5 Card Decks for Healing, Wisdom, and Spirituality

There are millions of yogis all over the world, and each of their yoga lifestyles is different. Some yogis are fitness buffs and their yoga is a form of athletics; some are artists and their yoga is a dance; others follow the more traditional spiritual path, while there are others who practice a more mystical and magical kind of yoga.
The mystical yogi has crystal balls, spell books and tarot decks and oracle cards intermingled with their Yoga Sutras and pay close attention to power animals and phases of the moon.
Healing or oracle cards are also known as wisdom cards and used as tools for divination, spiritual guidance and insight to help an individual set an intention at the start of their day, or gain a deeper understanding of any given circumstance.
Wisdom cards are great for any yogi who’d like to incorporate them in their daily practice or their yoga classes if they teach. Cards of a spiritual nature with inspiring words and imagery can bring a class together to reflect on certain concepts or share their stories, and can be a focal theme to concentrate on during meditation.


Below are 5 wisdom card decks for daily spiritual reflection and healing:


Art of Attention: Yoga Healing Cards by Elena Brower

These yoga healing cards ($29.70) are a set of 52 cards that encourage setting mindful intentions during your yoga practice. Each card contains a simple yet profound and uplifting intention, and displays stunning photography of yoga postures that can be used during yoga and meditation.
Art of Attention: Yoga Healing Cards
We especially like the quote, “The Universe is listening, think with love.” You can also purchase a larger, very beautiful yoga workbook with this deck here.
You’ll like it if: You enjoy reflecting on your inner work of listening, respecting, trusting and healing. The simplest daily ritual of divination can help you stay on your path and lead from your heart.
Shop these cards here.


Dive in Deck

Previously mentioned in the October edition of What’s In Our Yoga Bag, the Dive in Deck ($20) is a set of super adorable mindfulness cards with thought-provoking messages or questions – all with beautifully vibrant, artistic imagery – to inspire deep thought and encourage meaningful conversation.
Bring them to yoga class with you or place a card on your alter for daily inspiration.
You’ll like it if: You are a sociable yogi always on the go and need to travel light – great to share with friends over a latte and is also kid-friendly.
Shop Dive In Deck here.


The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck

This animal spirit deck ($48.84) was created by the artistic yogi Kim Krans of the popular Wild Unknown Tarot.
The deck is structured by the five elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Ether) that make up all living things and you’ll discover creatures that roam forests, lakes, mountains, skies and deserts. Learn the symbolism of each animal archetype depicted on the cards, what your animal spirits might be, and how to tap into their power within you.
You’ll like it if: You lean towards shamanism, animal magic and totems. Bring to a yoga class to discover your student’s spirit animals or use them to create sequences of animal yoga poses based on cards that have been chosen.
Shop this deck here.



Miracles Now: Inspirational Affirmations and Life-Changing Tools

Miracles Now ($10.54) is a simple, contemporary deck geared towards the modern yogi, created by Spirit Junkie author Gabrielle Bernstein.
Each card contains thought-provoking and inspirational quotes that can be tweeted, pinned on Pinterest, or shared on Instagram with the hashtag #MiraclesNow. You can also purchase the book of the same name to complement the cards.
You’ll like it if: You’re looking for a fun daily inspiration tool to encourage a positive mindset, and/or an augmentation for your meditation practice.
Shop this deck here.


The Rumi Oracle: An Invitation into the Heart of the Divine

The Rumi Oracle deck ($18.61) exudes love and grace, with words and imagery that are extremely ethereal and soothing. Rumi speaks a sacred language of love that we understand with our hearts rather than our minds.
He knows the heart is the gateway to divine union, and encourages us to live and love with absolute surrender and openness – isn’t that what yoga teaches us too?
You’ll like it if: You’re a yogi who loves the wisdom and poetry of Rumi, and want to use his words to promote self-reflection.
Shop this deck here.
All 5 card decks cater to different personalities and are great fun to take with you to yoga class, on vacation, to incorporate into a conversation with friends over coffee, or for simple morning self-reflection to start your day off right.
Do you love any healing, wisdom, or oracle cards that didn’t make the list? Please share your faves in the comments below!

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Katie Ness

Katie Ness is an Ayurvedic Yoga teacher, Reiki teacher, Women’s Circle facilitator, belly dancer and artist from the UK. As a traveling yogini, she has visited over 20 countries. She spends her free time illustrating in her nature journal, writing poetry, and reading. Katie is currently studying herbalism and botanical illustration.


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