5 Podcasts Every Modern Woman Needs to Listen To

Podcasts are nifty, convenient, go-anywhere tools to provide you with virtual brain food and keep you up-to-date on the current topics that you actually want to know about.

Whether you’re stuck in traffic or running around town, this is valuable time to learn about a new health trend, inspiration or a fresh perspective.

How? You guessed it – podcasts! And – more specifically – podcasts for women by women.

Listen to These 5 Podcasts for Women to Feel Empowered and In the Know:

Check out these enlightened podcasts for women, modern mamas and hipsters on topics from crunchy wellness to work life and urban attitude.

1. Wellness Mama

(available via iTunes, Android, Stitcher, or RSS)

Are you concerned about manufactured chemicals invading every part of your life these days? Do you want to take your health back into your own hands instead of blindly taking over the counter medicines and casually tossing antibiotic-laden chicken breasts into your shopping cart?

Wellness Mama Katie Wells is a thoughtful leader in health innovation, rooting back to simplicity and natural solutions for everyday life. In her podcasts for women, you’ll find everything from green smoothies and recipes for natural cleaning products to helping kids through tantrums.

Katie Wells also made our 25 Women In Wellness to Watch In 2018 list!

2. Girlboss

(available via iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher)

Girlboss Radio offers several channels of content for the hip, sophisticated, youthful listener. If you’re feeling meditative, Self Service with Jericho Mandybur is a Girlboss invention and a self-described “inner beauty school.” Get ready to find some meditative practices and get into some weird wellness.

If you need some comic relief and a listening ear for your problems, Jen Gotch is Ok…Sometimes is another Girlboss channel that addresses uncomfortable topics like meds for mental illness and just plain dealing with emotions. Find your “human” answers from a woman bravely sharing her own personal journey.


3. Women, Work and Worth

(available via iTunes or SoundCloud)

For the career-oriented woman who’s busting out of her seams and ready to start something new, check out Women, Work and Worth’s focused, highly intelligent and deeply meaningful content.

What’s blocking you from work you long to do? How do you choose things in your life on your own terms instead of feeling beholden to a million “shoulds” that seem to be prevalent? If you have a mission you would like to realize with your work, this is the place to find motivation and discussion about how to bring that to fruition.

4. 2 Dope Queens

(available via Stitcher)

Are you a badass woman of color making it in this world? Are you someone who wants another perspective through the eyes of the unapologetically honest? Phoebe Williams and Jessica Williams are besties and host 2 Dope Queens live from Brooklyn.

Get that real NYC-style perspective in a no holds barred fashion. They’re not afraid to address racial tension (particularly the everyday life kind that slips through the cracks), relationships and more. For the most part, nothing is taboo . . . and they are absolutely hilarious!

Need to be more unapologetically honest yourself? Here are 10 Things Women Need to Stop Apologizing For

5. Grammar Girl

(available via Soundcloud or iTunes)

In a world overrun by texting acronyms, abbreviations and just plain old typos, communication has become incredibly vital. Grammar Girl gives her “Quick and Dirty Tips” in around 15 minutes. Not only will she cover apostrophe rules and subtleties of how people interpret certain phrases and words, but she also offers webinars for in-depth communication.

While this may feel super studious, she presents them in very digestible segments, so it’s easy to improve your grammar skills in small bites. If for no other reason, check it out because part of being an empowered modern woman is making sure your message is actually heard and taken seriously.


Get Empowered by These Podcasts for Women by Women

This handful of podcasts for women is really just a tiny selection of the amazing content that’s out there. So, continue to explore the world of podcasts for women by women.

The best part about podcasts is that they’re mobile – so you don’t have to limit yourself to the car. They’re great to listen to during your morning jog, while prepping dinner or on a walk during your lunch break.

Here’s to keeping your headspace full of diverse information to kill the “deadspace” on your morning commute. And, more importantly, here’s to empowering women in our modern age!

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Christie Cole

A published poet, Christie works in TV production by day and moonlights as editor of daughtersofculture.com. She practices ashtanga, Nichiren Buddhism and is completely smitten with the flying trapeze. She also enjoys tooling around on her motorcycle. Her hope is simply to bring joy to every life she meets.


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