How I Calmed My Crazy With Mindfulness (And How You Can Too)

I don’t know about you, but I’m constantly trying to balance and juggle a lot of things. My life is full of beautifully chaotic elements that I’m trying to keep rolling. There’s not always room for mindfulness in the midst of all the hustle and bustle . . .

I value family life, work life, home, spiritual, and community relationships. I love to be there for others, I’m a pleaser and planner, and like to get things done.
But amidst getting all the things done, it starts to seem like it all morphed into a lot of busy work.

Have you ever found yourself “in the thick of thin things?”

It’s easy to get sidetracked, even by good priorities. When I overschedule or take on too much at once, I find my patience dwindles, sleep and nutrition suffer and things feel generally off.
Sound familiar?
During times of stress, it’s tempting to try to escape these feelings. We overeat, overdrink, over-watch (Netflix binge lately?), overwork, or over-exercise in the attempt to escape uncomfortable feelings.
Rather than leaning into that discomfort, experience it and let it teach us, we try to mask the discomfort and avoid it.

I’m trying to create a life I am not trying to escape from. Meditation helps me get there.

Meditation helps me observe my life, helps me see it without judgment. I discover how I’m feeling, I imagine my ideal life and I see the gaps between my current decisions and the decisions I need to make to achieve my ideal life. I find clarity.

What Meditation and Mindfulness Do For Me . . . And Don’t Do

Meditation doesn’t clean my house, it doesn’t help my children get along, it doesn’t burn calories, it doesn’t change my situation one bit.
And yet, as I embrace mindfulness and follow my breath, as I notice the space between my inhale and exhale, I feel more calm and centered. I am able to pause and reflect, rather than react. I take this into my day. I choose with purpose. I nurture the relationships I value.
When my kids are throwing a fit, I don’t have to join them. When I have a goal, I feel empowered to take steps. These are results of a steady mindfulness and meditation practice.
You may have heard lots of good things about meditation but don’t know where to begin, or how to get into it.
You may have tried, and got distracted, and convinced yourself “you just can’t focus.” It might feel like the canned green beans I was made to eat as a child. I suffered through it, but never enjoyed them.


How to Establish a Meditation and Mindfulness Practice For Yourself

For me, mindfulness and meditation are an evolving practice. What worked for me a year ago isn’t what I’m practicing now. There are plenty of podcasts and mindfulness and/or meditation apps you can try.
There are books, articles, and journals with plenty of suggestions, or meditation teachers in many areas. Try them all, try some, see what you connect better with. Don’t worry about the “right way” to meditate, figure out what works for you personally. Whatever you choose, and take some time, commit to it.
Simply decide to be committed and show up for yourself each day. Looking for a place to get started? Try this Guided Mindfulness Meditation For a Calm and Peaceful Mind.

Where to Go From Here

I COULD offer you a mini meditation here, but chances are, you’ll read it, think it’s nice and move on with your day. Instead, you should feel inspired to start your own process. When you learn to manage your mind, you’ll find you can achieve results that relying on willpower never will.
You’ll have more insight, more compassion, more opportunities for growth. Our minds have an infinite capacity, and as we meditate, we can connect mind and body. It won’t magically solve our problems, but it will help us calm the crazy, and move forward with more purpose.

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Amy Tenney

Amy practices and teaches yoga in Arizona. Hot vinyasa is her jam and she loves anything active and outdoors. She loves cooking and sharing fun nutritious recipes. Amy specializes in Power Yoga for Sports, vinyasa flow and guided meditations. She and her husband love their 3 beautifully wild children and Labradoodle pup.

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