Top 5 Underrated European Countries for Yoga Retreats

We’ve all dreamt of travelling across Europe to explore its diverse culture, history and inspiring destinations. While Asia is usually the first destination to come to mind for yoga retreats, Europe has so much to offer yogis as well!
From yoga retreats in breathtaking settings, to secluded towns perfect for a quiet self-practice and detox, there are many places to explore in Europe that will soothe your soul and elevate your vibration.
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Check Out the Top 5 Most Underrated European Countries for Yoga Retreats

If you are planning a trip to visit Europe – or want to – here is a selection of great European countries, from least to most frequented, that are not always at the top of the yoga retreat list . . . but definitely should be.

5. Montenegro: Find Peace and Solitude

If you are looking for beautiful serene coasts and untouched nature, Montenegro (between Albania and Croatia) is “the pearl of the Mediterranean.” Find presence in its unique landscapes, connection in the pristine nature, and for the more adventurous travelers, you can try rafting, cliff jumping and hiking.
Montenegro’s coastal towns, splendid islands and lush mountains are the perfect setting for a peaceful yoga reprieve from life’s chaos. The Lustica Bay of Montenegro is a great region with many different yoga retreat options.

Yoga Retreats in Montenegro:

  • If you want a luxurious yoga retreat with all the amenities, consider the Monte Bay Retreat with its well-known 7-day detox program including diet, outdoor exercise, literature, and of course yoga and meditation
  • You’re looking for the best teachers in the most picturesque settings, then you may want to check out Senso di Cattaro, located in an 18th century villa on Boka Kotoroska Bay. This unique retreat offers a wide variety of yoga classes, energy healing, and massage


Source: Senso di Cattaro


4. Sweden: Reconnect With Nature

The Scandinavian lifestyle and the Nordic ‘hygge’ philosophy is all about connecting with the outdoors and nature – the perfect vibe for yogis.
While the warm summer season is relatively short, the Swedish landscape is absolutely stunning year-round. Think lush forests, sprawling fields and large lakes for your outdoor yoga practice.

Yoga Retreats in Sweden:

  • If you’re the adventurous type, trek through the mountain station in Swedish Lapland on the Yoga, Hiking, and Midnight Sun Retreat with Studio Stark Yoga. Enjoy outdoor workshops, nutrition classes, and connecting with the land
  • If you prefer tranquility by the lake, Shambala Gatherings is a yoga retreat center in the Swedish forest offering yoga sessions, yoga teacher trainings, dance and music festivals, meditation workshops, and even forest philosophy walks


Source: Studio Stark



3. Croatia: Worship the Sun

Croatia is already a popular destination for its beautiful beaches and year-round sun. It’s home to many enchanting historic towns, waterfalls, national parks, mountains and lakes, and idyllic islands to explore.
Thanks to Croatia’s diverse landscape, you can choose to practice your yoga skills on the Adriatic coastline or meditate up high on a beautiful mountaintop. Beautiful, sunny weather is basically a guarantee.

Yoga Retreats in Croatia:

  • If you’re looking for a deeper and more therapeutic experience, The Suncokret Retreat has an integrated holistic yoga lifestyle program that focuses on the entire being – mind, body, and soul
  • If you love a jam-packed retreat schedule, check out Five Elements – a health-adventure holiday that focuses on the five elements (earth, air, fire, water, spirit) with daily activities to channel the energy of each element


Source: Five Elements Guesthouse


2. Austria: The Hills Are Alive

Many people know Austria for its beautiful capital, Vienna, but not as many people have experienced its incredible mountains, lakes, and hiking. Austria is the perfect place to indulge in beautiful scenery and breathe in its pure mountain air.
If you are looking for awe-inspiring mountain peaks and sprawling green hills as far as the eye can see, you’ll find it in Austria.

Yoga Retreats in Austria:

  • If you want a classic Indian yoga experience with a renowned reputation, check out Sivanada Yoga Retreat House, founded by Swami Vishnudevananda in 1957. Enjoy daily yoga, meditation, and mantra chanting, as well as yogic-vegetarian meals and explore classical yoga and Vedanta philosophy to promote physical, mental and spiritual health
  • If you want to spend time in the infamous Alps, Bluebird Mountain Lodges offers harmonizing mountain yoga sessions, hikes with experienced guides, and homemade meals in a hand-built lodge


Source: Sivananda Yoga Retreat House


1. Ireland:

Ireland is a beautiful island that has amazing castles, cliffs, lakes, postcard villages, and a deep seeded spiritual history. Yet it’s often overlooked as a top travel destination due to the unpredictable weather. If you go in the winter, you may even get to see the Northern lights.

Yoga Retreats in Ireland:

  • Creacon Wellness Retreat will help you embrace the energy of the land and connect deeply with your spirit. Enjoy Tibetan singing bowl healing, mindfulness meditation classes, and choose from a selection of packages (from healing to relaxation) based on what you need
  • If you crave a luxurious yoga experience, Dzogchen Bear Yoga Retreat has 2- and 4-day retreats set in a beautiful lodge on land that holds a palpable energy. Enjoy yoga, vegetarian meals and meditation workshops, all set at a beautiful Buddhist meditation center


Source: Dzogchen Bear Yoga Retreat


Go to Europe for Your Next Yoga Retreat!

Europe is rich with history and there’s certainly no shortage of amazing destinations to practice yoga, meet new people, have incredible and transformational experiences, and connect with the gorgeous natural surroundings.
The best part about European travel is that you really can’t go wrong in any of its beautiful, magical countries. This list provides some of the lesser-known yoga destinations across Europe that are definitely worth checking out!

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