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How to Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dreams (From a Life Coach)

The Law of Attraction continues to be one of the most popular philosophies to ever hit the world of self-improvement. It’s the idea that you can manifest everything you want in your life, from your ideal home to your perfect job, simply through your own thoughts and intentions.

And why not? Everyone wants to believe that their destiny is completely within their control, or that they can have whatever they want, right?

One thing I aim to dispel in this article is the tendency to think that to “manifest” is something overly magical or mystical. In my experience, this belief can sometimes do you more harm than good. The truth is, the idea of the Law of Attraction can be firmly understood in terms of how the brain, and your perception, work.

But first, let’s talk briefly about what the Law of Attraction is, or how it’s generally believed to work.

What is the Law of Attraction?

At its most simple level, the Law of Attraction is the idea that like attracts like. For example, continually thinking about the promotion you want will eventually cause it to happen. Similarly, if all you can think about is how a person you’re crushing on is going to reject you when you ask them out, it makes that much more likely to happen.

Of course these are just simple examples and you can take the Law of Attraction much farther in everyday life. You can extend it to making millions of dollars, changing the world . . . whatever you set your mind to!

When you think positive or successful thoughts, you are “changing your vibration.”

Sometimes, the Law of Attraction extends to how your thoughts and feelings are (in essence) “transmitting” out to “the Universe” and that this causes “the Universe” to “give” you the physical manifestation of these thoughts and emotions.

Yet another way it’s described is that when you think positive or successful thoughts, you are “changing your vibration” to “resonate” with the things that also “vibrate at that frequency.”

While you may hear descriptions of how manifestation has succeeded in helping many people live the life they want to live, keep in mind this is quite symbolic, and not the most practical means of describing what’s going on. These descriptions are simply the outcome. We’re going to look at what the Law of Attraction actually does to your brain.

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Understanding How The Law of Attraction Affects Your Brain

One thing we know about life is that we can’t comprehend everything. This applies to our brain, and the way we consciously perceive our day-to-day life (or what some might call reality). But we certainly do our best to understand all the brain’s complexities.


At any given moment, your brain is taking in around 2 billion bits of information. Now we know that, of these 2 billion bits of information the brain has picked up, the conscious mind is only aware of around 200 at any given moment.

So what happens to the other 1,999,999,800 bits of information? Well, your brain is pretty incredible. It knows that you don’t need to be consciously aware of all this info, and does you a “favor.”

Your brain uses an incredibly sophisticated, and lightning fast, filtering method. Only the information that it deems to be most important to your survival makes it to your awareness.

And here is where we get back to the Law of Attraction. How does your brain decide what does and doesn’t make it to your conscious mind? And what pieces of information might we be losing through this filtering process?

At its most simple level, the Law of Attraction is the idea that like attracts like.

Neuroscience doesn’t claim to know everything about this process, but one thing we do know is that the main determining factor in what information is deemed important to make it to your conscious mind is survival. If your brain’s programming believes that information has a direct effect on your survival, it will make it to your conscious mind.

The two things that determine what is considered important to your survival are memory and deeply held beliefs. In fact, the brain’s largest strategy in protecting us is comparing our present situation to potentially similar memories that were categorized as “threatening.”

It’s important that you reprocess memories in a more positive light, and change your beliefs about what’s important to you often. When you reconsider what you want in life, what is and isn’t “threatening” to you, and what you need to become successful, that’s when the Law of Attraction works best.

A New Paradigm for Changing Beliefs: Using the Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dreams

There’s a lot of usefulness in practices that help you change your beliefs and re-frame your memories. You don’t have to think of it just in terms of “vibration” or “asking the universe.”

When you change a deeply seated belief, or improve the way you’ve processed a traumatic memory, you change what information your brain decides to filter out, or send to your conscious mind.

This also goes for what you continually focus on. If you continually send your subconscious mind a command that you want to find a spiritual teacher that is best for you, or a new money making opportunity, this begins to influence what your brain decides is important to send to your conscious awareness.

When you change a deeply seated belief, you change what information your brain decides to filter out.

