Energy Management Techniques – Live a More Balanced Life

In my previous article about energy management, Harness Your Energy, Empower Your Life, we discussed the potential of what can be unlocked when one learns to master the flow of their energy, both in the intake, and in learning to regulate and control its expenditure. We also discussed the various forms that this energy takes, whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or sexual.

In this article, we are going to take this several steps further, and I am going to give you more advanced techniques: I will share a technique for each area of energy management. Even practicing just one area diligently can dramatically change your life. Integrating all of them into your lifestyle will give you the opportunity to experience what I have been talking about.

Ultimately, the highest potential of harnessing one’s own energy to a powerful degree is unlocking a quality that we can cryptically refer to as power.

When this quality is unleashed, we step into a new realm of mastery over the material world. Thoughts, dreams, and goals manifest much quicker, the physical body maintains pristine health and youthfulness, and the mind begins to unlock its full capabilities (often times referred to as the Siddhis in Yogic culture).

Before getting into the specific practices, I’m going to give you one that applies to all forms of energy. And this is the most important one: don’t spend time and energy doing anything that does not align with your path! If watching certain shows on TV doesn’t align with your path, don’t watch them. If hanging out with certain people doesn’t align with your path, don’t hang out with them! If stewing in anger isn’t in alignment with your path (and usually it’s not), don’t do it! Honoring your path is a powerful place to start.

I am now showing you the door, and telling you how to open it. Whether you walk through it or not is up to you.

Physical Energy

We will start with physical energy, as this is the one that is most easily measurable and understandable. Physical energy is the most “gross” form of energy that we have, stemming from the other more subtle types of mental, emotional, and sexual energy. Though it may not be as esoteric as the others, it is still incredibly vital.

The path of Yoga is a fantastic way to master physical energy, specifically in the practice of a Yogic diet, physical yoga practice, and Shat Kriyas. This is more invaluable than ever before in our modern times, as we are constantly ingesting toxins from our environment. The Shat Kriyas are a series of physical and energetic purification techniques (ie: nasal cleansing, stomach cleansing, eye cleansing, etc.) and the Yogic diet consists mainly of eating raw foods and refraining from foods that are not healthy and that do not supply life-force energy to the body.

There is a wealth of information to learn about cleansing the body of toxins, and keeping toxins out of it. Practicing this type of lifestyle has a tremendous impact on your level of physical energy, along with the flow of your more subtle electromagnetic energy throughout the energy body. The main physical focus of this lifestyle that pertains to both physical health and the health of your energetic system is the elimination of mucus in the body, and learning to eat and drink in a way that limits mucus from accumulating.

In the traditional path of Yoga, the initiate is given the Shat Kriyas first, long before they begin learning postures, pranayama, or meditation. This is because until you are able to clear the “gunk” out of your system, there are simply places that the mind and the astral body are not able to go. Once this step has been mastered, the Yogi is then free to pursue the realms that lie beyond the body with their mind.

Emotional Energy

Emotional energy is a bit more subtle, yet everyone is well aware of it. To master your emotional energy means to learn to direct your emotions consciously, to release them in a healthy and efficient manner (rather than letting them build up and burrow into your energetic system), and to understand when it is time to release, and when it has gone past the point of a healthy release, and has crossed over into the realm of self-indulgence, or wallowing.

Self-pity and feeling sorry for oneself is completely useless. The ‘poor me’ attitude that has been bred into our culture is THE LARGEST waste of energy that exists. Please do not misunderstand; having self-love and self-compassion is very important, but there is a huge difference between feeling compassion for oneself and feeling sorry for oneself.

To buy into the ‘poor me’ mentality is to indulge in negative emotion, and this attitude is based upon seeing yourself as a victim. We are not victims! We are powerfully creative beings that (sometimes unwittingly) pick and choose every experience that happens to us. The fact that sometimes we do this unconsciously does not lend us a reason to expend our energy wallowing in negative emotion and seeing ourselves as pitiful.

