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Chakra Tune-Up: How to Keep Your Energy Clean and Balanced

Our complex physical and spiritual body can be compared to a machine: an apparatus with mechanical parts that work according to invisible energy currents holding it all together. As humans, our energy currents are operated by the subtle or pranic body (life force energy) that operates inside our physical “machine,” the gross body (material body that eats, breathes and sleeps).
Since the two are interconnected, we need to work from the inside out to create clean energy that allows us to truly live in mind, body and spirit.
Artwork credit: author Maria Moscato
The subtle system is made up of 7 chakras (or ‘spinning wheels of energy’ in Sanskrit) and 3 nadis (channels that connect the chakras), which are interdependent on each other. While each chakra spirals their own energy of color, the nadis transport it to the cells of our body.
This is successfully achieved when our kundalini energy is awakened at the base of our first chakra and allowed to travel up to the last energy point – our Sahasrara, also known as the crown chakra.
It’s important to differentiate this last chakra and the first 6, since chakra literally means “wheel.” Only these first 6 chakras are “energy wheels,” while the Sahasrara is technically just an opening – our fontanelle bone – that was closed during infancy.
By understanding each chakra, we can find quick and easy solutions to keep the energy flowing and balanced, boosting our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing so our inner light can shine brightly!

Here are some quick fixes to nourish and cleanse the first 6 chakras, so we can reach our awakening in the crown chakra and reopen our connection to the cosmos:


The Muladhara: Root Chakra

Located under the sacrum bone at the base of our spine, muladhara is the “protector” of our kundalini energy and important to keep balanced in order for the kundalini to be released. Associated with the earth element, the root chakra is the seat of innocence, wisdom and pure joy.
An overactive ego and a negative environment can cloud the muladhara, creating sensations of fear, lethargy and insecurity. You can recognize these blockages through this chakra’s physical counterparts, resulting in problems with digestion, excretion and overactive adrenal activity.
Tune up: The solution to rebalance is simple: reconnect with the earth, sit out in nature and chant the bija mantra “aum.” Getting rooted is the fundamental aspect to awakening both the kundalini and our everlasting joy – something that will always be alive within you if you allow it.

The Swadhisthana: Sacral Chakra

Located in the pelvic area, the second chakra is the seat of the liver, pancreas, spleen and female reproductive organs. Associated with the fire element, the second chakra is the seat of creativity, beauty and pure attention, transmuting our tummy’s fat cells into brain matter and allowing us to achieve keen perception and translation into joyous creativity.
Feeling creatively blocked? Your sacral chakra might be to blame.
Tune up: You are in need of a tune-up when thought takes over attention and you no longer “see” what is in front of you but rather just “think” about it. For example, don’t call it a flower – use your senses to embrace the color and the smell and really experience the beauty that is in front of you. This helps you live in the now!
Since thought overworks the liver, try a liver-detox diet that can clear the physical aspects of this area.

The Manipura: Solar Plexus Chakra

Located in the navel area in the solar plexus, the manipura chakra interacts closely with the second chakra and is characterized by the feeling of satisfaction, gratitude and generosity, while allowing us to become our own guru and achieve goals in life.
The seat of our digestive and filtering organs, we can feel an offset as soon as we have indigestion or obsessions with food due to pangs of jealousy and selfishness. Feeling stingy, unsatisfied or ungrateful? Well, it’s time to make the third chakra happy!
Tune up: Begin with a healthy diet that consists of whole foods, while not being overly zealous and obsessed with any type of eating habit, bad or good. Just be sure to eat whole, energizing foods. The next step is to check in with your checkbook. Do you know how to manage money? Make changes in your spending and savings or go to a professional for help. Money worries block your ability to focus on spiritual freedom.

The Anahata: Heart Chakra

The anahata chakra is located in our heart and is the dwelling of our spirit and unconditional love. Feelings of being overworked mentally or physically are signs that it’s time to clean up your ticker. Heart and breast problems are actually a physical outcome of our Western habits of constantly ‘overdoing it.’
Tune up: When we get caught up in the machine of the world, we are letting life live us. But we need to live life, and follow our hearts. It is as simple as a breath of fresh air! The heart is the seat of prana – our life force energy – so deep breathing and meditation will keep you calm.

The Vishuddha: Throat Chakra

Located in our throat, the fifth chakra is the center of our communication and connection to the collective spirit. Self-centered behavior and feelings of guilt throw this center off because we become attached to the ego when what we really need is to separate ourselves from it and become our own witness.
Too much talking and hiding from ourselves through useless chatter creates a disaster! Stop and think before you speak and check in with some vishuddha vibration solutions.
Tune up: Charge this center’s physical aspects of the throat, ears, mouth and skin! Gargle with salt-water, listen to your favorite relaxing music and start your day with dry-brushing your entire body to remove toxins from head to toe.
Want to learn more? Read 7 Morning Rituals to Aid in Clear Communication.

The Ajna: Third Eye Chakra

Between your eyebrows, the third eye chakra is the center where the two energy channels cross, allowing your energy to reach the highest chakra point (specifically a point, not a wheel), the sahasrara.
When our mind feels clogged in the past or hyperactive about the future, it’s time to look at some ways to clean up shop. Also, as the seat of our master gland – the pituitary – this center can lead to bad sleep, which comes from overactive and useless brain chatter.
Tune up: Forgive and forget! This cliche is the recipe for opening up your third eye center. Feelings of anger that lead to aggressive behavior or feeling sorry for yourself are traits that show that you are not letting go of something. Let go and let love in! To activate forgiveness, try connecting with nature so you can meditate on the present and let go of past resentments or future worries.

It is easier than you think to condition your chakras when you keep a clean bill of subtle body energy. Keeping a daily or weekly journal on how your body feels and where you have pain will help give immediate signs that you need to take action in that area.
Remember daily meditation on a particular chakra and eating clean foods are simple solutions to keep the gross body and subtle body a happy couple. We are our own best doctors when it comes to managing our physical body, so learn how to be your own spiritual master and keep your internal machine tuned-up daily!

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Maria Moscato

Maria has been an expat Californian living in Bologna, Italy for 18 years. After her two trips to India, she started yoga during her pregnancy 13 years ago and has been a yogi ever since. An artist, writer and innovative cook, she integrates her love for yoga and meditation into her work, including a line of yoga clothing based on the spiritual foundation of selenite, a crystal gypsum used by the Romans.

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