4 Ways Travel Can Deepen Your Yoga Practice (As If You Needed an Excuse)

We’ve all seen the Instagram photos of people practicing yoga in front of exotic backdrops. They nail their Dancer Pose while standing on a misty mountain top or stick their Headstand on the beach with the sun setting in the background.

But can travel really have a positive effect on our yoga practice? Is it simply to get beautiful photos and bragging rights? Or is there something deeper we can connect to while traveling?

Yoga and travel go hand in hand, each facilitating and deepening the other.

Of course, while some people may seem to just be looking for the next envy-inducing shot, travel can also strengthen your yoga practice. It helps you further connect with your purpose and passion. Practicing Sun Salutations on a distant shore will humble and inspire you. But, that is just the beginning.


Here Are 4 Reasons That Yoga and Travel Go Hand in Hand and How Travel Can Deepen Your Yoga Practice:


1. Travel Rejuvenates, Revitalizes, and Refreshes Your Yoga Practice

Just like everything else in life – work, relationships, eating habits – our yoga practice can fall into a rut. It’s easy to start sticking with the same teacher, same classes, and same familiar routine. Before you know it, your yoga practice feels like it’s missing something and it’s not nourishing your soul the way it once was.

Traveling is one of the best ways to break out of your everyday expectations and awaken your senses. Whether traveling for pleasure or specifically for yoga, getting out of your comfort zone always pumps some new life into your yoga practice.

2. Travel Broadens Your Yoga Horizons

By taking different classes taught by new-to-you teachers in unfamiliar places, you’ll expose yourself to different types of yoga and teaching styles that you wouldn’t get by sticking to your favorite class back at home.

You’ll dig deeper, discovering what resonates with you, what doesn’t, and what truly feeds your mind, body, and soul. This will help reinforce your understanding of what yoga is and how you want it to play a role in your life.

3. Travel Connects You to the Growing Global Yoga Community

When you simply stay at home, it’s difficult to see yourself as part of the bigger picture. By seeking out yoga studios or retreats around the world, you’ll tap into a thriving yoga community made up of people from all places and walks of life.

Not only will interacting with these local and foreign yogis deepen your travel experience (you’ll meet some incredible, inspirational people), but it will also strengthen your recognition of how yoga and travel can connect us all.


4. Yoga and Travel Are Both Fun!

Yoga is a complex practice that takes time and plenty of focus. But in the end, it should be enjoyable and even fun, and not something that makes you too serious or weighs you down.

Quite the opposite actually. Yoga should help you feel balanced, relaxed, clear-headed, and more content. It should help you become your best self.

You can certainly enjoy going to your home studio, but there’s an undeniable energy and excitement that comes with traveling!

The Takeaway on Yoga and Travel

Both yoga and travel broaden our horizons and feed and refresh our souls.

To merge the two is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and your yoga practice.

Find yourself focusing on your yoga practice in some of the world’s most beautiful places, and you’ll know how good life can truly be!

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Christophe Cappon

As a licensed Anusara-Inspired™ yoga instructor, Christophe brings 9 years of experience, experimentation and creativity to his continually evolving style of teaching. He has been featured in Yoga Journal, and has taught at yoga conferences worldwide. He currently resides in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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