the stale energy to escape through those openings. Set the intention that as the energy escapes into the world, it will be transformed into a new form, becoming useful for someone or something else.
6. Light some incense or use an essential oil diffuser so that as the stale energy escapes, new and fresh energy carried on the scent of your oils or incense fills the space back up with your positive intentions.
7. Using a natural cleanser (mixed with essential oils if available), begin dusting the furniture and objects within the space. Treat these chores like a moving meditation. Keep the mind centered on your breath, allowing any thoughts or feelings to float in and out of your awareness without judgment. Without attaching to these thoughts, honor them as they rise and fall – coming back to your breath and your intentions.
By doing this, you create the space your mind needs to receive intuitive insights about the energies you are working with. This information is key to helping you understand how to create peace with these energies in the future.
8. As a final, energetic touch, vacuum or sweep the floors in this space. As you do, keep your mind focused on the breath and your intentions, just as you did during the dusting phase.
9. Follow your intuition for any other areas in your physical space that seem like they need to be cleared. For me, I often feel inspired to do laundry and take a shower after this process. If you do decide to clear anything else (including your physical self), practice the same breath and intention awareness mentioned above.
10. To close the ritual, find a comfortable sitting position with a great view of your new, freshly cleared space. Close your eyes and spend a few moments in silence. Feel, smell, hear, and taste the air around you and within you. Allow yourself to get lost within it. When you open your eyes, notice the shift that has taken place both physically and energetically. Perhaps the air itself seems brighter. Maybe there is a greater sense of ease permeating the area. Perhaps you feel a bit more quiet inside, a little lighter like you have just taken a breathe of fresh air – because you have!

Working on an energetic level doesn’t have to be such a mystery. From the ethereal to the material, everything around us exists as a form of energy. For most of us, the material world is the easiest to access because it is what most of us have been taught to perceive primarily.
But lucky for us, all layers of energy are inherently connected. Just as we can feel physically what is going on within ourselves energetically, when we clear the material, we also access and impact the ethereal.
With this in mind, one of the best ways to clear your energetic space within and around you is to tidy up your physical space.
By treating this clearing process like a ritual – by being mindful and intentional on your purpose for clearing your space – we infuse these normal, everyday chores with the energetic potency to clear both your physical space and the space within you. What an important practice!
New to this practice and have questions for me? I am happy to offer further guidance in the comments below.

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Kari-Ann Levine

Kari-Ann is a freelance writer, yoga teacher, and fitness coach. Her approach to all three is to get down and dirty with the realness and rawness of being human. Kari-Ann believes that spirituality is experienced in all the dust and divinity that is the earth, our body, and the seen and unseen. Her passion is to be a continual student of her heart, body, soul, and mind, and to share what she learns with others.

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