From Mundane to Mystical: 5 Ways to Fill Your Life With Magical Moments

When you read the word mystical, what are the first thoughts, words, or images that come to your mind?

It wouldn’t be surprising to us if any of the following made it on your mental list: astral projection, healing crystals, flying unicorns, aliens, channeling sacred knowledge, the unexplainable, magical, and woo-woo.

Those made our list, too.

What may be more surprising to you, however, is that we would also add the following as examples of mystical experiences: doing dishes, driving, or making a cup of tea.

Here’s why: One of the actual definitions of the word mystical is “inspiring a sense of spiritual mystery, awe, and fascination.”

By that definition, our mere existence is mystical! Every day that we get to live on this earth is an unexplainable, mysterious, and awe-inspiring phenomenon!

The Mundane Is Mystical, Too

Not truly knowing the reasons for how and why we came here, how our hearts beat automatically without us even trying, or how gravity keeps us standing up with our feet flat on the ground is fascinating!

It’s enough to keep scientists, psychologists, doctors, healers, teachers, historians, mystics, and humans inspired to explore the meaning of it all!

Mystical, in this sense, means we understand that we don’t understand everything – there is so much more to discover!

Therefore, we should approach every day with a sense of curiosity, fascination, and desire to live meaningful lives, no matter what we are doing – from meditating to making popcorn.

So in this article, we offer five practices to take your tasks from predictable and mundane to extraordinary and mystical. We want it to be super natural for you to feel the supernatural essence in everything you do.

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The Mundane to Mystical Formula – Here Are 5 Practical Ways to Practice Spirituality:

The word mystical can spark impractical ideas about how to access transcendental, spiritual experiences. You don’t need to meditate until you levitate, sun gaze until the moon comes out, or do yoga until you are camouflage next to a pretzel.

Instead, you can apply the mundane to mystical formula to bring more presence, purpose, and power to any activity. The more you practice these practical tips, ironically, the more magic will happen in your life!

1. Set an Intention

Intentions are like the language of the universe. Before taking a sip of that tea, or getting in your car, or cleaning that dish, focus on how you want to feel doing it and what desired outcome you would like – and speak it into existence, out loud or in your head.

Setting an intention bridges the gap of spirituality and your humanness. It unlocks your willingness to receive what fate has in store for you while at the same time honoring your equal power over your fate by asking for what you want in the first place.

When you set an intention, you are co-creating the life you want to experience now, and not just waiting for life to happen to you.

2. Look for the Lesson

As humans, if we believed life was pointless or meaningless, we would have no motivation to exist. This is where mundane meets mystical.

There is a reason for everything – that breakup, that heartache, that career termination – it all has meaning. Our experiences, feelings, thoughts, actions and even mishaps are our teachers. If we are open to being their student, they have so many lessons for us to learn.

3. Reflect on the Experience

Even a task as mundane as looking into a physical mirror can provoke us to get more mystical by thinking deeply and carefully about so many aspects of ourselves and what is real or an illusion.

Reflection is a step further than simply looking for and/or identifying a lesson. Reflection is about accountability; we create the smoky mirrors ourselves! Reflection mirrors back our beliefs so that we can face them head on.

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4. Integrate the Information

Integration brings together your intention, what you learned, and what you uncovered through reflection so that you have a whole new perspective.

In other words, it’s as if each other step is one piece of a puzzle, and in this step, those pieces all come together to form an actual picture or new story.

5. Respond

Respond in this step means to act, or to change, or to accept, or to ignore, or to . . . (insert anything here).

What will you do with your newfound perspective? Will the information you uncovered help you change your behavior, your thoughts, or your beliefs?

Hopefully one of your responses includes appreciating even the most boring of activities because you realize that it’s not just the thing that you are doing that matters, but how you are doing that thing that matters.

Put the Mundane to Mystical Formula Into Practice With These 5 Steps:

So you learned the mundane to mystical formula, now what? We got you!

Keep reading for how to practically apply the five-step practice to take an everyday task like driving from mundane to mystical!

1. Intention

Before getting into the car, set the intention to get to your destination safely. When you set an intention like this, it helps you drive with more focus, attention, and most likely at the speed limit.

You are more mindful and conscientious of how you’re driving so you can meet your commitment to yourself to arrive in one piece. If you didn’t set this intention, you might be apt to drive fast, distractedly, or on autopilot which may make you more accident prone.

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2. Lesson

As you are driving, more aware and in the present moment because of your intention to arrive safely, you start to notice things. You have hit every single red light and must stop.

While stopped at one of the red lights, you notice a bumper sticker on the car in front of you that seems to have a personalized message so accurate to how you’re feeling that it gives you goosebumps. You look up and see a yellow street sign that says “SLOW.”

You realize a lesson. You’ve been metaphorically speeding through your life, unable to stop to witness your surroundings.

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3. Reflection

You start to think deeply about why you’re always rushing, in a hurry, and on the go. Does being busy make you feel productive, or important, or needed? Are you constantly moving, literally in a car or symbolically in life, because you have a fear of being still?

When did you stop paying attention to the signs, yes like on the road, but also of your body like your heart beating when you’re doing something you love, or the butterflies in your tummy when you’re excited?

You reflect on the idea that you’ve been trying so hard to remain in control – in that driver seat – that you put your emotions in the back seat.

4. Integration

All through the initial intention of arriving safely at a destination, you uncover limiting beliefs in areas of your life where you feel unsafe.

For example, you realize you have a fear of failure, which translates into you having a fear of not getting to your destination at all so you drive as fast as possible.

Or, you realize you have a fear that you are not good enough, which translates to you taking shortcuts and trying to get there before others to prove you have the drive to be great!

You are able to see how all these limiting beliefs and lessons you’ve learned on your drive have affected your emotional drive and now there is no looking back into the rear view mirror. You must keep your foot on the gas to respond to these new realizations.

5. Respond

You conclude that it’s time to slow down on and off the road. You decide to implement the mundane to mystical formula in every task you do.

You accept that change is needed, and commit to healing. Metaphorically, you decide to stay parked for a while and see what else is in your trunk!

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The Mundane Truly Is Endlessly Mystical!

Remember – if traveling through astral planes or dimensions, quantum jumping, and channeling divine wisdom from ancestors sounds a bit too mystical as a means to bring meaning to what can seem meaningless, then you can use the mundane to mystical formula as your default meaning-making tool.

If we approached every day in absolute awe of running water for washing dishes, or in admiration of the air that we breathe or pump into a flat tire, or in utter gratitude for nature that produces the very food we cook for dinner, then we may have a more relatable understanding of mysticism and an appreciation for all the earthly chores in this life.

Mysticism is not just about opening our third eyes. The most mystical experience of all is getting to open our actual eyes every day for another chance to do all the mundane things in life!

Because the mundane is mystical.

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