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6 Healthy Grocery Delivery Services (Plus the Pros and Cons of Each)

Grocery delivery services are in high demand these days. As more people avoid going grocery shopping, online grocery delivery is gaining popularity.

With the increase in grocery delivery options comes the added benefit of healthy grocery options you can buy – and receive – all in the comfort of your own home without setting foot in a store.

Super easy, zero contact, and – the added bonus?

How many purchases have you made because something on the shelf caught your eye as you strolled? If you’re like me, probably too many to count. Your wallet will likely thank you for online grocery shopping, since you’re more likely to buy only what you need.

Here are some of the best grocery delivery services out there – all of which you can browse from home.

Here Are 6 Healthy Grocery Delivery Services You Can Order From Online:

With any of these options on our list of best online grocery stores, you can choose to have your goods dropped off right at your doorstep, or drive to the store to have them put into your trunk with curbside pickup.

1. Instacart

One of the original online grocery delivery services, Instacart is a great option in many cities around the country.

Here’s how it works: Enter your zip code and see your local store options such as Target, CVS, or Costco (even if you don’t have a Costco membership!). With the numerous options available, you can find all your favorite healthy options from a variety of places.

Add your groceries to your cart, choose a delivery time (note that these can be backed up due to a high volume of orders), and your groceries will arrive on your doorstep during that time slot.

You can pay a yearly membership for $99 (which includes free delivery), or pay a $4 fee each time.

Pros: Very widely available, convenient, and options for shopping at many stores.

Cons: Prices are set by Instacart, so they’re likely to be a bit higher than the prices you’d see on shelves.


2. Shipt

Shipt is easily one of the best grocery delivery service options thanks to how widely available it is and also how affordable, compared to other options.

Like Instacart, Shipt hires shoppers to grab your items from a variety of stores in your area (but even more variety like Office Depot and Petco.) A Shipt membership is either $14 a month or $99 for the year, and makes delivery free on orders above $35.

A great feature of Shipt is that you can text with your personal shopper which is helpful if you forgot something on your list, or if the store is out of something and the shopper needs to approve a substitute.

If you’re shopping for specialty items like vegan alternatives or healthy options that may be harder to locate, I’ve found it helpful to be able to text directly with my shopper and tell them where to look.

Pros: You can communicate directly with your shopper via text message (so convenient!).

Cons: Prices can be marked up like on Instacart (but tend to be closer to regular store prices).

3. Thrive Market

You can think of Thrive Market as the online version of Sam’s Club or Costco, but with an emphasis on healthy foods catering to a variety of dietary needs and preferences – making it one of the best healthy grocery delivery services.

Memberships are only around $5 a month, and according to Thrive Market’s website, items tend to be 25-50% off retail prices. Orders and product recommendations are tailored to your specific dietary preferences: vegan, paleo, keto, gluten-free, etc.

Thrive prioritizes healthy products so you can find items you might not see elsewhere (including self-care and household items.)

Pros: Groceries can be delivered to any address in the contiguous U.S. For every purchase of a membership, Thrive donates one to a family in need.

Cons: To start shopping, you have to enroll, so you can’t easily “window shop.” To unlock free shipping, your order must be $49 or more – a bit higher minimum than others.

4. Walmart

The big-box giant had to be included on this list as one of online grocery delivery options if not just for the fact that no matter where you are, you likely have a Walmart. Walmart also has a substantial selection of organic options, vegan foods, and gluten free picks – you’d be surprised!

Walmart Grocery has rolled out some new options for safe grocery shopping like their own delivery service for $12.95 per month or $98 a year (with unlimited free delivery to your door.) You can also opt to use their free contactless curbside option..

Pros: Huge availability of stores around the country, plus no fee for the curbside option, and no hiked-up prices!

Cons: Let’s be real – not everyone is a fan of Walmart. In addition, available time slots can be booked up for days out, so plan ahead.


5. Amazon Fresh

Unsurprisingly, Amazon offers their own online grocery delivery – free to Amazon Prime members. And like Amazon in general, if you can think of it, you can probably get it! If you’re looking for that specialty, hard-to-find healthy food, Amazon is a great pick.

While AmazonFresh isn’t available in all zip codes, they also offer 2-hour delivery from Whole Foods stores, so you can check both out.

Pros: Huge inventory – it’s Amazon! The turnaround time is often super fast which is ideal if you need something in a pinch. Whole Foods orders arrive with cold food packed in insulated freezer totes unlike many other delivery services.

Cons: Not every city has the AmazonFresh option (as is the case with most of these), and like a brick-and-mortar Whole Foods, the prices aren’t always cheap.

6. Your Local CSA (Community Shared Agriculture)

Supporting your local farmer has never been more important. With a CSA (community shared agriculture), you’re essentially buying stock into your local farms.

For a fee, usually monthly or yearly, you get a box of farm-fresh produce (and oftentimes other goods like fresh bread, eggs, or dairy) either weekly or however often you choose.

Many CSAs around the country have moved to online ordering, so do some research and see if your hometown has a CSA you can join. A good place to start is

Pros: You’re supporting a farmer in your own town, getting the freshest and best quality produce and goods, and connecting to your food in a way so many of us never get to.

Cons: It’s hardly even a con when you consider the value you’re getting, but if you’re used to supermarket prices, CSA goods can understandably be a bit higher.

Healthy Shopping Has Never Been Easier With These Grocery Delivery Services!

This roundup of healthy grocery delivery services only includes options for online grocery shopping available nationwide, but don’t forget to check out your local options – many of which also offer their own options for curbside or delivery.

We are fortunate to have these healthy online grocery delivery services available to us, but don’t forget that this service requires real people showing up each day to fulfill your order. Be patient with longer than normal delays, and of course, tip generously!

Are you using any of these grocery delivery services, or do you plan to? Use a different online grocery delivery service that’s not on this list? Please share in the comments below – we love hearing from you!


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