5 Unexpected Signs You May Be Suffering from Vitamin Deficiency

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Most of us grew up with our parents telling us to take our vitamins. From a young age, we have been conditioned to know that Vitamin C can work wonders for our immune system. But what about knowing which vitamins to take beyond those delicious Flintstones chewables?
There are 13 vitamins humans need for optimal health. It’s hard to maintain the perfect diet, so vitamins and herbal supplements can help ensure you’re getting all those important nutrients.
So which vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements should we be taking on the regular? And more importantly, how do we learn which ones we may be deficient in?

Start by reading the signs your body is giving you.


The Importance of Listening to Your Body

If you don’t know where to begin, it’s easier than you may think, and it all begins with being aware of our own bodies and what they’re trying to tell us.
Our bodies communicate with us through physical manifestations of fatigue, getting sick, skin issues, muscle cramps, and more. When we learn how to listen, we can empower ourselves to find the solution. Vitamins play a huge role in our daily health and wellness, and quality of life overall.
Start by reading the signs your body is giving you. Our bodies are incredibly intelligent, and we can recognize areas we’re lacking the necessary vitamins based on the signs our bodies give us.

5 Signs You May Have a Vitamin Deficiency

Here are a few common signs to watch out for that may indicate a vitamin, mineral, or nutrient deficiency (along with which vitamins and supplements you should be taking).

1. Muscle Cramps

Have you experienced the ‘charley horse’ cramp feeling in your calves, feet, or toes? Many people report getting cramps or a ‘frozen’ feeling in the arches of their feet during or after physical activity.
Mineral Deficiency: Magnesium, potassium, calcium
If this is a common occurrence for you, consider adding these minerals to your daily wellness routine. You can get a quick boost in these essential minerals by eating fruit like bananas or apples, leafy greens like kale or spinach, or a handful of almonds.

2. Fatigue or Lacking Energy

If you’re getting enough sleep each night but still find yourself feeling groggy, generally fatigued, or lacking energy throughout the day, it may be an indication of a vitamin B deficiency.
Vitamins that can help: B Vitamins, particularly B6 and B12
Vegetarians and vegans are more likely to be deficient B vitamins (and especially B12) because they are mostly found in animal products. If you deal with this issue, consider taking B Vitamins daily. Seafood and poultry are an excellent source of B Vitamins.

3. Tingling or Numbness

Another common sign of vitamin deficiency is tingling or numbness in the hands or feet, particularly in the fingers and toes. This issue is similar to #2 in that it’s also an indication of a deficiency in B Vitamins. Tingling or numbness can also be connected to hormone imbalances or anxiety – both of which can be addressed with fish oil.
Supplements that help: Vitamin B6, B9, and B12, Fish Oil (Omega 3-6-9)
Consider taking a B-complex vitamin and Omega supplements regularly. Seafood, poultry, beans, eggs and certain veggies like spinach, potatoes, or asparagus are excellent sources of B Vitamins. Seafood is obviously high in Omega-3, especially fresh tuna, halibut, shrimp, salmon, sardines or oysters. Nuts and seeds are high in Omega-6 and 9, especially flaxseed oil, sunflower seeds, and pine nuts.
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4. Weak Immune System

If you keep getting sick, or get sick after being around someone else who’s sick, it may be an indication of a weak immune system. While taking Vitamin C is always a good defense, your gut health may be the root of the issue because the majority of the immune system is located in your gut.
Supplements to help: Elderberry and Probiotics
Certain herbal supplements like Elderberry (which has been used in traditional medicine for centuries) can help boost your immune system. There’s also a strong connection between the immune system and gut health. Probiotics introduce the ‘good bacteria’ that line your gut and support a strong immune system. Fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, or kombucha all pack a nice dose of probiotics.

5. Skin Issues

Skin issues can often be a sign of a vitamin deficiency and can often be relieved by taking certain supplements. For example, if you have small bumps on your face, arms, or thighs, it could be an indication of a deficiency in Vitamin A, C, or D, and/or astaxanthin.
Vitamin Deficiency: Vitamin A, C, D and Astaxanthin
Consider taking Vitamins A, C and D regularly. Get a quick dose of Vitamin A in colorful veggies like carrots or bell peppers. Vitamin D is most commonly found in the sunshine, but it’s smart to take a supplement to ensure you’re getting enough. Astaxanthin is a naturally-occurring carotenoid (or pigment color) that supports overall health.


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Finding the Right Vitamins For You

Take the necessary steps to first learn what vitamins and nutrients you may be deficient in, and then introduce those vitamins into your wellness regimen. Getting the vitamins through the food we eat is an excellent place to start, but it’s not always enough.
In addition to eating healthy, it’s important to make sure you’re taking the daily vitamins you need to feel and function your very best.
If you’re looking for a great resource to find which vitamins you need, check out takecare/of.com. There you can complete a quick survey about yourself and receive a personalized daily vitamin recommendation based on professional guidance from health experts.

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Visit takecare/of.com to get started.
This article is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your health.

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