8 Wise Life Lessons Our Cats Teach Us

Cats are majestic animals. They possess beauty, poise, and grace. They are also known to be playful, adventurous and agile. As a cat owner, I am always in complete awe at how one moment they can be calm and affectionate and the next moment they are mischievous and do exactly as they please.
We can learn a whole lot from cats and bring their wisdom into our yoga lifestyle by staying present, aware and loving in our practice and at the same time, being silly, curious and embrace our inner child! So what life wisdom can we learn from our feline friends?

Here are 8 pieces of life wisdom we can learn from our feline friends. Meow:


1. Be confident

When you first started doing yoga, did you sometimes feel awkward, not sure whether you were doing poses correctly or felt embarrassed when you couldn’t yet practice certain positions? Cats don’t show fear or a lack of confidence – they ooze confidence and self-assurance wherever they go. They teach us to be confident in all that we do and focus on ourselves, regardless of what’s going on around us.



2. Keep on trying

Every single move that a cat makes is done with ease, effortlessness, and extreme confidence. They want to jump up on a dresser that looks a mile high? They go for it. They fall? They pretend they didn’t and walk away. Then they try it again and maybe again until they reach their destination. Cats teach us that it’s all about determination, enjoying the journey, and trying again and again until we accomplish our goals.



3. Do what feels right for you

Cats do exactly as they please. They want something, they get it. When they aren’t interested, they move on. If they don’t want to do something, they simply don’t. This is how we should approach life: take care of yourself, and do what serves your best interests. If something is no longer serving you, don’t be afraid to let it go and move on.



4. Live in the present moment

Have you ever seen a cat on the hunt? The cat locks its gaze on the prey, slinks stealthily behind it, and acts as if the hunt is the only thing happening in the entire world. Now that’s a great demonstration of presence! Just as cats live fully in the present moment, they remind you to do the same and to not be distracted by what is going around you. The single-pointed focus that a cat has on the hunt is the same we can apply to living in the moment.



5. Remain curious

Cats have a curious nature. If they see something that interests them, they don’t hesitate to investigate. Often times, we tend to shy away from something that’s new or unfamiliar, but so much joy and adventure can be found in remaining curious and open to exploring new things.

6. Take time to relax

With our busy lives and hectic schedules, sometimes the hardest thing to do is find time for ourselves to relax and unwind. Cats definitely have that lifestyle figured out! We can learn from their laid back demeanour, and should take notes on their ability to lounge, chill out, and simply be.



7. Stay determined

Inevitably in life, we’ll be faced with situations or challenges that will test our determination. So when we find ourselves in those moments, the best thing we can do is remain focused on the end goal. Cats are the best example of this. They don’t let any amount of challenge get in between them and what they want.




8. Love unconditionally

Having a cat (or any pet) of our own teaches us how to love unconditionally. How many times have our cats broken a vase, eaten our favorite flowers or destroyed our furniture? And what do we do? We may scold them, but soon our love flows unconditionally and we forgive them! Once we experience what it’s like to love unconditionally, we can apply that unconditional love to ourselves and our relationships.


Animals have incredible wisdom, beauty, and inspiration to share with us when we can open our eyes and our minds enough to see it. Cats are wonderful pets, but so much more, they are wise creatures that share wisdom through their actions and they way they live their lives. We can certainly benefit by taking note!
Do you have a cat? Has your cat taught you a life wisdom too? Please share in the comments below and spread that feline love!

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