Meditation: If at First You Don’t Succeed, You’re Probably Not the Only One (Funny Video)

Grab a yoga mat, sit down, cross your legs and close your eyes. Breathe in the fresh air of the outdoors, feeling entirely at one with the earth. Tell your thoughts to be still and prepare to experience pure bliss. You’ve now entered mediation, and it’s so easy, right?!

Maybe not so much… Though from the outside it can seem like a simple situation, mediation is one of the deepest practices to put your mind through. It takes the utmost patience, continuous practice, and the openness to let go. It’s easy to allow outside distractions to take a front row seat, give in to your thoughts, and, in the end, sit there and depend on time as the ultimate measurement of completion.

Suddenly, the absolute point of the practice seems to be a mere memory, as everything around you becomes a complete annoyance. The hummingbird that comes to your window every morning now sucks. The gentle breeze, which causes wisps of hair to tickle your face, now has you envisioning a buzz cut. And your cat, sweetly rubbing her tail against your leg as she walks quietly by is like claws digging into your skin.

Then you start talking to yourself more than you ever have in your life. You forgot to pick up the dry cleaning; your best friend left you a voicemail that you need to listen to; and wouldn’t it be cool if you could hibernate in the winter like a bear?

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And then, when you’ve decided enough time has been allotted to this “peaceful” task, you get up and anticipate floating through the rest of your day. Nothing can consume you … until you find yourself screaming at the guy who cut you off and stole your parking spot at Whole Foods. All has come undone, and so you buy a carne asada burrito at the nearby food truck to comfort your anger, forgoing your newfound veganism.

So, what are we missing that’s making this so hard? In this video, JP Sears pokes fun at the unavoidable; at the superficial intensity; at the sheer work we put into such simplicity. Maybe if we look like we meditate, eat like we meditate and surround ourselves with things that resemble meditation, we’ll miraculously be meditating. Quick! Scarf down some tofu, rub yourself in essentials oils and throw on a tank with a tree and a bird on it.

So what can we take from JP’s comical encounter of a day in the life of a meditator? Take into consideration why you’re doing it. Is this to prove yourself to everyone else, or to improve yourself? Stop stereotyping what the practice is meant to be. You don’t have to be vegan! And don’t expect your first experience – or even your 100th experience – to be all that you hoped for and more. As with any practice, it takes time.

Have you faced any of these problems while meditating?

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