This Mindful Subscription Box Stands Out From the Crowd – Here’s Why

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days, so if you haven’t yet heard of this growing trend, you might just live under a rock! All joking aside, there are an impressive amount of different subscription boxes out there. From boxes for your pets, to DIY beauty boxes, and of course the yoga realm, there is a subscription box for just about every interest!
Subscription boxes are a clever idea. They send each lucky recipient a goody box on a regular basis (usually monthly or bi-monthly) that contain a variety of things based on a specific theme. They are a great way to try new products, discover new brands, and find fresh inspiration. The added appeal, of course, is in looking forward to receiving and opening a new box full of surprises.
No wonder subscription boxes are so popular!
WEvolve is one subscription box that’s gaining tons of notoriety for their beautifully curated boxes packed with meaningful, unique, and desirable items to augment your spiritual practice and infuse your life and space with beauty and inspiration.
WEvolve is a special subscription box designed to cultivate spiritual awakening. The items you’ll find within WEvolve are meaningful, magical, and uplifting. You can expect to receive sacred objects like crystals, goddess and deity figurines, incense, sage, and more.

WEvolve is a special subscription box designed to cultivate spiritual awakening.

Created by author and mystic Lalania Simone, this box reflects the spiritual path, and one of the most admirable aspects of the WEvolve box is its mindful curation of meaningful items that you’ll want to use in your sacred space and lifestyle overall.
Lalania is the author of Urban Soul Warrior, an interactive guidebook on self-mastery amidst our fast-paced modern society, and you can purchase this book on the WEvolve shop page.
The WEvolve shop also contains products featured in the subscription box (our favorite is the Buddha Crystal Zen Garden that you can purchase individually. This is a great way to test out WEvolve before committing to a regular subscription (and also makes great gift ideas).

WEvolve has two subscription box options. Each has unique offerings bullet pointed below:

1. The Esoteric Bi-Monthly Box

  • Includes 4-7 items in each box ranging from malas to crystals, oils to incense, and figurines to talismans, body products and more
  • Information card with guidance on how to use each item, along with its meaning and significance
  • Bigger of the two subscription options

2. The Cosmic Mini Box

  • This box includes 3 items per box ranging from crystals, body products, jewelry, or mystical object
  • Smaller of the two subscription options
  • Makes a great gift idea

WEvolve is designed to incorporate your yoga, mindful, and spiritual lifestyle with the unique offerings in each box has, and the sacred intention and attention to detail behind each item.

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If you want to learn more about the WEvolve subscription box, check out their about page here. WEvolve has extended a free shipping offer on the first box purchased to all YouAligned readers (applies to single box subscription only). Just use coupon code YOGIFREE at checkout.

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