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Do You Know What Your Soul Blueprint Is? If Not, Read This!

We all seek to gain a deeper understanding of who we are and why we’re here. Our soul blueprint is the way we uncover these insights.

When we are kids, anything and everything is possible. The world is at our feet, the sky and beyond is the limit. Then, as we grow older, we are molded by our family, friends, and society to fit into the boxes provided.

We get used to it. It becomes comfortable, safe, secure.

But here’s the thing: those dreams you had when you were a kid? They never changed. They sit, waiting, biding their time until the day you recognize that your soul’s calling is waiting for you, ready to give you everything you once desired in your life.

When we incarnate on this Earth, the precise moment we are born is time stamped with all of the information about our soul.

By now you’re probably so used to fitting into the box created for you that you can’t consciously recall what you once dreamed of having in your life. But your soul remembers. Your inner child remembers.

Have you been feeling like you haven’t been fulfilling your soul’s purpose? If you answered yes, then mapping out your Soul Blueprint is for you. Read on to learn how . . .

What Is a Soul Blueprint?

When we incarnate on this Earth, the precise moment we are born is time stamped with all of the information about our soul. A Soul Blueprint is a collection of this information.

When we make an effort to obtain this knowledge and get to know ourselves on the soul level, it is easier to make decisions, understand why we act, think, and feel the way we do, and align with our soul purpose and gifts we were born to bring into the world.

The Universe is always working in your favor and things will fall into place in exact divine timing.

Mapping out your Soul Blueprint can help you bring some much needed clarity into your life, or provide confirmation from the Universe that you are on the right path.


Here Are 6 Key Ways to Map Out Your Soul Blueprint:

Read on to learn how to map out your Soul Blueprint.

First things first – I always recommend clearing your energy before you start this process. Feeling bogged down by the energy of the people around you or the terrible day you just had can really affect the results of your Soul Blueprint.

Need more support on protecting your energy? Here Are 6 Ways to Protect and Clear Your Energy

1. Introduce Yourself

When I talk to someone about creating their Soul Blueprint, I always ask them to start by introducing themselves.

First, write out an introduction that you might use to tell about yourself to someone you just met. Follow that up by diving deeper.

Your surface-level introduction you give people when you meet them through a friend of a friend of a friend at a coffee shop does not define you – it’s not all of who you are.

So who are you really? What do you like about yourself? Dislike? Why?

What things have you done that you are most proud of? What is the most significant thing that has happened in your life and how did it impact your life?

What makes your soul shine? What do you want out of life? If you could reincarnate as any animal, which animal would it be and why?

Think outside the box!

Introducing yourself, even if only to yourself, is a good way to gain some perspective on what your current reality is.

In order to energetically shift our reality into what we desire, we must have a good grasp on what is currently in front of us so we can take actionable steps toward what we want.

2. Numerology

Numerology is designed to help you find the answers to your number paths in life.

These numbers are meant to tell you more about your skills and talents, how to use them wisely, your innate abilities, challenges you will overcome, and lay out the path to your purpose on Earth as a spiritual and physical being.

These numbers include your:

  • Life Path Number: Reflects the path in life you are to take, what qualities you possess, and how to use these qualities to reach your purpose on this Earth
  • Life Destiny Number: Reveals all of the things you need to accomplish in your life in order to be fulfilled
  • Soul Number: Represents your deepest desires. This is the most private self
  • Personality Number: Reflects the you that you show to others and how they will perceive you, as well as what people love about you and the environments in which you feel most comfortable
  • Karmic Lesson Number: Reveals the areas in life you need to work on in order to grow, thrive, and be successful in this lifetime


3. Birth Cards

Many people believe that your birthday was chosen for you by your spirit guides/God/Universe (whatever you choose) before you were even conceived for this lifetime.

Birth Cards are the energy that define your life as a physical being on Earth.

Based on your birthday, your Birth Cards tell you about the things about you that will never change from the moment you are brought into the world until it is your time to leave the physical plane – things like your mood, events in your life, etc.

They are used to tell you more about your challenges and greatest potentials in this lifetime.

One of the more interesting things about Birth Cards is that there are only 12 Birth Card pairs to share among everyone on Earth. So there are billions of individuals, each with a unique personality, who share the same Birth Cards.


4. Personality

Most people have a general idea about their personalities and have developed a good sense of what they like, dislike, and what they need to be happy. However, taking a personality test can take this a step further. You’ve probably already taken a personality test just for fun!

By diving deeper into your personality traits, you are better able to understand yourself, as well as help others understand you. You are also able to gain insight into navigating the world around you and what you need to grow into the life you desire.

Have you heard of Enneagrams yet? Here’s Your Guide to the 9 Enneagram Types: Which Personality Type Are You?

5. Birth Chart

Also called a Natal Chart, your Birth Chart tells you all of the planetary alignments at the moment of your birth.

Most of us know our sun sign – the sign associated with our birthdate. But there is a whole other world full of astrological information that can help you find and live out your soul’s purpose on this Earth.

A Birth Chart combines the Sun sign, Moon sign, constellations, Ascendent, astrological signs, and more to create a star map. This star map provides clues and information about your personality traits, hidden desires, and life lessons. It can also show you your life’s purpose and your soul’s deepest desires.

Your Birth Chart is more than just your zodiac sign; it is a snapshot of how the Universe created this life just for you.

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6. Meaning of Your Name

Our names are the central-most point of our identity. They are what we answer to, how we identify, and how others identify us. They are the first thing people ask about us and one of the many things that attaches us to our culture and familial/ancestral roots.

We might think that we have no choice when it comes to what we are named, but many people believe that our names are chosen for us by our soul and that our parents are guided to give us this chosen name.

However, most names have different meanings in different countries, so discovering the meaning behind your name is only a small way to open the doors to your soul.

Furthermore, it is entirely possible that you do not resonate with your name and wish to change it, and that’s okay too!

Whatever your beliefs about the name you were given, it might be fun to seek the meaning behind it and see if it resonates with you!

Soul Blueprint: Next Steps and the Takeaway

Now that you’ve mapped out your Soul Blueprint, take a moment to connect the dots. Where are there similarities between pieces of information from each section of the map? How does this blueprint reflect on your current reality? Are they similar or completely different?

Also take a moment to think about and write out how you feel about your Soul Blueprint – are you feeling soul-giddy and more understood than ever?

Does this information resonate with you? If it doesn’t, don’t worry. The Universe is always working in your favor and things will fall into place in exact divine timing.

More than ever before, people are wanting to change their lives. We are beginning to surrender to the fact that we are unhappy with the cookie-cutter life society tells us we need to have.

As scary as that leap might be, your soul is calling to you, ready to give you everything you desire in this lifetime. Will you answer?

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Maegan Johnson

Mae is an intuitive writer, soul healer, and coffee enthusiast. She created Wolf and Whimsy to share her intuitive writing with the world. In doing so, she hopes to inspire you to experience energetic breakthroughs, align with your soul's purpose, and activate your magic with a simple pen and paper.

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