5 Signs You Need to Get On Your Yoga Mat ASAP

There is no magic pill for all of your ailments. There is no magical tonic you can drink every morning to rid yourself of your problems. But. There is yoga. And that’s pretty close. And there are signs you need yoga; trust us, it’s good medicine.

Has it been a while for you? Is your relationship with your yoga mat more long-distance than up close and personal? It’s time to get back on your mat, and here are some telltale signs you’re overdue for a yoga sweat sesh.


Here Are 5 Signs You Need Yoga Stat


1. You’re Dead Inside

If you’re feeling dull and lacking ambition, you need yoga. Yoga can help you flip your perspective on life and make you feel alive again. Moving, shaking, and flowing will boost your creativity and you’ll feel your ambition flooding back into your veins. Pro tip: bring a notebook and pen with you to class and jot down any ideas as they come to you!

2. You Need a Reset

Ever wish you had a reset button for life? Guess what? That’s yoga! After you hit your mat for a yoga sesh, you’ll leave feeling refreshed, reset, and ready to take on whatever life could possibly throw at you. It’s kinda like taking a magic pill . . . kinda.

3. You’re Not In Control Of Your Life

You’re out of control, your emotions are taking over, and you’re spending a lot of time reacting to your environment. It happens to the best of us.

Sound familiar? This is a telltale sign you need yoga.

Yoga will remind you to pause, focus on intentional breath and movement, and regain control over your life. You’ll situate yourself back in the driver’s seat and be good to go.


4. You’re Cranky

You’ve been constantly cranky and you’ve just snapped at someone you love . . . whoops! Time to give yourself a timeout (a.k.a. your yoga mat). Just by putting everything on pause and bringing your focus to your breath, you’ll sort all that sh*t out and feel more like yourself in no time.

Just remember to apologize when needed – you’re not you when you haven’t done yoga.

5. You HURT

You’ve been hustlin. You’ve been bossin’. You’ve been working hard. And that usually means you’re stressed out and your body hurts. This is another classic sign you need yoga.

So hustle hard to your mat cause yoga can help with that! By taking care of your body in yoga you’ll also help to regain balance, control, and flexibility.

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Signs You Need Yoga: Stop What You’re Doing & Grab Your Mat

When we put our busy lives on pause and take care of ourselves on our yoga mats, everyone is elevated. You’re in a better mood, you get sh*t done, and you’re kinder to everyone around you. There’s really no reason not to go to yoga!

Oh, you’re still here? Go grab your mat and get to it.

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Morgan Casavant

Morgan is a graphic designer and yoga instructor committed to inspiring compassion, balance, and centeredness - on and off the mat. She loves minimalism, the zero waste movement, and all the things working to protect the environment.


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