10 Summer Mantras to Celebrate the Season

Summer is a season that symbolizes freedom, growth, nourishment, warmth, joy, friendships, and exploration. We can embody the spirit of this season by using summer mantras in our daily lives.

Summer days are long and warm, and our spirit is alive and full of hope. We recall childhood adventures and create new and lasting memories.

The word mantra comes from two Sanskrit words. Manas, meaning mind, and tra, meaning tool. Literally, a tool for the mind.

It’s a season of vibrancy and vitality.

So, read on to learn 10 summer mantras you can repeat throughout your day, use as part of your daily intentions, apply to your meditation or yoga practice, and return to any time you want to channel the fun-in-the-sun energy that is summer!

What are Mantras?

Mantras are words, phrases, or sounds that you repeat to help in meditation or concentration.

They can be spoken aloud or held internally. You can use them individually anytime you need, or collectively in a setting like a yoga class or support group. If you’ve started or finished a yoga class by saying OM, then you’ve already started using mantras.

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The word mantra comes from two Sanskrit words. Manas, meaning mind, and tra, meaning tool. Literally, a tool for the mind. I don’t know about you, but my mind could use all the tools it can get to stay focused and grow.

One way to use mantras is in seated meditation with mala beads.

Learn How to Create Your Own Mala Beads With This Step-By-Step Photo Tutorial

Hold your mala beads in your right hand, allowing the beads to drape across your fingers. Then individually grab and twist each bead with your thumb and index finger as you say or think your mantra.

Repeat this for each bead on the necklace, 108 times total. If you want more guidance on how to meditate with malas, check out this article.


Want to Use Summer Mantras In Your Yoga Practice? Here’s How!

Another opportunity to use mantras is through movement. When you practice Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) you’re using your body to create a moving meditation.

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Adding mantras to your yoga flow is a great way to help you move beyond the physical practice of asana. It’s an easy first step for anyone new to the practice of using mantras or meditating.

It will help you stay connected to your body and assist your mind from daydreaming or creating a mental “to-do” list while you’re practicing.

Repeat your chosen mantra once with each salutation, or multiple times pairing your mantra with your inhales and exhales.

Some yogis even celebrate the season by practicing 108 Sun Salutations on the Summer Solstice. To do this repeat your chosen mantra once for each Sun Salutation.

Summer Mantras 1

Here Are 10 Summer Mantras to Use This Season:

Celebrate the season by pairing these summer-themed mantras with your daily activities. Whether you try them in your yoga practice, during meditation, or simply throughout your day, while you’re traveling, or enjoying the sunny weather, there’s no shortage of ways to embrace these fun summer mantras. 🙂


1. I Am Forged In the Fire

Summers can be HOT! Like precious metals, we too are forged in the heat. Heat can come from multiple sources. Heat from an intense yoga class, pressure from a tumultuous season in your life, or simply spending time outside during the summer.

These are all opportunities to burn away unnecessary things within you to create a better and stronger version of yourself. Use this summer mantra to remind yourself of your power!

2. I Shine Like the Sun

Summer means sunshine, and we soak up its warming rays all season long.

Although you may not always feel like you have internal sunshine bursting out, this mantra will help you to create some. Once you embrace this mantra you can spread warmth and love to those around you.

3. Adventure Awaits Me

Summer is the time for adventures. Adventure doesn’t have to be big to count – sometimes it can be as simple as trying something new.

Repeating this summer mantra will help you to seek out adventure and recognize it where it is, even if it’s right at home.


4. Today I Will Do Nothing

Use this for summer holidays when you want some rest and rejuvenation. It can be hard to really disconnect, and this mantra will help quiet your mind so you can soak in the benefits of rest. Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to do less and spend more time simply being.

5. I Am Ready for Fun

Use this mantra to give yourself permission to have fun. At times, the responsibilities of adulthood and work can seem overwhelming and cast a shadow over our ability to have fun.

Use this mantra to shake off those feelings of drudgery and embrace fun this summer.

6. I Embrace My Inner Child

For children, summer means freedom to play and be. Think back to childhood summers and remember how excited you were to play until the sun went down. Reignite this childhood energy by reconnecting with your inner child.

This summer mantra partners well with any difficult practice enabling you to laugh at yourself in the poses where you still have a lot to learn.

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7. My Life, My Rules

Summer is about breaking the rules. Stay up late, sleep in, or eat ice cream for breakfast on the back porch. 😉 Rules are good for us; they help us to stay on track and meet our goals. But sometimes it’s good to break the rules too.

Use this mantra to remind yourself that you set your own rules, and give yourself permission to break those rules occasionally too.

8. I’ve Got This

For parents in particular, summer can mean stress. With kids home from school, there are extra responsibilities to keep them entertained and supervised throughout the day. Use this powerful mantra to remind you that you are capable of amazing things.

Pair this summer mantra with a nice deep inhale, and you’ll feel like you can conquer anything.

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9. I Am a Force of Good in This World

From backyard barbeques to vacations, summer provides opportunities to reconnect with friends, neighbors, or family.

Although these opportunities can be stressful at times, they can also develop bonds and community. Use this mantra to enliven your attitude towards compassion and service to others and be a force of good in someone’s life.

10. This Life is a Gift

After a long winter and stormy spring, summer may feel like a gift. Use this mantra to remind you that every day and each breath is a gift.

This summer mantra is great both on and off the mat. Use it anytime you feel like you’re at your wits end to reframe your thoughts and attitude to cherish life, even in the difficult moments.

Summer Mantras: Mind Tools to Thrive

Don’t hesitate to create your own summer mantra if none of these fit you. There are no rules to worry about when creating a mantra. The important thing is to use a statement that serves you well. Use a word or statement that gives you energy and reflects the season and all it offers.

Know of another great summer mantra not on this list? Please comment below and share the love – we love hearing from you!

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