Let’s take a tangible example. Your relationship with someone you love deeply crashes and burns. In this moment you can wallow and fall into deep depression, and you can say to yourself, “How could this happen? How could they do this to me? I can’t go on. I don’t know how I’ll ever go on.” Or you can detach from that internal dialogue, still feel the pain and the negative emotion, and instead say to yourself, “I love myself. I will take care of myself through this. I don’t know how I’ve gotten to this point in my life, but I accept responsibility for it, and will carry on.”

Both of these perspectives deal with negative emotion, yet the latter is releasing and consciously experiencing it, working through it. The first one is feeding into it, turning it into a vicious cycle, disowning it, and milking it for all that it’s worth.

Learn to recognize the point where the emotional reaction has crossed the line of expression, and has turned into indulgence. Our egos are the master at indulging in emotion and victim mentality. In fact, the ego gets a very sick pleasure from it. Learn to be aware of that. When you can do this, you minimize the amount of energy being spent unnecessarily, and put yourself in a place of power and potential mastery.


Healthy Ways to Release Emotional Energy

I highly recommend finding a technique for releasing emotions completely, and mastering it. The alternative to this is to release them in an unhealthy manner, or to stuff them, which ends up burrowing negative energy into your energetic system, causing blockages in the energy flow and potential issues that can turn into dis-ease and low energy levels.

There are several methods available. This particular method of connected breathing can help familiarize yourself with your own emotional energy, and give you a framework for learning to work with it in this context:

Reclaiming Your Emotional Energy Through Connected Breathing:

First, take a big, deep breath in, filling your lungs from top to bottom. Hold it comfortably for just a moment. Then release it all by relaxing all of the muscles in your breathing mechanism, and letting the exhale happen completely passively. This should feel like a big, giant sigh. You can even make the audible “Aaahhhhhh” to help yourself get into the feel of it.

Repeat this a few times, and really practice that passive exhale, just letting the air drop entirely out of your lungs effortlessly.

Use this exhale to breathe 20 connected breaths, inhaling actively, and exhaling passively. Take four moderate to shallow breaths, then follow with one big deep breath, filling up all of the lungs, and repeat this four times. Find a gentle rhythm, with little to no pause between the in-breath and the out-breath. The most important priority with this breathing technique is that it feels GOOD, so adjust as necessary to make this comfortable and pleasurable.

After completing 20 connected breaths, close your eyes, and pay close attention to how your body feels, along with your emotional state. Connected breathing is extremely efficient at getting your emotional energy moving, and it is not uncommon for you to feel it in your body in a tangible way.

Now, become very still and notice any sensations in your body. Pick the sensation that you feel most drawn to, and give it your complete attention while asking yourself the following questions:

What shape is the energy?

Does it have a color?

How dense is the energy?

Feel the sensation of this energy vibrating: How fast/slow is the energy vibrating?

How does it feel around the edges of the feeling?

By honing in on this feeling sensation in your body and giving it full awareness, you are enabling yourself to process it and release any emotion that is associated with it. When you perceive it as pure energy, you are in the position to strip it of any labels that you may be giving it (ie: pain, tightness, tension, etc.). Allow yourself to drop any labels you may have associated with this particular sensation.

The last step is to acknowledge this energy as part of you. This is your power, your creation. Give it love and appreciation, and reclaim it as a part of you, instead of trying to deny or ignore it.

You can use this exercise in any situation when you wish to release negative emotional energy. It’s simple yet effective, and will enable you to work more and more effectively with your own energetic system.


I can assure you that applying yourself to the ideas and practices shared in this article can have a profound transformational effect on your life. They have the potential to literally reorganize the way the physical body functions by putting the adrenaline gland at rest, thus rebalancing the other hormones of the body, and healing the nervous system. Being truly calm and at peace is a feeling that, sadly, many people do not know. Through these techniques, you can find a deep and lasting sense of happiness and control.

In the second part of this series, we will be exploring the other two types of energy management – mental and sexual – and we will dive into some of the potentials that the mastery of these two types of energy hold. This is where we truly begin to step beyond the practical and into the mystical.

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