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Do You Have Enough Protein In Your Diet? Here’s Why It’s So Important

Protein is one of the most vital components of any diet, which is why getting enough protein in your diet is so important. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or meat-eater, protein is essential to help your body sustain itself. And, if you are looking to gain weight, lose weight or maintain your weight, you need protein as well.
There are a variety of protein sources and ways in which you can obtain the required protein levels to support a healthy diet. You can find sources of protein in meat, fish, beans, nuts, quinoa (a complete protein), hemp seed, chia and soy, as well as supplements, such as protein bars and shakes.
A common recommendation for daily protein needs is about .38 grams per 1 pound of body weight. That means that the average 180 lb. male would need to eat 68.4 grams of protein each day at a minimum, and the average 166.2 lb. woman would need to eat 63.16 grams of protein each day.

Protein is life sustaining and a key component to a healthy and balanced diet.

First, let’s review six reasons why it’s so important to have a high protein diet. Then we will review a few easy and effective ways to make sure you’re meeting your daily protein needs.

Why It’s Important to Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Daily Protein:


1. Weight Management

A high protein diet will help you lean out and lose weight. Hormonally, you will feel more full and retain less fat when you eat a high protein diet. Your body will feel more satisfied due to your increased nutrient intake, which will cause you to reach less for unneeded snacks and high-calorie foods.
While in the past you may have been told that calorie restrictions and eating high-fiber roughage (think salads) are the key to weight loss, eating your adequate protein levels is a much better and healthier means to achieve and maintain your ideal weight. This applies to those trying to lose weight as well as those trying to gain or maintain their current weight.

2. Build and Sustain Muscle

The amino acids in protein aid your body in the development of muscle. A high protein diet will help your body continue to develop muscle and sustain the muscle that you have already.
This is why athletes and people who workout often will have a protein shake post-workout to nourish the body and help it recover. Protein is the fuel your body needs to build strength and muscle.

3. Increase Energy

Protein is also essential in creating energy through the electron transport chain. Without the proper levels of protein for your activity level and body weight, you will not have adequate energy to fuel your body and allow you to perform optimally.
Listen to your body. If you are feeling sluggish, increase your protein intake instead of reaching for an energy drink, and then gauge how you feel. The next time that you choose hot yoga over another episode of reality TV, your body will thank you. It all begins with a high protein diet!


4. Feel Good

Your body will tell you what it wants and what it doesn’t. After eating, you should feel energized, not sluggish. If you feel bloated after you eat, it means that your body is not properly absorbing the protein and the food is not agreeing with your digestive system. If this is the case, try an alternative protein source, see how you feel, and if you feel amazing, stick with that source.

5. Mental Clarity

The amino acids in protein will help your mind stay acute and focused. The same energy processes that your muscles go through when you exercise are the same energy processes that your brain goes through when you think. Make sure you meet your daily protein needs to improve and maintain your mental cognition, and also to avoid brain farts and increase your mental clarity in the future.

6. Satisfy Hunger

Hunger is your body’s demand for more nutrients. Eating a high protein diet will help you feel fuller longer. Thus, when your body has a nutrient-rich diet, you will not get “hangry” (hungry + angry). Protein satiates the body and gives it the fuel it needs to carry you through your day.

Here’s How to Meet Your Daily Protein Needs

A high protein diet includes the foods we eat but often also requires protein supplements. It is possible to get all the protein we need from food, but protein supplements provide a convenient way to meet this need. This is where supplements and alternative protein sources come into play, such as protein bars and shakes, to get what you’re missing nutritionally.
Depending on your dietary needs or restrictions, you have a variety of options for protein sources, including whey (a dairy source), legumes (from peas and other beans, nuts, soy and lentils), rice, hemp, sprouted grain, egg white and beef casein.
It’s important to note that not all proteins are created equal. When buying protein supplements, you need to look at how much sugar is in the protein. While some sugar is good and helps us absorb protein, many protein sources and supplements contain far too much sugar. This excess sugar can add unnecessary calories and may cause significant increases and sharp decreases in your blood sugar.
Yes, protein supplements can cause a sugar crash.
When you pick out your next protein supplement, you also want to look for the one that has the lowest calorie to fat ratio. Even if you are looking to gain weight, you still want the leanest protein that does not have added calories as sugar and filler.
Whichever source you choose, pay attention to your body and the way you feel after ingesting the protein. Your body will tell you what you need and what’s good for you.

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Do You Eat a High Protein Diet?

When it comes to the protein-packed foods you eat and additional protein supplements you take, choose nutritional sources that make you feel good and that are good for you.
Feeling hungry or need a sweet treat? Drop that candy bar and reach for a protein bar or shake. It will satisfy your sweet tooth and supply your body with much-needed nutrients and protein to keep you feeling full and satisfied.
Whether it’s a thick t-bone steak, a bowl of quinoa with veggies and tofu or a protein supplement, whichever way you like it, eating a high protein diet will keep your body (and mind!) in tip-top shape.

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