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Create Your Own Mindfulness Corner at Home With These 5 Steps

Do you ever have a plan to practice yoga, meditation, or finally attempt a new creative project, but find yourself getting distracted without a designated space for mindfulness?

Especially at home?

Hand raised here! Yea, don’t we all!

Home can be wildly distracting at times. Leaving us without a place to truly disconnect from everything and just be. Afterall, it is the place that houses all of our favorite things.

Creating your own mindfulness corner at home will serve as a daily reminder to take time out of your day to focus on yourself and give you a designated space to do so, free of distractions.

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And the good news is mindfulness corners can easily be created with what we already have at home! Keep reading for the 5 W’s of how to create your own mindfulness corner at home.


Create Your Own Mindfulness Corner at Home With These 5 Steps:

We’ve got the Who, What, When, Where, and Why on making a cozy and inspiring mindfulness corner in your home or office.

1. Who?

Who will use this mindfulness space?

Are you creating a space just for you or for others to use as well? This will help you determine how you set up the space.

Should you pick a larger space or smaller space? Should this space be in a center point location where many people can access it or somewhere private for you? Is it a family space or a safe space away from your family? The situations for who can use the space vary so insert yourself, take a deep breath, and give it some thought.

If it is a shared mindfulness corner, how will you go about sharing the space? Will you section it off per person so multiple people can use it at one time or choose to only enter individually? For simple sectioning, you can designate a pillow for each person to sit on when they visit the space.

Think about what brings you peace. Close your eyes and envision yourself in this space.

Can’t decide? Think about what brings you peace. Close your eyes and envision yourself in this space. Do you like the idea of being the only one who can use it, do you want to be in here alone, or will you enjoy the community fostered from sharing the space?

There are no wrong answers here…only peace!

If you decide to keep the space communal, but still want an element of privacy, then use the space one at a time and implement a culminating project.

This can be something like a gratitude jar or board. Each person can leave a message of gratitude during their time in the space. This way you’ll have your own private experience with the space while still honoring the energy of a community.

By the way… who you allow in this space will impact the energy within the space, so it is completely fine to set boundaries here.

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mindful corner 1

2. What?

What do you want to have in this space?

Creating a cozy, comfortable mindfulness corner that allows you to relax and transcend is key. Think of WHAT makes you feel comfortable.

Grab a few pillows and blankets. A fuzzy rug is always a plus. Anything soft signals to your senses you are safe to unwind and breathe.

You can keep a yoga mat in this space if you have a yoga practice. A yoga mat can be substituted for a big blanket or a rug. You also can go without a mat or towel and still have a beautiful flow. Many yogis practice without a mat. You’re fine!

Keeping a journal in the space and writing utensils will provide you with an outlet for your thoughts to calm the mind. And please have a few backups, because there is nothing like having a journaling purge and your pen goes out and completely breaks your train of thought. The absolute worst!

Loose paper or notepad will also suffice! You can even use post it notes – a personal favorite – to write messages to yourself or any others with whom you share the space. Think back to the gratitude jar or board! Designate an area where you can stick them on the wall or board to serve as gentle reminders when you enter the space. 🙂

For writing suggestions, consider your favorite mantras, quotes or affirmations. Think what words do I need to hear?

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If you are more visual, it may be an image or if you’re more auditory you may choose to have a certain playlist loaded up for the space.

Art supplies are also a nice addition. Allow your creativity to soar and explore your inner child. Painting, coloring, and DIY crafts, to name a few, can be great for clearing the mind and creating space for mindfulness.

3. When?

When will you use this space?

Keep yourself accountable by choosing a time frame, day of the week, or flexible schedule for you to enjoy your mindfulness corner.

If you are a morning person and can add time into your morning routine, do it then.

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It may benefit you personally to use the space to unwind after a long day, or the space may be somewhere you spend time mostly on weekends.

Whatever works for your needs!

Creating a designated mindfulness space in your home will serve as a daily reminder to check in with yourself.

If you enjoy seeing daily signs of growth and want a way to keep track of your visits to the space, consider creating a system.

You can keep a calendar in the area and place a sticker to represent each visit, draw something meaningful or write down a quote/mantra to sum up the experience you had in your mindfulness corner.

This way over time, you can chart growth and create your own adult reward system. It feels good to set a goal and accomplish it. Let your inner child indulge in this creative way!

4. Where?

Where should you create your mindfulness corner?

Mindfulness corners work well anywhere in your home or even outside. Look around your home and determine which area gets the most sun. The sun provides a natural charge and maps out the perfect place for us to build our mindfulness corner.

If you have the space, you can use an entire room in your home or office.

However, corners also work well for taking up less space while still creating a tiny nook to get cozy. Many people cultivate these spaces in a closet for extra privacy.

You may even want to explore a space outside and utilize a shed or outdoor space. Underneath the shade of a tree is also nice. Find somewhere to store your items outside like a basket to protect from the elements. You can also bring your items out with you each time.

mindful corner 2

5. Why?

Why is it important to have a mindfulness corner?

Having a designated place to practice mindfulness in your home is a supportive choice for your mental health.

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With more of us working remotely and office spaces becoming home spaces, it can be a bit overwhelming leaving work at work.

Having a designated place to practice mindfulness in your home is a supportive choice for your mental health.

And at the same time, it can be an overwhelming space where you always feel pressure to do something for someone or for the house or for work –– you name it!

Even in family or daily life, our home can also double as a distraction. It’s like a candy store with all your favorite treats.

Creating a designated mindfulness space in your home will serve as a daily reminder to check in with yourself.

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Now You Are Ready to Make Your Own Mindfulness Corner!

A mindfulness corner is the perfect way to disconnect and ground your energy amidst the chaos of home life.

And bonus, creating a sacred space to focus on yourself is easy – and fun – so enjoy creating your mindfulness corner in your home!

Post pictures on your social media and tag @yogiapproved and @guidedsurrender to show us what you came up with. We are excited to see your creativity shine and journey with you as you begin to experience your spaces!

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Frandasia "Frannie" Williams

Frandasia is a wellness guide for her company, Guided Surrender. She is a performer and also teaches yoga and improvisation. She is passionate about mental health, self-love, and living an abundant life. As a wellness guide, she believes we can find healing using what we already have within us.

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