How To Use a Yoga Strap (Video Tutorial)

Yoga straps are a crucial yoga prop for any level of practitioner. From facilitating and maintaining proper alignment to creating more space in the body and bridging the gap in certain poses and binds, yoga straps augment your practice in a variety of important ways.
For today’s tutorial, we are featuring the YogaSpheres from Mama Kuka. These are incredibly unique straps with a full circle design to help you get the most out of your yoga prop practice. Why choose the circular design? This innovative approach to the classic yoga strap alleviates the need to constantly adjust and deal with distracting loops and buckles.
The range of YogaSpheres sizes in the Yogi Pro Kit are multi versatile in their functions: aiding in binding poses, creating length in poses to make them attainable, and even teaching proper alignment.

This video tutorial features a variety of different poses and ways that you can use a yoga strap in your practice.


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Here’s a list of the yoga poses we review in the tutorial, along with how using a strap can benefit you:

1. Forward bend:
Hook the strap around the arch of your feet, and use the strap to help pull your torso gently towards your shins. This creates space and increases flexibility in the hamstrings.
2. Arm bind:
Whether you’re in Gomukhasana working on getting your hands to touch in the center of your spine, or practicing a full bind in Extended Side Angle, a yoga strap helps create space and bridge the gap.
3. Bound Twist:
Similar to the arm bind above, a seated bound twist (or Half Lord of the Fishes pose) is greatly aided with a yoga strap. Using a strap helps you hold the twist and deepen your bind over time.
4. Backbend:
Take for example Bow pose or Dancer pose. Incorporating a yoga strap into a deep backbend helps bridge the gap and create space in the spinal column while keeping the practice safe and supported.
5. Arm balances:
Whether it’s Crow pose, Forearm Stand, or any other arm balance, using a strap teaches you proper hand placement and width to help you cultivate the proper alignment you need to access these poses.
6. Boat pose:
Yoga straps are an excellent way to help you improve alignment in this pose by providing the traction you need to lift the heart and maintain a tall spine while you build core strength and stability.
Obviously, yoga straps are a helpful way to find extension and cultivate ease in your entire yoga practice. They help create space in your body and cultivate proper alignment. Most importantly, yoga straps help you experience the full benefits of the pose. For all these reasons, at any level of your yoga practice, we recommend incorporating yoga straps whenever possible.
Just remember to be safe, honor your body, and take it slow. Have any questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments below, and be sure to subscribe to our YouAligned YouTube channel for more free yoga tutorials.

Mama Kuka

YogaSphere Yogi Pro Kit ($29.99)

Made from 1-inch wide natural cotton material, the YogaSpheres are sturdy yet flexible. The Yogi Pro Kit contains two spheres of each size, for a total of 8 spheres. The kit also includes an illustrated instruction manual and cute carrying case for yoga on the go. Shop these yoga props here


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