Take a Vacation Today: Mini Getaway Ideas for Any Budget

Just a few hours or a few days away from your usual responsibilities can help you maintain peace and balance. How, you ask? Quick but epic and great weekend getaways will do the trick. The best cheap vacation spot may be closer than you think . . . and if not, it’s certainly within financial reach.

You can take a morning, evening, or full weekend to simply enjoy your life and yourself. Translation: you can save your Bali money without sacrificing a better today.

Whether your stress levels are high or you’d just like to reset your perspective, it’s time to get back in touch with the sweeter things in life.

Time is the greatest luxury of all – and the amount is not as important as the quality. A mini getaway to a cheap vacation spot capitalizes on this. It is a vacation without a full vacation’s elevated costs and complex logistics.

Whether you want to get away in your own hometown (or even your own home) or prefer to go a bit further, a mini vacation is accessible.

Here Are 3 Great Weekend Getaways and Cheap Vacation Spots That Are Totally Within Reach:

Here are three ways to get (just far enough) away . . .

1. Staycation Activities: The Cheapest Vacation Spot is Right at Home

If you can only carve out a few hours to get away, no problem. No matter where you live, there are a ton of great ways to get off the beaten path and back to your authentic self.

Here are a few options, depending on your interests…


Photo: @hollymandarich

Nature lovers, for your enjoyment try:

  • A homemade or store-bought picnic at a favorite park
  • A nature preserve hike
  • Blanket time at a botanical garden
  • A hiking trail half a tankful away or accessible by train
  • A few hours canoeing or kayaking at sunset or sunrise

If you haven’t had a chance to visit lovely spots in or around your town, combine exploration with relaxation to recharge your batteries.


Photo: @derickray

Culture lovers take heart in:

  • An afternoon at the museum (bonus if there’s an opening reception for a new exhibit)
  • A matinee play performance will hit the right notes
  • Live music (electronic, jazz, symphony, your favorite here)
  • Local film festival (sorry, Netflix doesn’t count)
  • A morning spent photographing your favorite local spots in that wonderful first light (don’t just do it for the ‘Gram; make sure you enjoy yourself)



2. Visit a Winery for a Great Weekend Getaway

For those who’d like to get a bit further away, try a day or weekend at a winery. Everyone knows about the fine wines of New Zealand, Argentina, France, the Napa Valley, South Africa, and Spain. But over the last few years wineries have popped up all over.

In the US, states once as unlikely as Virginia and Florida now have wineries that host tours and tastings. Use an online directory to find a winery near you or in a place you’d like to visit. Wineries in Canada have multiplied as well.

Given the conditions that wine grapes require, wineries are picturesque, relaxing vistas nestled into quieter spaces. Plus there’s drinking – of the delicious sort.

Look for a bed and breakfast or Airbnb to stay overnight in a place that fits your budget and mood (and there’s ridesharing for those who thoroughly enjoy their tastings).

As if you needed more justification for this great weekend getaway idea, did you know that red wine (in moderation) is good for you? Read: 4 Ways Drinking a Glass of Red Wine Contributes to Good Health

3. Discover Cheap Vacation Spots You Hadn’t Considered

If you must heed the call of the friendly skies and all the options they offer, technology provides some great strategies and tools for that as well.

Sites like Adioso and Rome2Rio find what’s outside your box and simplify planning.

Adioso allows you to choose a timeframe, state, country, region or a wanderlist so you can discover new destinations that won’t break the bank or use up all your time off.

Rome2Rio shows you how to get from Point A to Point B, by plane, ferry, train, car, and more. Scenic route? Check.


Photo: @raissa_leticia


(Pro Tip: If you already have a great cheap vacation spot in mind like the Smoky Mountains, Blue Ridge Parkway, or Little Havana, Rome2Rio can help you chart that as well.)

So whether you’re intent on finding your way to the coast, the mountains, or smack dab in a city for a two-day breather, both sites are a good place to start.

Itching for a bigger adventure? Here are 10 Travel Destinations to Add to Your Bucket List


Don’t Wait to Enjoy Yourself: Find a Cheap Vacation Spot for Great Weekend Getaways Near You!

Self-care is essential and taking time to take pleasure in life doesn’t have to be a chore, expense, or a dream.

It should be something that you include in your schedule just like anything else, and it should also be a priority. Take a mini vacation this week. It’s a reward in and of itself.

Need more inspiration? Here are 9 Lust-Worthy Off the Grid Airbnb Rentals For the Perfect Wellness Getaway

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