How Are You Feeling After the Solar Eclipse? Here’s How to Channel the Energy

Eclipses are about light and dark, mystery and illumination, challenges and revelations. The total solar eclipse that occurred on August 21, 2017 in the zodiac sign of Leo was intense, and the energy of this celestial event will be felt for months to come.

This eclipse specifically inspired within all of us a new beginning and a death of all that no longer serves us.

The amplified new moon energy (known for transformation and beginnings) with this total solar eclipse essentially pushed us to honor our darkness, or that which we’ve been hiding from, and bring it into the light, or into our conscious awareness.

What is a total solar eclipse?

A total solar eclipse is when a new moon passes directly in front of the sun, completely blocking it out and temporarily cloaking the land in a twilight darkness.
While we experience an eclipse every year, it is rare that we (especially in the US) experience such a powerful total solar eclipse, and in the powerful fire sign of Leo, no less.
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What does the energy of this total solar eclipse mean?

Emotions are energy, and we are really good at hiding from emotional energy that is uncomfortable, painful, or threatening. To avoid dealing with this sticky energy, we store emotions, memories, and events within so we don’t have to bring them into the light and face them.
The energy directly after totality (when the moon completely blocked out the sun during the total eclipse) was palpable and you may have felt like your reset button was pushed, helping you feel refreshed, clear, and basked in light.
Or . . . you may have felt heavy and burdened. Why? Because through this intense energy, what has been living in your darkness may have been forcibly uncovered and revealed with the light of the sun.

Emotions are energy and we are really good at hiding from emotional energy that is uncomfortable, painful, or threatening.

Uncomfortable as this may have felt, it is absolutely necessary to face the darkness that rose up and honor the feels that you’re feeling. In this sense, the proverbial rug has been pulled out from under us and we are left with a bare floor and mounds of emotions upon it.
While this may seem like a harsh thing for the universe to throw at you when we’re comfortably hiding from what’s under the rug, we are forced to face our shadows and darkness to grow and evolve.

Follow these 3 steps to channel the energy of this total solar eclipse:

While the main effects of the eclipse were most palpable the first 48 hours after, we’ll continue to feel its impact for months. That’s why it’s important to take steps to work with the energy of an eclipse.
Following the three steps below will help you get into the flow of change, revelations, and the mysteries of the human soul, rather than fear this event and the emotions it uncovers within you. Everything is falling into place – remember that always.

Step #1. Spend time alone

If you’re feeling icky, lost, or confused after the eclipse, it may sound nice to surround yourself with loved ones or distract yourself by filling up your social calendar. Alone time, however, is just what the universe ordered.
Spending time alone to process your emotions will help you discover what you’ve been suppressing or avoiding and how that makes you feel.
Take an evening, afternoon, or morning to just be with yourself in silence. Be aware of what arises. All you have to do is simply observe.

Step #2: Journal and express yourself

While you’re alone, chose a modality of self-expression. This could be journaling, speaking aloud and recording it on your phone, dancing, or whatever helps you express the depths of your soul.
Get creative and release the fear of feeling silly or being vulnerable. The universe wants you to be vulnerable right now – this is what’s going to help you expand into your most radiant self. Don’t hold back. Release. Express. Get it out!!

Step #3: Be impeccable with your word

This is a time of potential conflict in communication because there is a lot of energy and emotions coursing through us and around us. And as you uncover emotions within yourself, you may also witness the messy uncovering within those around you.
When you rejoin reality after the two steps above, take a moment to process what you’re feeling before you speak and be impeccable with your word.
Ask yourself if it is absolutely necessary to say or if you can sit on it and circle back another day if you’re still feeling the same. Go easy on yourself. Go easy on others. Practice compassion.

Post-Eclipse Survival

The energy of this total solar eclipse will span through the end of 2017 and into 2018, so this is a major time to get clear on what you want your life to look like and move towards that with intentional action.
The energy is intense, the feelings are deep, and everyone is being impacted in their own way. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. You simply need to approach this time with intention, mindfulness, and awareness.
This is the beginning of the rest of your life – own it!

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