Allergies Got You Down? Try These 7 Ways to Make Your Home Allergen-Free

“I love having allergies!” . . . said no one ever. Allergies are rude, uncomfortable interruptions to our daily lives. They make us feel like crap, they get in the way of everyday tasks, and drain the enjoyment out of life.

Nobody wants allergies and yet so many of us suffer from them, whether it’s seasonal, dust or pollen, or pet-induced.

And while we typically regard our homes as a safe space, where we live can be a huge contributing factor to our allergies!

Our homes carry countless allergens that can create or contribute to allergies.

If you suffer from allergies, it’s easy to reach for that over the counter pill. But allergy medicine isn’t a cure-all; it’s just a bandaid. And part of living a healthy, natural lifestyle is not being dependent on pills, drugs, or artificial-anything.

So instead, let’s explore natural, healthy and simple ways to rid your home of allergens to help you reduce or even get rid of allergies altogether so you can get back to your normal self and live life to the fullest!!

Here Are 7 Natural Ways to Make Your Home an Allergy-Free Space

Our home is where we spend most of our time. We sleep there, we eat there, we spend lots of time there. And that’s why your home can actually be a leading cause of your allergies.

Try these seven tricks to cleanse and purify your home:

1. Air Purifier

Whether you live in the city where pollution is a concern, or in a more rural area where dust or pollen is the main issue, your space traps more allergens than you may think.

If you have any pets, their hair and dander accumulates even if you’re vacuuming regularly (which if you’re anything like me, isn’t that frequent . . . ). That’s why having an air purifier is a great way to combat the inevitable allergens in your home.

A blog post I read by Dr. Mark Hyman on the pollutants in your home perfectly sums it up: “Your home is like a Ziploc bag containing airborne pollutants that can’t escape. When you breathe polluted air, you introduce toxins into every cell of your body.”

Umm . . . yuck! That’s why it’s important to look for a quality air purifier (I have the AirDoctor Purifier in my city loft and it works like a dream) that can purify all the rooms in your house and actually pull those allergens out of the air.

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2. House Plants!

House plants serve a greater purpose than adding ambiance and foliage to your living space. They also naturally purify your home! Through the process of photosynthesis, plants purify the air and trap contaminants in the soil.

Plants also release moisture in the air which adds humidity to your space, and humidity promotes respiratory health. Here are a few common houseplants that are great for purifying the air in your home: bamboo palm, lady palm and areca palm, elephant ear philodendron, rubber plant, and peace lillies.

Interested in learning more? Read: How to Naturally Purify the Air In Your Home

3. Essential Oil Diffuser

There are certain essential oils that help purify the air, some that can help reduce allergy symptoms and open your sinuses and airways, and some that do both:

  • Tea tree (or melaleuca) oil is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial. It purifies the air and even helps reduce mold (a big allergen contributor which we’ll get to later)
  • Eucalyptus oil is also antimicrobial and works wonders for relieving congestion
  • Lemon oil has purifying and cleansing properties that fight bacteria and fungi
  • Peppermint oil is one of my personal favorites for its refreshing scent and powerful antibacterial properties. It’s great for relieving allergy symptoms too
  • DoTerra makes their signature OnGuard blend which I’m obsessed with for its powerful cleansing, purifying properties. A friend of mine swears diffusing it helped combat the black mold she found growing in her house


4. Time to Change the Filters

Have you checked your air conditioning filters lately? If you do have an air purifier, have you checked its filter recently? Filters are only supposed to last a certain amount of time – some are every 3-4 months, some are once every 60 days!

The frequency you need to change these filters can also be influenced by factors like whether you have pets, if you live in a city, etc. Next time, check the packaging and set a reminder for yourself to change the filter on schedule.

Vacuums can greatly reduce the allergens in your home, but not all vacuums are created equal. Look for one with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter – the filter recommended by WebMD for allergy relief.

5. Have a Dust Party

Ok, this one might seem obvious but dusting regularly is important. And I’m talking get out the Swiffer, and dust those hard-to-reach nooks like ceiling fan blades, corners behind couches . . . you get the idea.

Keep your windows open when you dust and kick that air purifier into high gear to help get all the dust and other allergens you’re kicking up out of your house for good. Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping all fall into this cleaning party category too.


6. Declutter Your Space

Use this opportunity to get rid of excess stuff that is cluttering your space. The more stuff you have equates to more hiding places for dust, allergens, and other pollutants to lurk in your home. Less is more, people!
Wondering where to start? Read: Get Rid of These 25 Things to Declutter Your Life

7. Get Rid of Mold

It’s scary to think about, but mold in the home is a huge contributor to allergies and can even lead to serious illness. If you have mold or suspect you do, it’s so important to get it out – but also safely.

You can use baking soda and vinegar to kill mold naturally by spraying the solution on the mold, allowing it to sit and then scrubbing it off. If it’s serious or if you suspect you have black mold, make sure you research the safest way to remove it, or call a specialist to have it removed.

Say Buh-Bye Allergies and Get Your Life Back!

Allergies can be nasty, but you don’t have to suffer. As a kid, I grew up with nasty seasonal allergies. Over the years, I’ve learned that having an allergy-free home is key to staying free and clear of allergies.

Try these simple ways to cleanse your space, keep it clean, and protect yourself and your family from allergens creeping in.

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