Energy Management Techniques Part 2

In the last article, Energy Management Part 1, we discussed methods for mastering both physical and emotional energy. Now we will move on to the more subtle forms of energy: Mental and Sexual.

“By harnessing these two types of energy, one makes the transition into a whole new level of functioning.”

While mental and sexual energy are sometimes less easy to notice than physical and emotional energy, they are still undeniably powerful in their effect on physical health, consciousness, and the journey of traversing spiritual dimensions.  By harnessing these two types of energy, one makes the transition into a whole new level of functioning.

Goals become much easier to achieve, thoughts begin to manifest more quickly, new realms open up in meditation and spiritual practice, and confidence begins to develop at a deep level. You can literally FEEL the power in your day-to-day life. However, this does require a certain level of discipline and commitment. I’m sure you’re up to the task!

Mental Energy

The energy of thought may seem negligible to some, but this is certainly not the case. Mental energy builds, and builds, and accumulates, often times manifesting into a physical object, or a physical experience. In other words, your thoughts become your reality.

But not only does mental energy manifest, it can also drain us when it is being wasted and squandered. On the other hand, when it is conserved and stored, it opens a door to profound empowerment.  The most powerful technique for mastering mental energy is incredibly simple: silence your thoughts. We must learn not to think at all, and to let the mind be still, free from the internal dialogue altogether.

Many spiritual disciplines teach about thinking the right thoughts and changing negative thoughts into positive ones. This may be helpful, but the power you acquire from thinking happy thoughts is much less compared to learning not to think at all.

“Every thought you think is an expenditure of energy. Yet every time the mind is silent, energy is being stored and accumulated into power.”

Every thought you think is an expenditure of energy. Yet every time the mind is silent, energy is being stored and accumulated into power. If you can turn mental silence into a regular state of being, you will have a store of power that will super-charge any positive thought you choose to think, and manifest it into reality in a very short amount of time.

Mental silence can be very tricky to attain. The mind has been hard-wired since the day you were born to constantly run the internal dialogue, to rely on thought as a mode of survival, and to relentlessly look outside of itself and mull over stimuli and content. Reversing this habit is no small task. However, it is every mind’s birthright to attain. It can be done.

Start very small and build up from there. Start by putting all your effort into holding internal silence for just one minute. Once you have completely mastered this, move to two minutes. Then five, then eight, then ten. If you continue along this path diligently, eventually you will make a breakthrough and it will become not only easier, but immensely fulfilling.

At this point, you will be able to completely break away from thought, and experience a peace and release that can only be found in profound stillness. Remember, this is not necessarily about “meditation.” This does not even need to be thought of as a spiritual practice. It is not the time to bring in deities or sources of inspiration. This is simply internal silence. No thinking, no expenditures of mental energy, plain and simple.

Sexual Energy

We can all be fully aware of our sexual energy when it is powerfully in motion (during sexual intercourse and especially orgasm), but there is no greater key to health, vitality, and spiritual awareness than that of learning to store this energy and channel it in it’s more subtle form.

Many Yogic practices rely heavily upon the storing of sexual energy. When I first heard of the idea of celibacy, it really turned me off. This was because I had misunderstood it as an attitude of sexuality being “wrong.” It took me many years to realize that the practice of celibacy in Yoga is far beyond passing any kind of judgement on sexual intercourse.

“There is a certain potential of the human body that can only be realized through the storing, harvesting, and later channeling of sexual energy.”

The truth of the matter is that there is a certain potential of the human body that can only be realized through the storing, harvesting, and later channeling of sexual energy. The practice of Kriya Yoga, as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda requires this condition (though it is rarely said outright).

Another comparable discipline is the art of Taoist Internal Alchemy (which is actually very similar to Yoga).  But speaking in more day-to-day and practical terms, learning to store sexual energy on a small scale can have incredible benefits. It makes a man or woman have more internal strength, more confidence, more vibrance and vitality. It helps keep the hormones balanced, and keeps the body more supplied with essential nutrients.

1. First step: store your sexual energy

Unfortunately men, you have a slightly greater challenge than women. When a man orgasms, his sexual energy shoots straight out of his genitals (unless he learns to do it another way). On the other hand, when a woman orgasms, the energy usually runs up the spine, and circulates through the rest of the energy body, which is very healthy.

Regardless of gender, it is paramount to be wise and conscious of who you share your sexual energy with. Again, this is not from a moral standpoint, but a practical one. In the act of intercourse, you are leaving a great deal of your own energy with someone else, and taking on a great deal of their energy as well. This can be both amazing and detrimental, depending on who it is done with, and your intuition will always know which it is. Fair warning.

The energy you save will instantly begin to redirect itself in positive, powerful ways.

For men, it is highly recommended that you learn to limit the release of sexual energy from your system. You can become tantric, and learn a great deal about this, or you can simply learn to practice more moderation. The energy you save will instantly begin to redirect itself in positive, powerful ways. You will feel an increase in physical energy and motivation, getting out of bed will be easier, focusing on your work and your life path will come more naturally, and you will find yourself cultivating a very core level of confidence, one that is based on the deep understanding of your own inner power.

Guys, I’m going to give you a challenge. I’m daring you to not engage in ANY sexual activity for one full month, with anyone else or yourself. I can guarantee you that you will begin to feel the power building after a few weeks, and this may give you motivation to continue the experiment.

2. Second step: channel your sexual energy

Male or female, here is a simple exercise that you can do to channel sexual energy in a healthy way. The next time you feel arousal, focus your attention at the base of your spine, and feel this as energy. Then, do a kegel, and hold it (pull your perineum muscles upwards and keep them up). While holding, breathe deeply in and out. On the inhale, imagine the energy at the base of your spine as a bright white light moving upwards through your spine to the top of your head.

Mentally chant the syllable “OM” (that’s OME not AUM) as you move this energy upwards. Take at least six breaths like this.  You may experience tingling at the top of the head, or even the clearing of blockages in the various chakras on your spine. You will also notice that this energy is no longer building up at the base of spine, and has changed quality altogether. This simple technique really works!


Now that you have read this article, there is a door open, waiting for you to walk through it.  And I think you’ll really like what’s on the other side.  We were born to be masters. Not just in learning to survive, make money, manage our families and relationships, but in understanding ourselves at the deepest level.

If you feel drawn to these techniques and this philosophy, do not be surprised. You were born to walk this path, to awaken your fullest potential, and to impeccably master the human experience in a way that enables you to eventually transcend it altogether. I wish you peace and power in all of your endeavors.

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