5 Tools To Overcome Negative Energy and Take Back Your Power

There is never a good reason to give up our personal power to negative energy or situations . . . But how can we make a bad thing good – or at the very least, less bad?
Whether it be negative self-talk, an emotionally charged interaction, gossip, or toxic relationships, negativity is always around. When things get heated, we need to channel our personal power to rise above and avoid being consumed.

If you’ve got people throwing bad vibes at you, it is likely just a whole bunch of projected energy.

Through mindful and intentional action, and tons of practice, we can strengthen our ability to amplify the infinite light that lives within us.

Apply these 5 tools to overcome negativity and take back your power:


1. Accountability will set you free

We’re jumping right off the deep end with a hard hitter here. Way too often, we fail to take accountability for our actions, especially the actions that fuel the fire of chaos and negativity. Take gossip for example, and saying negative things about someone else – this creates negative energy that, ultimately, you are accountable for.
Rather than react and externalize your power in a negative situation, observe the situation and hold your personal power within you. Take a moment to think about your participation in the situation and what you can do to alleviate things from escalating.
An impulsive, emotionally charged reaction will only create more strife in the heat of negativity. But by slowing down and going inward, you can exercise your reflection muscle and strengthen your ability to mindfully move forward.

2. Show up with positivity

In every situation, we have the power of free will and choice. If negative energy is darkness, then positive energy is the light. We can either choose to flow with the negativity and allow it to bring us into the dark, or we can choose to channel a presence and energy of light.

As Yogananda said, “Where there is light, darkness cannot exist.”

When you can intentionally show up with a dedication to bringing light to the darkness, then you will create space to manifest more light, or positivity. As Yogananda said, “Where there is light, darkness cannot exist.” Direct the situation towards the light and you will see just how easy that shift in mindset is for the future.


3. Practice non-attachment

This one goes out to the empaths. If you’ve got people throwing bad vibes at you, it is likely just a whole bunch of projected energy. Hurt people hurt people, and people who aren’t in a space of loving kindness tend to blame others of exactly that.
Let’s be real for a moment though, every “fixer” is stressed the fuck out as they pour their energy into alchemizing negativity to positivity.
It’s not always your responsibility to mend what is broken. Release the expectation and pressure of the “fixer mindset” and you will see that space opens for something magical and more purposeful than perhaps what you intended to do in the first place.

4. Just breathe

When we can get still and go within, we find the guidance we need to help ourselves move through negativity. When things get to be too much, stop and just breathe. Trying to think through something that is emotionally charged can cause you to overthink and make matters even worse – not to mention that you may not be in the right frame of mind to process things.
Deep breaths will calm your mind and allow your heart and intuition to lead. Just breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Get quiet. Find your calm. You’re going to be stronger and more capable in the end. Just breathe. Listen. Follow the wisdom you find.

5. Put your shields up

When you take on other people’s shit as your own, you rob yourself of your personal power. It is important to empathize with people to connect and relate, but there is a fine line between empathizing and embodying the negativity as your own.
It’s important to learn to recognize negative energy – whether it’s someone projecting negativity onto you, a toxic environment in the workplace, or anything that causes negativity in your life. Once you recognize these situations, it becomes easier to put your shield up and dispel negative energy.
Boundaries are important and saying “no” is just as powerful as saying “yes” when it comes to protecting your energy. Learn how and when to say what needs to be said.
Shifting your perspective and intentions during negative situations or energetic exchanges can be one of the most empowering and liberating things to do. And when you do this consistently, you will be able to channel this practice with more ease and frequency.
Your power of choice is quite possibly the most effective tool you can use to step into your personal power and release negativity.

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