7 Tips for Traveling Yogis to Help You Keep Your Inner Peace on the Road

It is no secret to traveling yogis that yoga cultivates a unique mindset ideal for life on the road. More than a practice, yoga is a lifestyle. Living a yogic life goes far beyond the time spent on the mat and has the power to influence every aspect of your life.
As a yogini and avid traveler, there are many lessons I’ve taken from my mat to the road. From techniques on staying grounded – to going with the flow when everything goes to sh*t – yoga has been the foundation of my travel style.

Plans change and sh*t happens. Roll with the punches and your travel experience will be one of bliss, rather than strife.

Whether you’re a budget backpacker or staying in five-star hotels, the road can be a rough place if you don’t protect your energy and take care of your body – your body is your vehicle for exploring this beautiful world. These tips can help you keep your yogic lifestyle alive and well while you nourish your insatiable wanderlust.

Keep your inner peace on the road with these 7 tips for traveling yogis:


1. Go with the Flow

Ease into the flow of travel and don’t take things too seriously. Plans change and sh*t happens – be patient and enjoy the journey. You can even travel with some crystal allies to help cleanse your energy and protect your path.
Yogi Travel Tip: Take a moment to breathe and relax before reacting when you feel frustrated. Missed your flight or the last bus out of town? Don’t sweat it, flow with it. Take it as an opportunity to explore more, rest up, or do research for your itinerary.

2. Get Off the Beaten Path

There is magic in mystery and the unknown. Sure, you want to check off all the hot spots in Rome, but also make some time to get lost and see where the city leads you. Just as you would try a new pose on your mat, challenge yourself off the mat and take a leap into the unknown when you travel.
Yogi Travel Tip: Cities have energy and they will show you their magic if you remain open. Everyone goes to touristy spots for a reason – you’ll make memories and find history and culture worth fighting the crowds for. But it’s also worth venturing off the beaten path to find hidden gems along the way.

3. Explore Your Inner and Outer Worlds

One of the most amazing things about yoga and travel alike is the exploration of your inner world. Travel and yoga go together in this aspect. Just as you have revelations while flowing on the mat, you can have epiphanies while traveling.

Travel inspires us, awakens us, and reminds us of our humanity – just like yoga.

Yogi Travel Tip: Be aware of how a place makes you feel and be mindful of the energetic exchange happening between you, everyone you meet, and the cities themselves. Yoga can peel back the layers of your inner being – revealing your authentic self – and the same can happen on the road. Observe, listen, and learn.


4. Protect Your Energy

Your energy is your most precious asset – on and off the mat. Traveling can be energetically draining as you run from place to place, train to train – and encounter many different places, faces, and foods.
Yogi Travel Tip: Protect your energy and be mindful to not absorb too much of the energy surrounding you (especially if you’re empathetic). Meditate in the morning before you leave the hostel or hotel – and take time after walking around all day to just sit and recharge. If you need to, tell your travel partner you need a day alone – and don’t feel guilty for taking it.

5. Create a Routine

While this may sound impossible while traveling, a simple routine can make a huge difference. The body gets easily discombobulated on the road – which is why so many people fall ill while traveling. However, maintaining your physical and mental health while on the road is totally doable – and necessary.
Yogi Travel Tip: Set aside 10 minutes for yourself each morning or night to meditate, write in your journal, write friends and family, go for an aimless stroll, or just sit and watch the sunset. Consistency is key.
Travel can deepen your yoga practice and can also help cultivate inspiration that you can carry back to the mat! Want to learn more? Read 4 Ways Traveling Can Deepen Your Yoga Practice.

6. Practice Yoga

Obvious tip? Maybe, but when you’re walking all day, traveling for long periods of time, sleeping in strange beds, or stuck at the airport on a long layover – stop drop and yoga! Integrating your beloved practice into your travel plans is a wonderful way to decompress, give the body some love, and soothe your soul.
Yogi Travel Tip: Pack a light, travel yoga mat. Rise early and practice in a secluded spot or take advantage of the beautiful outdoors and get your flow on in a park. Yoga is always there for you and when you make time to integrate it into your travel routine, your mind, body, soul, and travel partner will thank you.
Wanna be ultra-comfy while you’re on that long international flight? Here’s Why Buddha Pants are the Ultimate Travel and Yoga Pants.

7. Absorb the Culture Around You

This also may sound obvious, but judgment can be a strong sensation while traveling in countries that are different from your homeland. There are a million ways to live life – and judging others for doing it differently will rob you of a magical experience.
Yogi Travel Tip: With a sense of unconditional love and respect for the diversity of life, observe and absorb the different cultures, smells, foods, and lifestyles that you encounter. Take time to watch life go by – or even participate in a cultural celebration with locals. Remember, being a traveler is different from being a tourist.

Travel with an Open Heart

Travel is transformational and as a yogi, you have the power to encourage that transformation. Open your heart, connect to your breath, print out your tickets in advance, and write down the names of your hotels. Approach travel as you would your yoga practice; you’ll quickly find the same freedom that inspires your yoga flow.
Safe and happy travels, yogis! Namaste.

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Morgan Garza

Morgan is a modern mystic in every sense of the word. As a published author of the book Soul Magic, she lives by the ancient wisdom she teaches about in her book and in workshops around the world. In addition to being an author and teacher, Morgan is also an entrepreneur and community leader. Her mission is to empower you to become your own guru.

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