I’m saying the answer to what is in all of those filtered out 1,999,999,800 bits of information is: opportunities, synchronicities, and the information you want and need to accomplish your goals. The answers were there all along, your brain just didn’t think they were important enough for you to be aware of.

The truth is, your brain’s information processing system could still use some updating, and it’s up to you to ensure that happens.


Here’s How to Apply This Information to Activate the Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dreams

If you’re already practicing affirmations, visualizations, and meditation, keep on keeping on!

Focus every day on what you want in order to tell your unconscious mind what is important and what should be sent forward to your conscious mind. This will make it more likely that any potential opportunities, ideas, or inspirations floating around in the vast sea of information makes it to your awareness.

I’m going to share two exercises that deal specifically with memory. Again, the way your mind deals with memories is one of the largest influences on your moment to moment perception, as your brain relies heavily upon memory to decide what is most important for your survival.

One exercise deals with negative or traumatic memories and the other deals with positive or happy memories.

Exercise #1: The Memory Editing Workshop

This exercise is a means of improving the way negative or traumatic memories are stored in your brain, thus freeing it from a cycle of constantly trying to protect you from any situation that it may consider to be like it, or triggering unnecessary negative reactions that may be associated with it.

Step 1: Find a comfortable place to close your eyes and relax (preferably sitting in a chair). Imagine that you’re in a theater with a big screen and surround sound. Here you can view any memory you want up on the screen, and tinker with it as you wish.

Step 2: Decide which memory you would like to store more positively in your brain – one that you feel may be holding you back in some way. Put it up on the screen, and play it through in as much detail as possible.

Step 3: Now freeze the frame. Once you have frozen the frame, you’re going to hit the rewind button. As you watch your memory rewind as vividly as possible, make sure to play the sound in reverse as well. This may seem like a silly thing to do, but rewinding the memory like this sends a powerful command to your unconscious mind about how to deal with this memory. It takes the “punch” out of it.

Step 4: Play the memory again, and notice that the colors on the screen are less vibrant, the sound is less crisp, and the story has less emotional charge to it. Then hit the rewind button again. Repeat this one more time, so you have “rewound” it 3 times.

Optional Step: To take it a step further, you can now decide how you’d like to play the memory instead. If you’d like to replace it with a more positive story, you can edit it, and play it this way a few times instead.

Exercise #2: Past Successes Memory Exercise

Your memories define who you are and what you’re capable of. They also give your brain a certain level of what to expect, which in turn affects what it focuses on and what it doesn’t focus on.

This fun and easy exercise helps to rewire the brain to focus more on beneficial memories as a frame of reference, rather than negative ones.

Step 1: Take a clean sheet of paper (or a few) and begin to write down any good or happy memory you have that shows you the brighter side of your life. Include both small and large successes, lucky moments, beautiful experiences, and things that remind you that life is good and that you are awesome!

Begin with these memories in chronological order, starting from as early as you can remember and leading up to the present moment.

Step 2: Sit down in a comfortable position and take the time to relax with your eyes closed for a moment. Allow your body to relax, take some deep breaths, and go into a light state of meditation. Now, gently open your eyes and start to review each positive memory you have listed one by one. Take the time to reminisce and feel those good feelings as you desire.

Step 3: Repeat this exercise daily for at least 1-3 months for best results. Or just keep doing it from now on!

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Conclusion: Use the Law of Attraction to Manifest Your Dreams

It is my hope that you find this information both interesting and helpful. Though there is still a lot to learn about the brain, and this fascinating thing we call the Law of Attraction, we do already have some great knowledge at our fingertips.

As much as some of us like to consider manifestation to be a mystical or esoteric phenomenon, sometimes it helps to have a practical viewpoint as well.

It doesn’t hurt to have a better understanding of how our brain shapes our perception, and more importantly, how we can direct that process to be more able to see what we want to see and manifest what we want to experience.

Here’s to you and the achievement of your dreams!

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Ashton Aiden

Ashton is a life coach and the founder of BrainWaveLove, an embodiment of his desire to help people find practical, effective ways for manifesting their dreams, and experiencing success in all realms of life. You can download Ashton's free Ebook, Missing Keys To The Art Of Manifestation on his blog.

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